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Ni Guangnan: BAT, HUAWEI and other companies strive to create "China core" will accelerate the "self controlled alternative".

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On October 10th, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech entitled “Advancing Controllable Alternatives in the Field of Networking” at the first International Summit on the Construction of Smart Cities. Ni Guangnan said that after the ZTE incident, the unilateralism of the United States has once again bulged, the trade war has started, and the recent speech of US Vice President Burns has created a considerable challenge to China. In the matter of promoting domestically controllable and controllable, he felt that the important position was in the “net letter”.


Unilateralism forces China to be self-reliant

“Unilateralism and trade protectionism are forcing us to take the road of self-reliance. This is not a bad thing. China will ultimately rely on itself. ”

At present, the United States is paying taxes on China’s hundreds of billions of dollars in goods. Vice President Peng Si said that the United States will continue to take tough measures against China, and the country’s external environment is not very good.

In order to meet these challenges, all walks of life should analyze the situation in this field, find out "short board" and "slong board", develop corresponding countermeasures, and enhance the ability to resist risks.


The long and short board in the field of China's online mail

And “network information” involves network information and network security. It is very characteristic of the times and is also a very important concept at present. The state has also set up a special department for this purpose. In the international context, China's overall level in the field of online information has leapt to the second place in the world, but development is still subject to the United States. “I am not the first, nor the third. I am the second. From the perspective of music, this shows that we have great potential for catching up. ”

Ni Guangnan said that for China, the long-term in the field of network information lies in Internet technology and next-generation information technology. The short board is mainly two: 1 is the chip (OS), 2 is the basic software (industrial software). “The mobile operating system and desktop operating system are all foreign, and our large industrial software is not good either. & rdquo; Therefore, these areas are urgent issues to be solved.

Why do you want to make autonomously controllable

For whyAutonomously controllable replacementNi Guangnan's answer is: core technology and infrastructure are very important!

“China Beidou satellite navigation system has gradually replaced GPS. It has formed a whole system and ecology. We are not replacing backwards with advanced technology, but using advanced technology to replace backward ones. If you do not have a good alternative, the market Will not accept. ”

Therefore, to do autonomous and controllable replacement, in fact, in line with the law of survival of the fittest.

In addition, in the dialogue, Ni Guangnan also told Lei Feng.com (Public No.: Lei Feng)ZTE event(Lei Feng Network Note: This refers to the US government's embargo on ZTE on April 16 to make it "sudden", and then imposed a huge fine on it, and sent a special compliance coordinator to ZTE to implement the long-term Ten years of surveillance) actually shows that many companies look good, the development seems to be very good, but forgot to put the network security in the background, the outside can suddenly return you to the original point. In the future construction of smart cities, it is also necessary to consider this cybersecurity issue. AI will be of great significance to the development of the world in the coming decades. The issues of controllability and security must also be considered.

Academician Ni Guangnan also expressed his views on companies such as BAT vying to develop domestic chips:

“Our country has put chip development on the agenda, and many companies, including BAT and other Internet companies, including those that used to be traditional home appliances, are willing to enter the chip field to promote the development of chips, so I believe Under such a situation, our Chinese chip industry will quickly catch up. ”

Lei Feng.com’s speech on Academician Ni Guangnan’s speech did not change the original intention of editing:


Leaders, distinguished guests:

It is a great honor to participate in the first International Summit on New Smart City Construction, which is a very rare opportunity.

My topic is "Advancing the Controllable Substitution of Enough Production in the Field of Network Information." The theme of my speech today is that under the current historical conditions and current internal and external situations, the main enhancements or sources of support for our core technologies and infrastructure will be manifested in the form of autonomous and controllable alternatives. Why is this happening? I will give you a brief introduction in 20 minutes.

From the current situation, the first problem we face is that unilateralism forces China to become self-reliant. Some core technologies are hard to buy, and we are quite rich now, useless. The ZTE incident, the trade war, and the recent speech of President Bills of the United States are very clear, and I don’t need to talk more.

In order to cope with these challenges, the field of network information is not so simple, and the single technology is no better, it has to be systematic. “Webmail” is the security of network information. The network is very characteristic of the times and is a very important concept.

In this field, it is very bad, not very good, and must have an objective view. Generally speaking, I am not the first, nor the third. I am the second, but we have long boards with short boards and long boards to carry forward. Why is it objective? In terms of ICT, there are 5 in the top ten countries in the world and 3 in China. Huawei competes with Apple. What does 631 represent? There are 6 in the United States, 3 in China, and 1 in South Korea.

