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Say no to Liu Haiping's trend! Nut Pro2s, Meizu 16X comparison evaluation

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White Nut Pro2s with Meizu 16X

The positioning of these two products also has a little in common: the nut Pro2s as an upgrade product of the nut Pro2, the screen, performance, appearance and crafts have improved, with the flagship nut R1 release positioning flagship; and Meizu 16X can be said to be the flagship Meizu 16th series The Lite version is also the flagship positioning.

In terms of price, the Pro2s are 4+64GB for 1798 yuan, 6+64GB for 1998 yuan, and 6+128GB for 2298 yuan; Meizu 16X 6+64GB for 2098 yuan and 6+128GB for 2398. The difference between the two prices is only 100 yuan, and the difference in specific performance allows us to tell you by comparison.

Appearance / Process:

Both mobile phones do not use the popular special-shaped screen design, and have their own product style, or family-style design style.

"forehead" comparison

"The sleek and sleek era of the splendid class" This slogan was proposed by the Nut Pro generation, and it continues to be a good feeling. Compared with the two versions of the iteration, the fuselage cover glass is coordinated to the back of the middle frame and then to the back of the fuselage with a small arc, so that the visually correct body does not cut hands and has A good feel, vision and feel reached a balance point. Meizu 16X is about to play the sleek almost to the "extreme", the large screen fillet and the fuselage R angle complement each other, so that the visual extension to the screen as much as possible to enhance the visual impact; the fuselage back panel to the sides of the frame The treatment is narrowed and the overall feel is slim.

Both use a hidden earpiece design to reduce the front panel footprint, the nut Pro2s front camera is centered, and the Meizu 16X is on the right side of the panel.

Backboard contrast

The back panel is based on various features. The nut Pro2s narrows down the sub camera. The main and sub cameras are horizontally placed in the upper left corner. The rear fingerprint recognition module is subtly blended with the perfectly rounded body logo. The glass cover is radiant and elegant. Meizu 16X typical Meizu family-style design, dual camera is placed vertically in the fuselage, below the characteristic ring flash and laser focus module. Instead of the back fingerprint module, the front-facing fingerprint recognition technology is adopted, and the back metal material antenna strips are distributed on the upper and lower edges, and the color and the body coordination are well hidden and almost invisible.

Medium frame comparison

The nut Pro2s border cancels the previous generation "golden thread" design is more integrated, the buttons use circular buttons to coordinate with the shape of the opening of the camera, logo and so on. Meizu 16X uses the common long bar button in the case where the frame curvature is narrowed, in line with the design logic.

Bottom contrast

The nut Pro2s are symmetrically designed on both sides of the central axis distribution, with the left microphone and the right speaker. Use the USB Type-C interface. The headphone jack has been removed, and the wired headset requires a USB Type-C to 3.5mm patch cord. Meizu also uses the USB Type-C interface with two fixing screws next to it. The speaker opening is on the right side and the 3.5mm headphone jack is reserved on the left side.

Meizu 16X thickness 7.5mm weight is 154g; nut Pro2s thickness 7.15mm weight is 167g, theoretically the nut is thinner, but because the sides are not narrowed in the feel and visually Meizu 16X is more slim and light, Meizu 16X did not give up 3.5 The mm headphone jack is more convenient, but the bottom is not as simple as the nut Pro2s.

The two overall styles have their own characteristics. The glass and metal materials have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of the feel and durability. The appearance part belongs to the benevolent and the wise and sees the wisdom, and appreciates which one you judge.


Meizu 16X adopts optical fingerprint recognition scheme, which uses a camera to capture the fingerprint information printed on the screen through the screen illumination to unlock the mobile phone. The nut Pro2s uses the traditional relatively more mature capacitive fingerprint identification scheme. . Both support flat-based facial recognition, and the low security level is only suitable for unlocking the phone, and the unlocking speed is very fast.

Screen comparison:

Meizu 16X uses a Samsung customized six-inch 18:9 AMOLED symmetrical full-scale screen with a resolution of 2160 × 10 ~ 80, a screen PPI403, and DCI-P3 wide gamut display. Nut Pro2s uses 6. 01 inch domestic Vicino OLED screen, symmetrical overall screen design, the resolution is also 2160 × 10 8, screen PPI is 415. Gamut > 100, covering DCI-P3 and sRGB.

