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Apple iPhone SE 2 is officially dead.

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Time has come to the last two months of 2018, so it can be said that this year Apple's iPhone has been released. Like last year, this year is also three new models of the iPhone, all using controversial "Liu Hai" screens. Let's not talk about the sales of this generation of iPhones, because there may be some disappointment for some fruit fans, after all, the long-awaited version of the iPhone SE 2 hasn't been released.

IPhone SE 2, who has been living in hearsay

Since last year, rumors about the next generation of the iPhone SE have been circulating. At first, it was thought to appear in the spring of 2018. Then it was announced that it had been pushed to the WWDC 2018 in June. The results still backfired and did not appear until September. Since the beginning of this year, some so-called sources have pointed out that Apple's 4-inch new iPhone SE project has been abandoned.

It's not surprising, however, that many fruit fans are still looking forward to it, as there are plenty of signs by mid-year that the new iPhone SE 2 may come out. There are not only supply chain sources, but also many CAD rendering maps and irresponsible dissemination of relevant parts manufacturers. Simply put, for Apple's products that may be about to be released, as long as there's a bit of wind and wind, it has become the norm to "trust what it has, not what it doesn't have".

In these iPhone SE 2 materials, the most interesting should be accessories manufacturer Olixar released the rendering image. The original rendering image released by Olixar showed that the, iPhone SE 2 design was similar to the high-end flagship iPhone X, equivalent to "iPhone 5s X", with the removal of the HOME key and the same "bangs" on the forehead. It is possible to have the original deep camera system.

At the same time, the second generation of the iPhone SE model uses a full-screen design with ultra-narrow border, the whole machine is smaller than the iPhone SE, but the field of vision is larger, because the screen protection area is 121.04 mm long and 55.82 mm wide. Apart from the front of the fuselage, the fittings manufacturer pointed out that the back of the iPhone SE 2 was largely in line with cash. The only improvement was to replace the back with a glass backplane so that wireless charging technology could be added to the machine.

At that time, many sources believed that Olixar's rendering map had certain reliability, after all, the accessories manufacturer had accurately rendered the protective film of the iPhone X before, which was completely consistent with the real machine. Not only that, Olixar dared to start producing Apple's unpublished components for the iPhone earlier.

Unfortunately, all the revelations and leaks this year are wrong. Apple released a new generation of iPhones in 2018, including the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone X successor, the XS, the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, and the 6.1-inch LCD model, the XR, but it completely ignored the iPhone SE 2 or the small-sized iPho. NE equipment.

How did iPhone SE 2 suddenly disappear this year?

The reason why Apple abandoned the second-generation iPhone SE model is simple. Firstly, Apple is "busy" this year, which consumes a lot of internal development resources. Secondly, it is to ensure the sales of three new-generation iPhone models with more expensive prices and larger screen sizes.

As early as January, Guo Mingpi, an analyst who had repeatedly disclosed accurate information about Apple's product line, said publicly that Apple's iPhone SE 2 would be hard to show up this year. He explained that in the second half of this year, Apple had three new models of the iPhone, which consumed a lot of internal development resources, and did not allow the error of delaying shipment of the iPhone X to happen again, so Apple might not be able to prepare to release another new version of the iPhone SE 2.

There is some truth in Guo Mingji's explanation. Frankly, if Apple adds the iPhone SE 2 to its 2018 iPhone product line, it may increase unnecessary confusion, mainly because Apple has positioned the XR as the best-selling new generation of the iPhone this year. So it would be wise for Apple to avoid releasing the iPhone SE 2 in 2018, at least in that case it would not affect the sales of the XR.

Is iPhone SE 2 really hopeless?

IPhone SE 2 will not be on the stage again? Not always. As mentioned above, there are analysts'predictions, supply chain news, Internet leaks, and related information from accessories suppliers, which indicate that the iPhone SE 2 may have been in Apple's plan. Therefore, it was subsequently analyzed that iPhone SE 2 was not dead but might be postponed until 2019.

In other words, if you're a die-hard fan of the iPhone SE or small-size iPhone, you should not give up all hope for the time being, and Apple still needs to launch an iPhone SE 2.

