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Lenovo Z5 Pro experience: Xiaolong 710 performance balanced screen with highlights

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Sliding screen is the biggest bright spot.

There have been countless truly comprehensive screen products on the market this year. In fact, how much improvement in the use of real full-scale screen is not what we are most concerned about, but what we are most concerned about is the technology used by mobile phone manufacturers to hide the positive holes and sensors. In order to achieve a true comprehensive screen. Most of the things we can buy right now are to hide the front camera behind the screen through a mechanical structure, but the way to do it is automatic and manual, and Lenovo's Z5 Pro is the latter. Manually slide through the entire screen to expose elements such as front cameras.

In practical experience, the sliding cover of Lenovo Z5 Pro is very different from that of Millet MIX 3. The former is smoother and easier, while the latter has more damping and force. The main reason is that Z5 Pro uses a six-position guidance structure to connect the sliding cover to the bottom of the fuselage through a double-helix sliding rail design, while the MIX 3 uses magnetic force, as far as I am concerned. People prefer the smooth feel of Z5 Pro. After all, the sliding cover is only a transitional solution to achieve 100% full screen range. More than one interaction is a trouble for users, but a lighter and smoother feel can make users ignore the sliding cover as much as possible and effectively reduce the interaction. Sense of presence.

But to be honest, the Z5 Pro has made some serious compromises in the size and weight of the fuselage, which is 155 x 73 x 9.9 mm in three dimensions and 210 g in weight. The first impression of this size and weight is the pressure on the hands. Long-term use is also a test of arm strength for girls, and the thickness of the fuselage is now the same. Unfriendly type, fortunately in the back of the machine made a large arc fit the design of the palm, hold in the hand is acceptable.

The slide cover is an integral part of the screen. The fuselage is equipped with a 6.39-inch Samsung Super AMOLED full screen, with a screen ratio of 19.5:9 and a narrow frame of 2.35 mm. Officials say the screen accounts for more than 95%. I have to say that throwing away the bangs, droplets and other foreign bodies, playing games, watching movies relaxed a lot, while Z5 Pro used this screen quality is good, the naked eye comfortable, transparent, accurate color restore, the screen adjustment is still worthy of affirmation.

Interaction around the slide

On Millet MIX 3 we saw Millet giving the slider a lot of quick scenes, and the user can customize what to open when the slider is opened, somewhat like defining the slider itself as a switch button. However, Z5 Pro is completely different, and the premise of many functions is based on sliding skating. For example, when you're answering a phone, you need to slide down the cover because there's no receiver above the screen; when you want to unlock your face, you have to slide down the cover for recognition; when you want to experience Dolby sound, you also need to slide down the cover. As a result, the slider becomes the basis of multiple functions, and it can't open the front camera and perform the specified action as MIX 3 does. Both designs have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on personal needs and usage scenarios.

Z5 Pro also supports a variety of unlocking methods, such as the aforementioned infrared face unlocking, in unlocking the need to slide down the cover for face recognition, infrared scheme can also be identified in the dark, but in fact each unlock to slide the cost is still somewhat high, perhaps the product team has also considered this problem. Z5 Pro also carries off-screen fingerprints to unlock, so that it can bring a smoother unlocking posture; second, it can improve the safety of biological verification; third, it does not need to have a hole in the back, the placement of fingerprints after the destruction of integration.

Xiaolong 710 daily enough

In terms of hardware configuration, Lenovo's Z5 Pro is equipped with a Phantom 710 processor, supplemented by 6GB RAM and 64/128GB ROM. This is a mid-range mainstream configuration this year. Daily use is completely free of problems. Perhaps Lenovo did not add a flagship processor to this flagship-looking phone for more competitive final prices. It is also a pity. After we got the mobile phone, we ran a rabbit-and-rabbit run. As a result of the prototype, 145,000 points were not the normal result of 710 processors, and the models for sale should be improved in the future.

For the performance of the most direct embodiment of the game, ZUI 10.0 Z5 Pro with unique Atom Engine, game boot can be adjusted to high-performance mode, and memory cleaning, to achieve game acceleration, we also tested the King Glory of the game experience, the game's picture quality performance adjusted to the highest, open multi-threaded mode. It can stabilize 60 frames in normal scenes and fluctuate between 57 and 60 frames in regiment warfare. It can be said that the game experience is still in place. The only problem is that the machine is too heavy and uncomfortable to hold.

The photographic performance is basically satisfactory.

Lenovo's Z5 Pro has a 25 million 16 million rear dual camera, and the sensor works well for IMX576 IMX519, from camera interaction to imaging, as we look at from the sample:

In the case of sufficient daylight, the camera has fast focusing speed, good resolution and white balance, accurate color restoration, andIPhoneCameras have similar effects. Real scenes are restored in a much lighter color than some photo algorithms.

In the portrait mode, the edges of the portrait and the background are too natural, and the background has a gradual depth of field effect. It is not a simple blur processing, and the effect is good.

Dark light photography is a weak part of Z5 Pro. It is not very good in shake-proof. It has a high paste rate in actual shooting. At the same time, the balance of night and white is not as accurate as that of day. However, the brightness and resolution of the picture are still good. The overall night shooting is not good, but can only be seen in the past.

The Z5 Pro front comes with a 16 million pixel camera, officially claimed to be a medical-beauty camera that can be targeted at facial shape, with facial features, micro-skin-finishing, and three-dimensional lighting that make the beauty look more natural and beautiful. At the same time learned the face features of stars at home and abroad, so that the film more in line with the mainstream aesthetic.

Excellent external sound quality

Another point worth mentioning is the sound quality of the Z5 Pro, which should be a surprise. First, the sound quality of the home-made machine is not very prominent. Secondly, considering the location of this mobile phone, the slide cover full screen has been gimmicked full, and because its sliding cover design needs to occupy more internal space, it is appropriate in the speaker. The association is understandable. But this time, supporting Dolby's sound effects has brought good results.videoWhen I open the sliding cover, the tone to the maximum, there is still a strong voice performance, sitting next to my colleagues feel that there is a Bluetooth speaker effect.


From the time of China Cool Union to the backward team, to the recent return of Lenovo, it can be said that there are many twists and turns in making mobile phones. What we see most on the Z5 Pro this time is the sincerity of Lenovo's return. The configuration of full-screen fingerprint infrared facial recognition is very good, but the full-screen is not the final form of mobile phone. Competitors in the market are already preparing for more possible mobile phones. I also hope that Lenovo will not stop investing in innovation and R & D, and launch more innovative models in the future in order to truly get back on track.

Last but not least, if you can accept the thickness and weight of the phone and want to experience the freshness of the sliding screen, you can consider adding it to your shopping list. After all, the price of 1998 is very popular, but if you don't chase the sliding screen, you want your phone too. Sturdy and durable, so there are more models on the market that deserve your consideration.

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