Left: Nut Pro2s RGB-Delta Arrangement, Right: Meizu 16X Pentile Arrangement

Most of the domestic mobile phones use the Samsung Super AMOLED screen, and the pixels are arranged in Pentile: the pixels adopt the [Red-Green] [Blue-Green] matching mode, the green pixels are completely retained, and the red and blue pixels are reduced by one-half each, mainly through The method of common sub-pixels of adjacent pixels to reduce the number of sub-pixels, the biggest advantage of the Pentile arrangement is to increase the permeability, the same brightness only requires less power consumption, and enhances the endurance. The screen used by the nuts this time uses RGB-Delta arrangement: pixels [red-green] [green-blue] [blue-red], red, green and blue sub-pixels are one-third less than standard RGB; On the display, the Samsung AMOLED screen is completely displayed by the green pixels, so that the color information can be better accepted by the human eye, so that more delicate text and details can be displayed.The edge of the nut Pro2s font will appear faint due to the RGB-Delta arrangement, and the text display effect will be weaker than the Meizu 16X using the Samsung AMOED screen.

Display in color:

Standard mode

Standard mode

Vivid mode

Vivid mode

Screen viewing angle:

From the white version of the hand, the screen of the nut Pro2s will appear slightly greenish when the angle is tilted.

Photo proofs comparison:

Automatic mode (off HDR)

You can see that the details of the building's details on both mobile phones are in place. The ground nut color comparison restores the scene at that time, Meizu is a bit warmer but the picture is more transparent.

Automatic mode (on HDR)

After turning on HDR, the control of the highlights of the nuts is very strict. The reflection of the clouds on the clouds of the building body is completely suppressed, and the clouds are clearly distinguishable, but it is also obvious that the brightness of the entire photo has decreased. The overall contrast of Meizu is higher; the ground details are more obvious; the sky and the building are overly white, and the reflected light is still overexposed.

Automatic mode (off HDR)

In the automatic mode, the Meizu 16X stairs are shaded and the ground is brighter.

Automatic mode (on HDR)

After the HDR mode is turned on, the nut Pro2s is controlled very well overall, the shadow of the building and the dark part of the ground are brightened, and the sky highlights reflected by the sky and the glass plate are well controlled. The Meizu 16X will improve the brightness, sharpness and contrast of the ground details, the glass frame and the brick details of the building. It is more three-dimensional and rich in level; but it does not deal with the reflective parts of the sky and the glass. Even more exposed than turning off HDR.

Automatic mode (on HDR)

The white balance of the two models of this model has a color cast phenomenon. Both the nut Pro2s and the Meizu 16X are blue, and the nuts are more serious. The actual look is grayish white.

Automatic mode (on HDR)

This group and the upper group of samples can explain the HDR imaging tendency of both, and the nut Pro2s is more inclined to lower the brightness of the high-light over-exposure part without making mistakes. The Meizu 16X is to give the user a clearer details of the dark part, but sacrifices the level of the cloud part.

Automatic mode (off HDR)

Both phones did not recognize the AI ​​scene when shooting this set of samples. The details of the leaves are quite similar, the nut red is more vivid, and the look is good. Meizu is bright overall but the leaves are somewhat white.

Auto mode (on HDR, AI scene recognition)

This group is well recognized and automatically opened the "Flower AI Recognition", the nut has a high degree of saturation and contrast of the leaves, and the sense of appearance is layered and impactful. The disadvantage is that the color of the building in the distance is also affected. The effect is bluish. Meizu is naturally more. It is worth mentioning that the AI ​​scene recognition of the nut can be used together with the HDR, and the scene recognition can also be manually closed; and the Meizu AI scene recognition cannot be manually closed, and the two can only be selected one by one.

