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What are the advantages of Chinese manufacturers 5G?

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Chinese manufacturers 5G mobile phone

Wen Ku, director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said publicly in April this year that the first batch of 5G chips will be produced by the end of this year and completed around the Spring Festival in 2019, and will be launched in the first half of 2019.commercialBase station construction, produced the first batch of 5G mobile phones in the second half of 2019.

Mobile phone manufacturers are investing in research and development, competing for the first batch of 5G mobile phones. IncludeHUAWEIA number of mobile phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi and vivo, said they will launch 5G phones in 2019.

According to Hong Kong's headline Financial Network on September 28, Yang Yuanqing pointed out that the group has already laid out 5G, and has started to study 5G technology in the global 5G standard-setting work. In Chicago, the United States and Beijing, China, there are special teams responsible for 5G product design and development.

Lenovo's Motorola (Motorola) launched the Moto Z3 in August and announced the launch of the 5G Moto Mod early next year, the report said. Lenovo has partnered with Verizon, the U.S. telecommunications company, to connect Verizon's 5G network with a Moto Mod. Yang Yuanqing announced that the 5G Moto Mod was named "Lenovo 5G Link" and the group is expected to become the first batch of manufacturers to provide users with 5G experience.

Reference to the news network reporter learned that in 2016, vivo set up a 5G research and development center in Beijing, to participate in the study of the 5G core technical standards. In 2017, vivo launched the pre research of 5G antenna and RF key technologies. On August 30, vivo announced that it had initially completed its commercial-oriented 5G smartphone hardware and software based on the latest flagship vivo NEX platformDevelopmentIt includes architecture planning, motherboard stacking, RF and antenna design, and battery space optimization, and has reached commercial level in size and appearance. Vivo said, next, vivo 5G mobile phones will soon enter the testing phase of network device integration. After years of research and development, vivo is expected to launch the first commercial 5G phone in the world.

At the end of August, OPPO also announced the successful completion of 5G signaling and data access based on commercially available mobile phones, which is the basis of reliable communication for 5G mobile phones.

5G tester based on vivo NEX. (business for map)

Will bring a new round of mobile phone function change.

The ten year revolution in mobile communications has affected and changed the way of life in every era. The emergence of 2G networks around 2000 has brought us functional machines, allowing us to listen to voices from any corner of the world at any time; the development of 3G networks in 2008 has redefined mobile phones, smartphones give us the freedom to browse web pages anytime and anywhere; the 4G network since 2013 has greatly catalyzed Chinese smartphones and The development of mobile internet, mobile payment, mobile shopping, sharing economy and other "new inventions in China" have become as daily as telephone calls.

What kind of disruptive innovation will 5G bring to us?

According to the reporter, the founder and CEO of vivo, Shen Wei, believes that the arrival of the 5G era is a new opportunity for the mobile phone market. The combination of 5G and artificial intelligence technology will enable smartphones to evolve into smart phones. In the new phase, 5G smart phones will become smart perception centers, control centers and service centers.

Dr. Yang Ning, an expert on OPPO 5G, also said: "5G can achieve a world-wide, immersive experience, which is a perfect combination of virtual and real surreal user experience is currently not possible on 4G networks. In our view, Ubiquitous Reality will be one of the features of the first phase of 5G support.

Yang Ning mentions three real-world applications of OPPO's 5G ubiquitous: remote VR - real-time merging of virtual visual resources from different locations over a 5G network. For example, the application of 3D network fitting room can help users to "try on" and "match" the latest on-the-market clothes or accessories at home and experience their own "buyer's show" in real time; remote AR, which combines virtual and real-time visual resources produced in different locations through 5G network, such as users can use mobile phones and remote places. Friends and family experience 3D ARvideoTelephone calls bring warm greetings of "the world is big, in its place"; remote JR --- real-time integration of live and live resources from different locations through 5G. For example, two users can take real-time photos or videos of two people based on the background of one of them, to achieve real-time photos or video streaming with friends from other countries or their favorite attractions.

Smartphones have ushered in a new era of SIoT, according to Hong Kong's headline Financial Network. As the number of devices and large data connected to the network increases, and computing power and algorithms improve, Liu Jun, Lenovo's executive vice president and Chief Executive Officer of China, says that Intelligent Things Federation is entering the era of SIoT 2.0, that is, "evolving" to scenario intelligence, including multiple devices. Collaboration, embedding artificial intelligence (AI) and human-machine natural language communication.

Experts predict that in the 5G era, higher data rates and lower traffic costs will truly make it possible for all users to be online anytime.

Is expected to drive a new wave of replacement demand.

It is understood that China's domestic smartphone market in the past few years after the rapid growth, the overall market shipments since 2017 began to show a downward trend. China shipped 444.3 million smartphones in 2017, down 4.9% from 2016, according to IDC. The reasons for the decline in the mobile phone market include many aspects: market saturation, smooth iteration cycle, product upgrades and lack of functional innovation, to a certain extent, inhibited the user's desire to buy. After the decline in shipments in 2017, the smartphone market in 2018 is still not optimistic.

5G mobile phone is believed to bring new development opportunities to the industry. 5G mobile phone bandwidth can reach 20 Gbps (1 Gbps per second), mobile phone application data, photos, video and other large files.Cloud diskBackups or downloads are all done quickly, and consumers who buy 5G phones can feel a significant difference in download speed. In addition, 5G will bring more entertainment experience to mobile phones.

5G will lead people into a new era of communication technology: on the one hand, it provides a very good technological basis for the interconnection of all things, all things intelligent will open the door to interconnection; on the other hand, 5G can change the way people behave and the shape of mobile phones. However, in the view of experts, the current 5G mobile phone has yet to be explored in terms of its core functions and applications. In the future, mobile phone users also need more "killer" applications to activate.

This is a resurgence 5G mobile phone that was filmed at the mobile communication conference in Barcelona, Spain in February 28th. (Xinhua News Agency)

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