We are the second, but the short board still has a short board. Two short boards: one is hardware, one is software. The chip is a large short board, especially inside the chip. We are not poorly designed, but poorly manufactured. The largest manufacturer is ranked fifth in the world. There are a lot of materials and equipment, 20% of the equipment is not made in China, the materials are few, the design is very small, and the design is 100% foreign, which is obviously short board. Software shortcomings like mobile operating systems and desktop operating systems are foreign, and our large industrial software does not work either.

Whether it is emerging information technology or the Internet or the Internet of Things, our country and developed countries are really small. We are ahead of others in application, but our foundation and research are poor. These long-term boards are not that we have surpassed developed countries, but It is easier to catch up. Like big planes and cars, European countries have been away from us for decades. In the information field, there are no more years than we have gone, and it is only a few years away. We are confident that we can use our longboards and fill in two as soon as possible. The short board really shows the strength of our second world.

Why do we have to do autonomously controllable replacement? The point is that core technology and infrastructure are very important. Any single network technology can't be done in a single item. In many cases, we have to be alternative. Our Beidou has gradually replaced GPS, because Beidou has formed a whole system and ecology. We are not replacing advanced with backwards, but with advanced and good technology. If you don’t have a good alternative, the market will not accept. Therefore, we have to replace the foreign countries with controllable domestic technology. This is not detailed.


I introduced a few that have been done quite well. Desktop systems, databases, enterprise ERP, and desktop systems, especially from the office, are relatively easy to replace. Windows has been around for 20 years and has never been available yet available.

Aerospace Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a typical example of autonomous and controllable replacement.


The large group of aerospace science and technology should have about 30,000 terminals, and the back-end data center is also replaced. Why can it be replaced? Everyone looks at all the indicators. Each indicator requires 2 seconds, 5 items are 2 seconds, so it is available, and many are easier to use. Government office can't do anything that can't be done. If it doesn't work, we can also use mobile compatibility.

High-end server and database replacement for "IOE"


The second alternative is more important. In terms of infrastructure, information technology facilities data centers are very important, IOE is difficult to replace, and international research is also taking place. Oracle's data is difficult to record and is monopolized. In data processing, especially transactional, transactional data such as banks.

Aerospace Super Server: Comparison of Aerospace Kunlun Database to Intel Server


This is a server indicator at the space technology system conference. It was originally from IBM and Intel. Now the domestic ones are gradually being replaced. Domestically controlled and controlled alternatives are not low-performance alternatives, often equal or better alternatives. The only problem is that the ecology is a bit worse, but in some cases the data center can do better functions than Oracle. There is a linear expansion, with 140 in Oracle and 50% now, not bad.

We can also use the international standard area test, but we can't test it ourselves. The transaction volume per minute reaches more than 11.5 million. IBM is lower than this. It is the second place to reach the published data. It should be good. We hope that in a larger scope, This substitution was made by the China Banking Regulatory Commission in the past few years and it should be possible.

Brocade ERP replacement for SAP ERP

The third is the replacement of the Brocade ERP for SAP ERP. If you use the old SAP to change, it is very troublesome, and you can't change it for a long time. Fortunately, we came out with the ERP launched by Brocade. They have done hundreds of millions of code and the software is basically out. Finally, its price/performance ratio will be Very good, less than half of the original price. Brocade has done Yigo-ERP, this platform can realize the automatic conversion of code, make new requirements and model construction in an interactive way, and then define the relationship, not programming and software to do, is the business staff To do it, the manager and the supervisor have decided to settle it. After the module is automatically generated, this platform is doing very well. The graphical code is written by many people all over the world, but this one can transplant very large software, which proves that it is very good. It is currently promoted and tried in some large systems. It is done well and can be made in one day. It is very simple. Many times, it is not a question of money, but a talent.

Domestic industrial control real-time operating system SylixOS alternative to VxWorks


The fourth is the replacement of VxWorks by SylixOS, a domestic industrial real-time operating system. In smart cities, the Internet is used a lot, cars, driving, military, etc., all need a real-time operating system. After testing by relevant departments, 90% of its code is developed by ourselves, and 10% of open source code, so this code is self-controllable. Its system performance coverage is comprehensive, basically compatible, and easy to promote. The promotion effect is good. We hope that this alternative can also use a very good autonomous and controllable system, and it is very good value for money, not a new one.

There are still many that are not mature enough to be done. For example, in the aspect of network information, there is a need for an independently controllable network information technology and core resources to carry out domestically controlled and controlled alternatives.

The last question, to everyone, is why it is necessary to achieve self-control? In a speech this year, General Secretary Xi mentioned that the core of cybersecurity is technical security. First, it is self-controllable, and then it achieves computational security and finally achieves network security.

Everyone said that they are self-controllable, and they must have scientific multi-dimensional assessments to meet quality and safety requirements. Quality assessment has long been available, and safety assessment is a higher requirement, and with independent control, this problem can be better solved.

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