Night performance:

Automatic mode (on HDR)

Automatic mode (on HDR)

Night scene: Although the proofs of the two mobile phones are much brighter than the actual look, the nuts are closer to the real ones, and the Meizu is the "night vision" with the amount of light entering the big. The color saturation of the nuts is higher, and the Meizu is clearer and richer in details, whether it is the close-up leaves or the distant trees and the sky and wires.

Portrait blur mode:

Portrait mode finds a through screen and has hollow objects, shooting in the same position. Nut Pro2s has a larger viewing angle, a higher background blur, and perfect edge blur. The Meizu perspective is very small, and the connection between the right side of the railing and the background tree is unnatural, but the texture details of the main body are clearer and the hair color is more accurate.

Triple Vision Sample

Triple Vision zoom in to see details

Triple Vision Zoom in to see details 2

It can be seen that in the zoom mode, the three-dimensional lossless zoom supported by the Meizu 16X is strong. Whether it's wire details or the texture of the wire tower, the details of the trees and stone tiles are clearly visible.

Performance comparison:

Both phones use Qualcomm Celldragon 710processor, 10nm FinFet low power process, up to 2.2GHz, AdrenoTM 616 graphics processor. The storage specifications are eMMC5.1 and the memory specification is LPDDR4X. Use Geekbench4.2 to run as follows.

Geekbench 4.2 running scores

When the nut mobile phone uses the running software, it will prompt to use [Performance Mode] or [Normal Mode]. The former runs at full performance, and the latter temperature will actively limit the frequency control heat. The parameters of the two parameters are almost the same, and can be reflected from the running points. The difference between the single core and the multi-core is not the same level.

The two mobile games equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor are very good, and playing games at this price is no longer a problem.

The half-hour king glory nut Pro2s team battle has appeared at least 55 frames, most of the time frame is stable at 57-59. Meizu 16X minimum frame number of 58, the whole process is stable at 59-60 frames. If the gap between two or three frames is not visible at the frame rate, there is no obvious sensation that can be perceived.

Stimulating the battlefield, the high-definition picture quality is the highest mode that two mobile phones can be turned on. Just loading the map a few seconds before entering the game makes it a little bit stuck. After loading, you can eat chicken all the time.

After 40 minutes, PUBG: stimulus Battlefield, as shown in the diagram, you can see that the temperature of the two varies greatly depending on the material of the fuselage. Meizu 16X is a metal fuselage with better overall thermal conductivity. The heating temperature of the fuselage will be transmitted to all sides, and the maximum temperature of the fuselage is 36.7 °. And the nut Pro2s fuselage is made of glass, because the thermal conductivity of the glass is definitely a little worse than that of the metal, and you can see that the heat is relatively concentrated under the camera. The highest temperature 38.1 °. (ps: nut Pro2s is connected to the earphone connector, not the charger.

Endurance test comparison:

The nut Pro2s battery capacity is 3600mAh; Meizu 16X battery capacity is 3100mAh.

Using a total of 3 hours of measurement standards, divided into 5 items for testing, respectively, [one hour 1080pvideoPlay, half an hour of microblogging, vibrato, king glory, stimulating the battlefield; volume brightness is set to 50%

It can be seen that the total endurance test Meizu 16X power consumption will be one or two percentage points more per item of Pro2s. In the case of battery capacity difference of 500mAh, the endurance performance is also quite satisfactory. When the two phones are only connected to Wifi, the standby power consumption is very small. The daily use of medium intensity is not a problem.

System performance:

The system can not be simply compared, the two brands have their own design style and concept and features on the system.

System first screen (left Smatisan OS / right Flyme)

Shortcut operation interface (left Smatisan OS / right Flyme)

The style of the system is quite different, the nut Pro2s uses Smatisan OS 6.6, Meizu 16X uses Flyme 7.1, both are based on Android custom system. Smatisan OS, which uses 4 × 5 / 3 × 3 × 3 grid layout, navigation bar left and right sliding can directly view all page icons. The whole icon and the operation key adopt the similar object style; the background interface and the shortcut key are integrated to save unnecessary waste space. Meizu's Flyme 7 is designed in the typical flat style of Android, the interface layout is 4 × 5 support folder and page gadget, and the drop-down menu is two-in-one for quick keystroke system notification. Meizu Flyme supports changing themes and icon styles, custom rich and more personal, while nuts can only replace wallpaper can not replace icons and system styles.

