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A miracle WiFi master key is turning into a vulgar news website

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Original title: The miraculous WiFi master key is becoming a vulgar news website.

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Regardless of whether used or not used, everyone should have heard the myth created by the WiFi master key. In the background of no propaganda and no financing, the WiFi master key that was born in the past has grown into the most popular tool APP in China in two years.

However, such a "true" national software, recently under our neglect, is undergoing a transformation, from a tool APP to become a low-profile news aggregator website and a low-profile version of Mo Mo.

From National APP to Yellow News website

As early as 2015, the monthly active users of WiFi universal keys have reached 500 million. By 2016, this figure has climbed to 900 million, which is second only to Tencent's QQ and WeChat. Even Alipay is hard to find.

However, with the step-by-step reduction of the traffic package fee, the mobile phone package now has a few dozen G traffic has become a standard. The popularity of high-speed traffic has also made many people have not used the WiFi master key for a long time. This once-installed essential software is being forgotten by everyone.

And during the time that everyone has forgotten, the WiFi master key is undergoing a transformation.

This is the case. Today, one of my friends suddenly sent a circle of friends: The WiFi universal key is too yellow, and the news that jumped out is extremely shameful. It is really embarrassing to teach parents.

After reading this circle of friends, I feel that my perception seems to be a little biased. Is the WiFi master key not a tool software?

In order to understand the tricks inside, I immediately opened my own app store and searched for the WiFi master key. After searching out, I found that the app store’s rating of 4.0 seems to be pretty good. But wait for me to take a closer look, 29,000 praise, 32,000 bad reviews, this 4.0 points... seems to be a bit wrong.

In order to verify my thoughts, I quickly clicked into the comment area below. However, the first few comments on the hot comments made me enter a new world. This...this...this is not the familiar universal key for WiFi.

I am thinking, how can the WiFi universal key with 900 million users be degraded? It must be a smear, it must be filthy, it must be that the water army wants to mess up the WiFi master key.

So with no thoughts and no right to speak, I downloaded a WiFi master key and clicked on the home page. Then I found that the first item on the homepage recommendation was: a photo from my wife, seeing her injured knee, and instantly feeling that she was being smoked by green...

I am thinking again, this homepage recommendation must be a bit problematic, although I have not logged in yet, but it must have misunderstood my character, thinking that I am a dirty inferior, so I will recommend this kind of thing to me. . In order to prove that the foreign key is an innocent software, I continue to slide down. I found that in addition to the vulgar news, the advertising of the WiFi universal key is also a must. There are nearly five advertisements in the ten contents, and the same There are several advertisements for home brands that are not duplicated.

Receiving an advertisement is not a problem, but an entire interface is an advertisement in addition to vulgar news, which is a bit too much.

Originally thought that the vulgar news has been enough, but what I did not expect is that the WiFi universal key has not only become a vulgar news aggregator and advertising platform, but also seems to be a low-profile version of Mo Mo.

Chen Danian’s unrelenting social dream

Most tool software has a social dream. After all, only social can really form user stickiness. But I never imagined that Chen Danian's social dream will eventually be realized in such a way, that is to make the WiFi universal key into a low-profile version of Mo Mo.

In the top bar of the WiFi master key, it is recommended that the person on the right side is the nearby person. When we click on this section, the scene presented in front of us is like this:

You see, I haven't logged in yet. People have already prepared me so many beautiful girls nearby. It's really understanding.

To further understand the inside story, I clicked into one of the chat windows, trying to save these lost girls who were blinded by the WiFi master key. However, when I clicked in, I discovered that this is actually a social media diversion ad...

(Come into Lianxin and chat with TA!)

Could it be said that the valuation of 100 billion yuan, a year will be able to smash 600 million cash incentives for employees of the WiFi master key, has actually fallen to the point of advertising a social software?

Wait, there will be demon in the abnormal situation, which company has such a skill, can make the wealthy WiFi universal key to make such a powerful advertisement?

So in the end, I held the idea of ​​not believing in evil. I went to the developer of this social software "Lianxin" and found that it was a company called "Jianxin (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.".

From the business information, Jane (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. currently has only one shareholder, that is, Shanghai Lianxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd. Just like hide-and-seek, there is only one shareholder in the network technology. It is Shanghai Zhangxian Network Technology Co., Ltd., and there is only one shareholder in Zhangxian Network Technology, which is Shanghai Head Technology Co., Ltd.

Uh huh, it’s very clear that you’ve gotten here. Shanghai Palm Technology Co., Ltd. is the company of Chen Danian, and also the parent company of WiFi universal key, so this low-profile version of Momo’s advertisement is actually for the family.

To sum up, the reason why the WiFi universal key spent so much effort on the home page directly produced a low-profile version of Mo Mo to conduct drainage, in the end is still a social heart of Chen Danian is not dead.

But to create this kind of strange flow, and finally import a letter like WeChat, Chen Danian's WiFi master key can really play socially? I am afraid not necessarily.

Lose your heart and lose all

In 2013, the trend of mobile Internet began, and the traffic at that time was still expensive. With only a team of 6 people, Chen Danian's WiFi universal key quickly grew into the first major tool APP.

At the end of 2014, Chen Danian gave the following employees a year-end award for one person and one Tesla. It was a good story at the time. At that time, the entire WiFi master key was still a small and beautiful team.

In 2017, the number of employees of the WiFi universal key suddenly expanded from 300 in the previous year to seven or eight hundred. In 2018, it further broke through the ranks of thousands.

At that time, the WiFi universal key was still very rich. At the 2018 annual meeting held at the beginning of this year, Chen Danian announced that it would send out a 600 million cash prize pool shared by more than 1,000 employees, which is equivalent to sending one person and one Tesla again. .

On July 9, 2018, the Cheetah Global Think Tank released the top list of APP top500 in the first half of 2018 in China. The WiFi universal key is still ranked in the top three with WeChat QQ.

At that time, there was a big V named Zheng Yasu (official certification for the general manager of Shanghai Jikai Investment Management Co., Ltd.) once wrote that if the WiFi master key is listed, its valuation can even be compared with today's headlines. Now it seems that I feel that this is probably the worst time the headline has been blacked out today.

If it wasn’t for today’s personal re-download to verify it, I might also believe that the WiFi master key would be the next unicorn. However, after today's sneak peek, I feel that even if the WiFi master key is still rich, but the money is not very glorious, and it is obviously drinking and quenching thirst.

Now that 4g has been widely popularized, the 5g era is coming soon, and with the widespread use of broadband, there are fewer and fewer people who have the demand for the network. Today's WiFi master key, to say that its main user group is the middle-aged and elderly people of our father and mother generation, and now it is difficult to convince the 900 million users.

However, as a tool software, the vulgar news and various diversion advertisements filled with the current WiFi master key seem to tell us that even middle-aged and elderly people like our parents are no longer suitable to use this software.

A software that loses its original heart has no future, and an entrepreneur who loses its original heart is not worthy of respect, and see how far the Chen Wannian WiFi master key can go.

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