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When can we use 5G mobile phones?

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Now the 5G network is being deployed, and almost all major terminal manufacturers have announced or hinted at the 5G smartphone plan. Some manufacturers want to be market starters, while others wait for large-scale network deployment and test before releasing 5G mobile phones.

Avi Greengart, director of consumer terminal research at GlobalData, said, "Obviously there will be people who want to say they are the first, but being the first doesn't mean they get everything." Lenovo is the first major manufacturer to announce the launch of 5G enabled mobile phones, but it is only a modularity.partsIt can be connected to the back of Motorola Moto Z3, which will be released next year.

5G smart phones will be launched in the mid 2019

Greengart said next year, Samsung, LG, and Canada.HUAWEIZTE and other companies using Qualcomm 5G modem will launch real 5G smartphones.

"We know that the supply chain is working to build antennas and modems that can operate on all frequencies and on all the different technologies that operators are deploying, but I don't think the first half of 2019 will be an explosion period. People just try to make something useful work. When it's a new technology, it's a challenge to simply make it work. He said.

Therefore, many of the first 5G smartphones will be customized for specific carrier networks and exclusively used by these operators. "We are talking about helping carriers to launch the flagship or unique model of 5G." Greengart says.

"From a practical point of view, the first half of 2019 really has little impact, except for those who like to start," he said.

Figure: Strategy Analytics predicts that Chinese manufacturers will have a larger share of the global mobile phone market by 2028 as 5G prices fall. Source: Strategy Analytics.

Apple will stick to its traditional choice.

Greengart said it was not surprising that Apple's first 5G smartphone would not be available in 2019.

"Apple Corp will not first adopt the latest Internet technology. It often waits for the network to be fully deployed. " He said.

"They have a long history in this area and can be traced back to the first paragraph supporting 2G.IPhone"." Greengart adds, "Competitors make fun of Apple, but anybody will buy the iPhone. This did not affect apple in the past, so apple is unlikely to do so this time. "

In fact, reports from Fast Company say that Apple will launch a 5G iPhone with Intel Modem in 2020. For Intel itself, the company recently released its XMM 8160 5G modem.

"I'm sure the operators want Apple to be the first to join, but the fact is that Apple is not the first or second company to get involved in new network technologies... Apple will bring a lot of weight, which will have a great impact on the network. So, from a certain perspective, apple is not standing in the starting team but a good thing. This allows operators to have more time to test the network before 5G iPhone is released. Greengart said.

Mobile phone manufacturers will try to go beyond 5G.

The wireless industry has experienced this before, jumping from one generation of network technology to the next generation of network technology. Although some promises have been fulfilled, others have been delayed or completely exaggerated.

"Every time someone says this is what the technology is for, they are usually wrong," Greengart said.

However, David Kerr of Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, argues that smartphone manufacturers will use 5G as a way to lead other competitors. "From a use case perspective, we don't know what 5G will drive, but this change will lead to changes in smartphone design, such as foldability. Some vendors will miss this change because they will rely too much on existing design languages, use cases and traditional market positions." He wrote.

In fact, David Kerr says China's millet company is likely to become a leading 5G smartphone brand in the next decade. "At present, millet is strong in China and excellent in India, and it is going to be a big show in the United States, and its market share in Western Europe is also growing. Huawei, which has been banned from entering the US market due to unfair treatment, will lose its profits as millet. Millet has just gotten a huge amount of money from its IPO and started a large-scale marketing campaign, which has pushed the company to occupy the top five in many markets.

However, according to Greengart, looking back on the technological leaps ahead and their effective impact on the industry as a whole, 3G is still the most far-reaching.

"I think 3G is probably the most influential because it comes with the app store." He said the iPhone and Android have also gained popularity since then, enabling users to download apps and transmit data that support social, location-aware and entertainment services that consumers still enjoy today.

"4G makes these experiences better and, in some cases, for the first time, makes them smoother and happier." Greengart said, "3G is slow, but it can be used. Given that it happens at the same time with the app economy or promotes its development, it really changes the way people live, whether it makes our lives better or worse."

However, for wireless network operators, many of them hope to find additional revenue sources beyond 5G smartphones.

"5G will also improve consumer experience, but as we enter the 5G era, B2B will be far ahead of previous generations of technology." Matt Ellis, chief financial officer of Verizon, said. "We believe that over time, due to the huge throughput, ultra-low latency and many other improvements brought about by 5G, the adoption of 5G applications and technologies by B2B will fundamentally change their business operations, and there is significant room for growth in this regard. Therefore, in the 5G era, we will have three main sources of income, but in fact only one of the 4G and previous generations of technology. When we consider the overall 5G model, it is based on increasing our available revenue sources. "

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