Negative one screen (left Smatisan OS / right Flyme)

Smatisan OS's negative screen launch time is not long, currently supports weather, calendar reminders, life information, WeChat Alipay fast payment, information, application recommendations. Flyme supports more comprehensive, with application suggestions, shortcuts, real-time weather, scene services, recent schedules, to-do items, express updates, repayments, my ticket, commute, stop sign, continue reading, exercise meter Steps, traffic statistics, my collection, NBA billboards, take-away order, stock market. Meizu uses more scenes and covers more information. Information and news users who are accustomed to using third-party software can only use the weather and express payment on the nuts.

System features:

Big Bang (left Smatisan OS / right Flyme)

The big bang function can scan and read pictures or texts for secondary editing.For the first time, Hammer Technology brought this feature to us, which is a very convenient function. Now, various manufacturers have followed up in this aspect, and can directly display the information in the scanned text to the user (such as searching for the name, place name, product link information, web link information, etc. in the scanned text). After the big bang of the nut selects a piece of text, you can choose to blast the other paragraphs down continuously, and you can quickly share it with another function of your own.

Full screen gesture/virtual key (left Smatisan OS/right Flyme)

Smatisan OS support powered by Nut Pro2s1 Basic operation of the bottom border three Android buttons:No on-screen virtual buttons are required.2 gesture mode:Trigger up for the three button position to slide up. The full-screen gesture of sliding at the bottom is relatively cheaper to learn, and basically comes with the hand.

Flyme has its own characteristics and supports multiple trigger modes.1 classic Android three button:However, the virtual buttons in the screen occupy the display space.2 mBack:The bottom of the Meizu 16X screen supports the pressure sensing operation at the bottom. It can simulate the mBack button operation of the year, and tap to return, press back to the desktop, and draw the multitasking menu on the bottom two sides. There is also an unspecified advanced operation. That is, the left and right sides of the lower border touch a little pause and then slide left and right to directly switch the background application.3 full screen gestures:This is one of the coolest points since using Meizu 16X. Mode of operationiPhoneGestures, respectively, are drawn back to the main screen on the bottom, and the multi-tasking is called up on the stroke, and the short-sliding border can be returned. The highlight is that the gesture is applicable to both the left and right borders. Avoiding the risk of the finger changing the center of gravity at the bottom edge has the risk of slamming the phone. However, due to the fact that the frame slide overlaps with some APP operation logic, there is currently a misoperation.

In the gesture operation, the individual is more inclined to Meizu 16X. Three gestures can be performed from the bezel to prevent the risk of falling the phone by changing the center of gravity of the finger at the bottom edge. The gesture operation is logical, and it belongs to the kind that you can't go back to learning. It means that the first time students need some time to adapt. Disadvantages in the border sliding and some APP operation logic overlap, there are currently cases of misoperation.

Nut features: one step, flash capsule, unlimited screen

This is the highlight of the Smatisan OS, which isstepSimilar to desktop-level operations, it can quickly share and search images or texts between applications, and break the barrier between applications.Flash capsuleWith the physical flash capsule button for inspiration, ideas for voice recording, and can automatically save text and voice two formats, after the version is updated, can be refined search based on voice content.Infinite screenIt is a function released with the nut Pro2s. The idea is to use sensors such as a gyroscope to perform application switching, map zoom movement and long picture browsing through the mobile phone, thereby eliminating unnecessary operations of the hands.

The one-step experience is very good, and it is very practical to send information between applications for quick sharing. It is very helpful to say that the capsule is a shorthand. This function is very useful for grasping the point of the writer and the writer. The idea of ​​unlimited screen is very good, like the simulation of mobile phone screen into VR glasses perspective, but at present, the application switching experience is not perfect, the operation experience needs high precision, the infinite screen is too "unlimited", the finger slides slightly It is shrinking very small, and the current experience is not very smooth.

Smatisan OS also has a feature tailored for the visually impaired to read text from the bottom of the software and read the text from the area each time the user touches the screen. A thoughtful function full of human care.

