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Bit AI again?

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Bit cloud second generation cloud AI chip BM1682

BitContinent Product Strategy Director Tang Weiwei said that the performance of the second-generation chips is more than five times higher than the first-generation chips, mainly used in security, parks, smart cities, the Internet and other fields. It is noteworthy that the three landing scenarios previously disclosed in the public information have been increased to four, parks or new growth points.

From cloud to end AI chip release time line clear

It is reported that BitContinent currently has more than 10 R&D centers around the world, with about 800 R&D personnel, of whom 1/2 are dedicated to artificial intelligence research and development. BitContinent has accumulated more than 200 patents on chips, smart hardware and so on. On several occasions, Tang Weiwei said that BitContinent's cloud-based AI chips are iterating rapidly every nine months.

At last year's World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, BitContinent CEO Jack Group announced the world's first tensor accelerated computing chip BM1680, enabling the artificial intelligence brand name SOPHON (Suifeng), taking the meaning of "calculating the universe and the earth, abundant cognitive intelligence".

In the first quarter of 2018, BM1682 chip was released in mass production, with a peak computing power of 3 TFlops and a power consumption of 30 W. BM1682 chip is the second generation of artificial intelligence chip introduced by BitContinent in the field of deep learning. Based on BM1682 chip, BitContinent developed the deep learning acceleration card SC3, intelligence.The serverSA3, face recognition server SS3-C3 and embedded AI minicomputer SE3 are widely used in security, Internet, campus and other fields.

Bit continent terminal AI chip BM1880

Beyond the cloud AI chip, BitContinent is also actively expanding its product line, launching a number of AI terminals for edge computing around the terminal AI chip BM1880.

Calculation of edge calculationDevelopmentThe board is designed for a variety of edge computing applications requiring powerful in-depth learning capabilities. It contains BM1880 chips and supports the development modules of Arduino and Rasperry Pi. Developers can use existing modules to develop advanced in-depth learning or machine vision related applications, including face detection and recognition, facial expression analysis, object detection and recognition, license plate recognition, voiceprint recognition, etc.

Edge computing development board

In addition, BitContinent has designed two AI modules and AI bars for various edge applications through the USB interface. Both products contain BM1880 chips, which add AI functions to traditional products through USB interface, and can be used in intelligent industrial control computers, robots, industrial computers and other products. The two products will be announced in October 30th and mass production will be achieved in November 30th.

USB artificial intelligence force bar

Bit China says BM1684 will be released by the end of the year on cloud chip. The terminal chip will be released in 2019, and BM1884 will be released in BM18822020.

Focus on AI Security Intelligent Server SA3 release

In addition to smart chips, BitContinent also released the Computational Intelligence Server SA3 based on the second-generation artificial intelligence chip BM1682. The SA3-23 server is a 19-inch standard 2U high-density server with three smart processing units, each containing six BM1682. SA3videoStructured servers (2U) can support 90 structured video paths, 2.2 times better than traditional industry servers (based on GPU), and three times better than traditional servers (based on GPU) in face recognition.

SA3 intelligent server

At the same time, bit continent is also actively expanding the smart park market, using AI energy park scene. The embedded AI mini-machine SE3 based on BM1682 is compact and has a size of 210 mm * 115 mm * 45 mm. Its single-precision peak computing power can reach 3 TFLOPS with rated power consumption of 60 W. A single device can support 4-way dynamic or 10-way static face recognition.

In addition, BitContinent has also launched a 3D face recognition intelligent terminal, which has a very high security level to provide multiple system-level biometrics verification technologies such as 3D face recognition, voiceprint recognition, speech recognition, etc. to solve the security problems caused by high error rate, non-living attacks and insufficient anti-counterfeiting capability of traditional biometrics. It is also the first 3D face recognition intelligent terminal supporting multi-mode hybrid biometrics in the industry.

Actual combat test bit AI of mainland China's strength really?

Although BitContinent has emphasized more than once that it is a "chip company," revenue from sales of miners has cast doubt on its nature. According to the prospectus, BitContinent accounted for 78.6%, 77.3% and 89.9% of miner sales in 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively, compared with 94.3% in the first half of 2018, when the digital currency market surged.

Although BitContinent has accumulated the advantages of computing power and power consumption in the development of mining machines, this does not represent its absolute strength in artificial intelligence. But BitContinent produced a series of transcripts at media conferences ranging from chip performance, landing scenes to the number of service personnel.

  • At the AI Computing System forum of the 2008 Baidu AI Developers Conference, Baidu unveiled its latest AI reasoning acceleration engine, Anakin v0.1.0, which performs best of all test hardware on latency data when BitContinental AI chip BM1682 runs Mobilenet, with performance comparable to that of the mainstream industry optimized by TensorRT or Anakin. 2-4 times the chip.

  • In terms of security, BitContinent and Fuzhou signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the city level in 2018 to help Fuzhou's smart city and safe city construction through artificial intelligence technology; BitContinent's artificial intelligence products participated in the security algorithm test of Hubei Public Security Department, the test results ranked first; in addition, security and security in other provinces and cities In artificial intelligence project, bit continent product also has one after another landing.

  • In the park, BitContinent provides face recognition solutions for the "China Strait Project Achievements Fair" and "20th China International Investment and Trade Fair" and other large-scale exhibition services, serving up to 400,000 people.

Tang Weiwei told a media conference that BM1680 had already generated some revenue, but the details are not convenient to disclose.

Whether or not BitContinent transforms AI further depends on the sales performance of its subsequent AI chips and various servers, modules and development boards.

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