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The muzzle is aimed at the Google unmanned vehicle

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Text / Guo Yizhen

Source: Qubit (ID: QbitAI)

ten years.

The commercialization of Google’s unmanned vehicles is a reality.

Countless technical challenges, inexhaustible research and development difficulties, and the talent, capital and energy input.

Unexpectedly, the biggest difficulty facing formal commercial use came from the local people.

They threw stones, cut tires, and even pointed guns at Waymo unmanned vehicles.

What hate and blame?

Shooting a gun at an unmanned vehicle

Things start from the core base of Waymo's unmanned vehicle —— Arizona, USA.

Those who know a little about the development of unmanned vehicles know that Arizona is the most friendly test base for unmanned vehicles in the United States. It has gathered a large number of unmanned vehicles for unmanned vehicles. It is also the first commercial operation of the Waymo unmanned vehicle. station.

Local residents have long been familiar with unmanned vehicles.

But it also seems to be "very deep complaints".

For example, in a city called Chandler, Waymo unmanned vehicle safety officer Michael Palos worked normally and was suddenly targeted by a gun.

When the drone passed through a house, an old man in shorts and a beard pulled up his pistol and was aiming at the security officer Michael.


Fortunately, there was no shot, so no worse results occurred.

After the old man was arrested, he said that he did not mean to shoot. He just wanted to use a gun to scare the unmanned car security officer.

As for the reason, the old man said that he hates the Waymo unmanned car.

Because "Uber" unmanned car crashed people.

It’s really a pig teammate who died, the whole industry back.

In addition, the old man's wife also revealed that the old man suffers from Alzheimer's, so his brain is not very clear.

But those who are deeply prejudiced can not only be the one who is unclear.

21 assaults on unmanned vehicles

According to Arizona local media azcentral, within two years, Chandler police have recorded at least 21 incidents of harassing autonomous vehicles and security officers.


These 21 incidents were harassment and serious malice.

Shortly after the old man was arrested, the police received a report. A 37-year-old man was drunk and blocked in front of the Waymo drone, blocking the road and not letting the car go forward.

The local police said that the drunk man hated the nearby Waymo drone, and he felt that the best way to get rid of these unmanned cars was to block the road in front of the car.

In addition to blocking roads, tracking also occurs from time to time.

In October, a Waymo was inexplicably tracked by a black modern for nearly an hour. After the security officer found out, he began to walk along several main roads in the city and found where Waymo went, where black modernity followed. Like a ghost, following behind the butt, even if it disappears occasionally, it will come back later.


Another tracking event came from a red Kia, which tracked two Waymo in the cities of Tempe and Chandler in the Uber fatal car accident on the same day.

Waymo's security officers are probably already suffering from “tracked phobias”. Not long ago, the New York Times reporter wanted to take an unmanned car to see if there were passengers in the car and whether it was really driving. The reporter who took the film was again used as a follower and was reported to the police by the security officer.

There is more direct.

In June of this year, a white PT rambler was driven to make threatening gestures and expressions to the security guards on the two Waymo.

The police officers also found out according to the video that the rambler had interfered with the road safety and suddenly changed lanes when Waymo entered the left turn.

In addition to tracking, individual gangs are deliberately creating traffic accidents.


In the police record, a black jeep has created a danger for Waymo six times during driving:

Sometimes I suddenly change lanes, go retrograde to a Waymo, and sometimes suddenly brake in front of the driving Waymo, which is hidden by the Waymo security officer.

Another time, a woman came out of the jeep and yelled at the security officer at Waymo, asking him to stay away from his community.

In addition,The police also recorded at least four times to throw stones at Waymo vehicles, and others deliberately destroyed Waymo's tires.

Perhaps these 21 tracking, gun aiming, braking, and tire treading are extreme behaviors, but Arizona residents are generally hostile to Waymo unmanned vehicles. In addition to directly attacking Waymo vehicles, there are also people who are suspicious and always feel Waymo safety officers and passengers. Doing a bad job, then ran to the police.

A woman alarmed that Waymo's security officer seemed to be staring at the child she was playing, for an hour and a half ……

When the police contacted the security officer, they found that the security officer was only checking the vehicle.

The woman’s alarm was only because Waymo had stopped under her nose for too long, making her look unkind and saying that everyone hated Waymo’s security staff.


Six months ago, another woman also reported the fake policeman of Waymo. She told the police that Waymo's passengers were selling drugs to their neighbors, but after the police came, there were no signs of suspicion.