Meizu features: family guard, night mode, face backtracking

Family guardCan bind family and friends, family members receive telecom fraud calls or information can be sent to your mobile phone in the first time; you can find family members to synchronize location information in real time, prevent the elderly and children from being lost; remotely assist family members to solve mobile phone problems; It is also possible to remotely set restricted applications, and the game timeout immediately informs the child to be over-indulged; and can bind 360 children's watches for searching and emergency alarms.Night modeDark processing through the system call software, not limited to the system interface, all kinds of software can be optimized at night to achieve the purpose of eye protection at night.Face backtrackingIt can be played back in a short time based on the photo face, and the most satisfactory one can be replaced individually.

The night mode must be given a good review. Try the basic application that is very good for dark processing. You can set the automatic turn-on time. The nighttime use will not be suddenly brightened when switching applications. The self-luminous characteristics of AMOLED It can also save more power in night mode. The family guard can be downloaded as a program to the family's mobile phone, which is convenient for protecting family safety. Face retrospectives can be very helpful for young ladies who are self-portraits or for boyfriends who are asked to take pictures.

Due to certain incident safety issues, it has been put on the table and received more attention. At this point, the emergency call function of the mobile phone became a must. Both systems have an emergency call method.Nuts for setting up emergency contactsQuickly dial the number on the emergency call interface.The latest version of Meizu 16X Flyme7.1.4.1A has not received the SOS emergency help function, I hope this feature will be online as soon as possible.

to sum up:

Both phones are very distinctive and conform to the manufacturer's style. The appearance is still benevolent, see the wise and see the wisdom, do not make too much retelling.Meizu 16X comes with 3.5mm headphone jack for more convenience. The quality of the screen is obviouslyMeizu's Samsung custom AMOLEDRegardless of the pixel arrangement, color development and viewing angleMore excellent.Screen fingerprint designMore technical and able to see the location directlyMore convenient,However, optical fingerprint speed and accuracy are not as good as traditional capacitive fingerprint recognition.Optical fingerprint recognition requires a little effort to stay close to the screen and stay a little longer, while the capacitive fingerprint of the nut can be lifted and unlocked instantly. Both phones are equipped with a linear motor. Although it is not as crisp as the horizontal linear motor of the iPhone, it is much cooler than the S8 that has been used. The Meizu 16X has a slightly stronger shock and has a feeling of "squeaky". Yes, very good, this is still intuitive to experience.

If you are a mobile gamer then both phones are not a problem. The two mobile phones originated from the same processor, so the game performance is quite similar. It is necessary to say that the difference is nothing more than the floating of two or three frames, and the scheduling mechanism and power consumption control are also related; the nut Pro2s has 500mAh battery capacity in the battery test. Good is reflected, and Meizu can bring you better heat control, metal conduction to temperature faster and more conducive to heat dissipation.

If the requirements for photo image quality and stability are very high, the nut Pro2s is more suitable for you. The nut is obviously stronger than the Meizu 16X in HDR, the exposure control is accurate, the shadow detail is also stable, and the filming rate is higher. Like Meizu thought that pulling high exposure to enhance the details of the dark part caused obvious overexposure. For those who want better night performance and lossless zoom, you can choose Meizu, a more pure night scene, a higher amount of light to make the night landscape details more obvious, Meizu 16X also with a three-dimensional lossless zoom in the details of the landscape is completely crushed Nut Pro2s.

Meizu has always given people a small and beautiful feeling. Meizu 16X has a narrow border on the rounded screen and the trend of fingerprints under the screen. It is more attractive to users who like to follow up with new technologies and crafts. Flyme can also say that you can make what you want. Can give you, but the demand for product climbing stage is much larger than the actual supply, it is not difficult to say that it is difficult to find a product; and the nut Pro2s has long been in stock, and is more suitable for users who have text work requirements or have a dedication to the appearance process, Because white is really beautiful. The editing and sharing of texts is more convenient in Smatisan OS. The system has its own considerations in terms of design and practical convenience. There is no doubt about innovation.


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