Earlier this year, Taiwan's Economic Daily reported citing supply chain sources that Apple still plans to build a mid-to-low-end iPhone, codenamed "Hangzhou", which mainly targets the Chinese and Indian markets to expand its global market share. In addition, some unconfirmed sources have pointed out that the second generation of the iPhone SE or renamed the iPhone X mini, the target market is still mainly for the small-size iPhone market.

From this point of view, it is still quite meaningful for Apple to launch such a "mid-to-low-end" iPhone for specific areas, and not just to meet the niche market that is keen on small-sized iPhones. Because while sales of high-end models in the Chinese market, including the already expensive XR, are still good this year, the iPhone has yet to expand into more key emerging markets, especially India, another populous country where Chinese manufacturers are starting to compete.

In India, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have almost dominated the mobile phone market locally, but the reason why they have achieved so much is that the models they sell are very cheap. Apparently, the iPhone XR has exceeded the budgets of emerging market consumers, and even models like the iPhone SE have failed to achieve their desired results. However, as India's local middle class continues to grow and consumption levels continue to rise, the iPhone SE will remain the best option for entering the local market.

Apple attaches great importance to the Indian market, as India has become the second largest smartphone market in the world, so it continues to invest locally, including building a manufacturing base in Bangalore, India, in cooperation with Weichuang, a supply chain assembly plant, to produce the "Made in India" iPhone, setting up research and development centers and expanding retail sales. Channels, retail outlets and so on. This is similar to Apple's patiently investing in the Chinese market, where the current returns are abundant enough for Apple to take advantage of its lack of long-term presence in the Indian market.

Of course, in the history of the iPhone, Apple didn't want any model of the iPhone to be exclusive in some areas, and all the countries or regions that could sell it would be on the same market. The key point is that Apple's current strategy in India is still to produce and sell older models, such as the 6S and 6S Plus, to focus on emerging markets with cheaper older models, which makes the desire for a new generation of the iPhone SE to come out in the near future come to naught.

In addition, Guo Mingji's recent postponement of the iPhone SE until 2019 has again thrown cold water on him. Following the launch of the new generation of the iPhone in 2018, Guo Mingpi released a new analyst's report to investors, again pointing out that in 2019, Apple will only release the same size successors of the three new models this year, and there will be no new models of the iPhone.

Are you still waiting for iPhone SE 2?

If there is iPhone SE 2 in the future, what kind of design do you think it will be?

Now it may be clear that even if the iPhone SE has a second generation, it shouldn't be just a 4-inch screen. Because 4-inch smartphones are becoming increasingly uncommon nowadays, the focus is on mobile phone manufacturers using "edge-to-edge" borderless designs to allow smaller phones to cram into larger screens, but rumors have long been that Apple will stick to the small-screen design of the iPhone.

The only question is, if this model is located at the middle and low end, will it be equipped with fingerprints or "big bangs" in the case of a full screen? Earlier, glass manufacturers reported that Apple was considering three types of prototype glass to match the iPhone SE 2. The HOME button did not exist, there was no Touch ID fingerprint identification hole, and Apple required a groove design at the top, that is, the "Liu Hai" full screen.

Apple doesn't explain why it did this, but it's likely to integrate the original Deep Sensing Camera module to support Fae ID. However, the price of the iPhone XR is much higher when it is inserted into the original deep-feeling camera, so it would be less meaningful if the iPhone SE 2 is more expensive. So, in the case that Apple doesn't seem to take back fingerprints into account, it's most likely that most of the rumored screen fingerprints will eventually be identified.

However, it is too early to consider these problems. Because nobody knows whether Apple is still evaluating the next generation of the iPhone SE prototype, and it's even more uncertain whether the prototype is in the DVT design verification test phase or the EVT engineering verification test phase. At least in the past, there have been a lot of rumors that the appearance of the second-generation iPhone SE has remained unchanged, arguing that Apple has simply replaced the metal backpack with glass in order to increase its wireless charging capability, because Apple has to ensure relatively low manufacturing costs.

In any case, iPhone SE still has many loyal fans among Apple users. Finally, in your view, will there be any follow-up to iPhone SE? Is it necessary to have a new generation of models?

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