In short, the Waymo unmanned vehicle was caught in a full-scale war with Arizona residents.

Google <; surrender & rdquo;

And Google has no way.

Faced with these crazy citizens, Waymo adjusts the driving route of self-driving vehicles on the one hand, avoiding the community where people are blocked, false alarms, and trouble-making.

On the other hand, Waymo had to let his security staff learn 18 martial arts and deal with all kinds of unexpected situations.

Waymo's staff said that their security officers are trained to know how to deal with threats.

“If the security officer realizes that the threat is serious, he can call the police directly. ”


The local police also made a clear request to Waymo to tell the security officer to call the police directly when the vehicle and security officer were threatened, without first notifying the company, saving time and allowing the police to respond faster.

But strangely, the alarm is not the first choice for security officers.

They still seem to like to contact the company first, because the car has a communication system, no need to pick up the phone, and with a button, the security officers can talk to Waymo's dispatcher.

It may also be that Waymo has internal requirements and does not want to get things to the police station again and again, which will only intensify contradictions.

Local media Azcentral disclosed that in September last year, there was a lot of the same man “throwing stone to the Waymo unmanned vehicle”, but Waymo chose to bear it silently.

I can't afford it, the people's grievances are too deep.

Why hate unmanned vehicles

Perhaps you are also confused, why do you hate the Waymo unmanned car for the local residents?

In general, it is a matter of pride to have high-tech products around you.

But the treatment that Waymo is suffering in Arizona is puzzling.

It may be like the idea of ​​the old man with the gun at the beginning. Arizona is the cornerstone of Uber's unmanned car. The murder that happened once made Arizona's “angry youth” disintegrated diss all autopilot.

However, Phil Simon, an informatics lecturer at Arizona State University, doesn't think so.

He felt that Chandler residents were not worried about the safety of autonomous driving, but worried that technological development would lead them to unemployment.

Simon quoted a book by Douglas Rushkoff titled "Throwing Stones at the Google Shuttle: Why Development Becomes the Enemy of Prosperity", which tells San Francisco citizens to protest against the shuttles of technology companies such as Google, and believes that these high-end shuttles are not only dazzling Rich, but also affected public order.


Simon said that if residents' wages are low, the high-tech like autonomous driving will not make them happy.

If you don't suffer from ignorance, you will see that the technology is getting more and more developed. The technology companies are getting more and more fragrant. In contrast, the income of ordinary people and even being robbed of rice bowls is inevitable.

In addition, the difference in driving style also makes the human drivers of the daily and autonomous vehicles “shared the road” crazy, leading to road anger.

Auto-driving vehicles always strictly abide by the traffic rules. They are careful in turning and connecting the lines. They will stop at least three seconds when they see the parking signs.


And the human driver who loves to change is not so embarrassed. Like parking, human beings can save money.

But the road is limited. If the self-driving vehicles slowly stop and turn slowly, it is inevitable that human drivers will not feel that they are blocking the road.

Guangzhou people's concerns

If you want to find a place in our country and compare with Arizona, then you must mention the most supportive auto-driving Guangzhou.

Just last month, Guangzhou Public Transport Group Baiyun Company started the self-driving taxi trial operation in Guangzhou with the technology of WeRide.ai. Although it was not long before it was stopped by the traffic control department, it was changed to a free test ride, but this landing is still leading in the country.


△ Picture from Yangcheng Evening News

Of course, this also reveals the different views of ordinary people on autonomous driving technology.

Some active people believe that the new technology always has the first person to eat crabs. The future of automatic driving development is a boon for those who do not want to test their license. I hope to spread it soon.

In addition, some people are worried that the traffic laws will not keep up, and they fear that the automatic driving system will be invaded by people with ulterior motives to cause safety problems.

There are also people worried about the driver’s livelihood issues.

But overall, many ordinary people are still full of misunderstandings about autonomous driving:

Some people saw that the test ride required a safety officer and that the manpower required was not reduced;

Some people think that the navigation system of the self-driving vehicle is as inaccurate and error-prone as the commonly used Baidu map and Gaode map.

Others feel that some road sections are too complicated, humans need old drivers to open, and machines can't cope with ……

There are even some simple “technical phobias” that consider autonomous driving dangerous:




It seems that to achieve the popularity of autonomous driving, in addition to the maturity of technology and policy, how to let the general public understand autopilot is also a threshold.

And compared to technical issues, the challenge of this problem will only be bigger, harder and less experienced.

More elusive than the AI ​​is the human heart.

But this is also a challenge that must be solved.

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