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Even WeChat has started a "time video". Where is Stories fun?

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Where can I see the moment?video?

The core of the video at the moment is actually the Stories mode in Snapchat and Instagram, which is called "Weibo Story" on Weibo. The difference is that other products belong to "social media" and are open platforms. WeChat belongs to "instant messaging" and is an acquaintance socializing. What impact will this have on the video of the moment?

First, the main entry for Stories on social media is at the top of the homepage. Because of the "24-hour burn-in" feature, standing at the top allows users to see Stories updates at any time without being overwhelmed by the information flow. You can also click on someone's avatar and flip through his Stories video.

In WeChat, the entry at the top of the home page belongs toAppletsShort video is not the focus of WeChat's entire product. But don't think that WeChat doesn't pay attention to short videos. On the contrary, WeChat has arranged more and more suitable entrances for "Time Video."

There are many people on the Internet who have summed up the entrance to the video of the moment. There are 7 and 8. However, according to our observations, there are only three ways to find a momentary video: find a circle, click on an avatar, and view a personal homepage.

  • Find a circle

As long as you see this unclosed circle on WeChat, it means someone has sent a video of the moment. In the circle of friends, it will appear in the upper right corner of the avatar. In a group chat, it appears to the right of the group name. In the address book, it is displayed in the star friend column. Just click on the circle to watch the moment video.

  • Click avatar

In any place on WeChat, you can view your friends' moment videos, contacts, chat windows, and friends circles by double-clicking on the avatar.

  • Enter personal homepage

WeChat also left a huge entrance for each user, which is the personal homepage. In the "I" column, you can directly see the video of your moment (here there is a detail, drop down to the lower left corner to mute the video), or directly click on the camera icon in the upper right corner to shoot. This method is actually applicable to others. Click on any avatar to enter his homepage, and then drop down to see the video of the moment.

Also, many people say that they don't know how to delete the momentary video. In fact, as long as you press and hold, there is a delete option.

As long as you master these three methods, you can see the video of the moment in every place of WeChat.

How to play video at the moment?

I found the moment video and talked about how to play. First of all, it has the same characteristics as Stories, which is 24 hours of burning, and can send up to 9 videos per day, and the duration is limited to 15 seconds. The basic operation is the same. Swipe up and down to view the video of the upper/next person, and slide left and right to view different videos of the same person.

You can like your friends' videos. There is a bunch of bubbles in the lower left corner, you can click to click, and long press is a message. Click on the bubble in your video to see who gave you a thumbs up.

Looking at someone else's video, it's better to send yourself a more interesting one. You can create it by long-pressing the recording and importing the video. The duration is 15 seconds. The video editing page has four options:

The first one is to add emoticons. In addition to the emoticons you can choose to save, you can also add personal emoticons (this is the feature just added in the previous version).

The second is to add text, just like any other short video app, you can resize, color, position, and text background.

The third is to add a soundtrack, this is a key point to introduce. WeChat does not offer a song list to choose from other short video applications, but only recommends 10 soundtrack options. I thought that WeChat was "lazy", but after trying to take a few videos, I found that the soundtrack and the video actually matched!

What does that mean? I took a video of a lighter and the "Zippo" appeared in the recommended soundtrack. I took a video of the piano and there was a "Piano Sonata" in the score. I took a 100-dollar bill and there was an "Alipay" in the soundtrack. .... (here may be a bug) Someone in the circle of friends also found that the video of the tea cup would recommend "tea song" and the video of Mario would recommend "Mario Brothers".

This is a series of short video applications such as vibrato. The main feature of the vibrato is the "music short video", and the importance of the soundtrack can be imagined. Although there are enough songs and classifications, it is still a long time to find a suitable soundtrack. Wechat's "smart music" (I defined it first) does not necessarily meet all the requirements of short video, but in the minimalist video editing of time video, it is the most suitable choice.

(Everyone has also tried some interesting soundtracks, you can share them with us in the message area.)

The fourth is to add a location, no different from other short video applications.

Why is WeChat so important to the momentary video?

As you can see from so many entrances, the momentary video is a key point of this update. So why does WeChat pay so much attention to it? The simplest understanding, short video is definitely the slogan this year, the first half of the vibrating fast, the second half of the Vlog, many people have already decided, the next big social platform will appear in the video field. So for WeChat, this is certainly not to be missed.

From the perspective of foreign social platforms, Stories is one of the most eye-catching features in recent years. Not to mention the success of Snapchat and Instagram, even Facebook has listed Stories as a key development project, and Zuckerberg even shouted the Stories priority slogan (previously the flow priority).

WeChat adds time video, which is equivalent to short video as a key content form. This is not as simple as "Friends Circle Support Video". WeChat puts the video of the moment in various places. Looking at the "micro-vision" entrance of the circle of friends now, I really feel pitiful and ridiculous.

In fact, borrowing from Stories, Weibo did it earlier than WeChat. However, unlike Snapchat and Instagram, video is not a “most important” location on the Weibo platform, so although Weibo encourages Big V to post Weibo stories in a subsidized way, its importance is always not compatible with Snapchat and Instagram. Compared to the Stories. This may be why Facebook didn't do Stories.

What can time video do?

In Snapchat and Instagram, Stories is very mature, and there are even organizations that specialize in making Stories templates for Net Red. NYPL (New York Public Library) created a model called Insta Novels, which moved the book to Stories. The future of Stories can be said to be full of imagination.

So what can WeChat moment video be used for? At present its main function is of course to share life between friends. Just like the video version of the personalized signature, it can be displayed on the avatar or personal homepage at any time without having to deliberately view it in the circle of friends. And update at any time according to your wishes.

When people get used to this kind of sharing, it also jumps out of the limits of personal life. Soon there will be "smart" brands and users to advertise. However, WeChat officials should not tolerate such behavior, and in the acquaintance of WeChat, this behavior is no different from Weishang, and it is difficult to get people's trust.

If you use your imagination again, the momentary video may evolve into a "live stream." The avatar at the top of the vibrato is clicked to watch the live broadcast, and the video interface of the moment video is also like a live broadcast. Whether it's clicking on an avatar or a circle, this instant interaction is best for live streaming. Of course, WeChat's attitude towards live broadcast has always been unclear. Even the "all-inclusive" small program has few live-play products. This is a relatively "forward-looking" idea.

After updating WeChat 7.0, almost everyone is actively exploring the various details of the new version. After all, it is the most inseparable product in our lives. Many people commented on "more fun" and "more interesting", which also expressed people's expectations for WeChat. The voice of fleeing WeChat is inexhaustible. It can be seen from this update that WeChat has already heard it and is trying to change itself.

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