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Two thousand yuan cheaper? What are the differences between iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the Hong Kong Bank of state?

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Apple online store (China)

Then, what is the difference between the state bank and the Hong Kong bank?

Today we'll talk to you about our national affairs.IPhoneThe difference between XS/XS Max and iPhone XS/ XS Max of Hong Kong port.

1. Price

Spend the least money and play the best machine. Why not? Price is always the most concern of all.

As mentioned earlier, because of the different exchange rate and pricing strategy, the Hong Kong Bank's iPhone will be cheaper than the Bank of China, how much will it be cheaper?

At today's exchange rate of 0.87, the price of the Hong Kong Bank's iPhone XS (64GB) is about 7,481 yuan, about 1,200 yuan cheaper than the Bank of China, and the 512GB version is about 1,800 yuan cheaper. And iPhone XS Max is more exaggerated, the highest difference can be nearly 2000.

2, network support

Let's talk about network support. Network support should be the most concerned problem besides price factors. With regard to network support, the two banks are all versions of CNC, supporting mobile, Unicom and telecommunications. The network also supports 2, 3, 4G.

If Hong Kong Bank is to support the mobile, Unicom network, but the telecommunications network is not very sure, mainly because of the recent spread of the network appeared a variety of "versions".

Version 1: perfect support for telecommunications.

Version two: telecommunications are not supported.

Version 3: It originally supported telecommunications, but it did not support telecommunications cards when it replaced one of the other carriers'cards halfway through and then replaced them.

Version four: does not support telecommunications, but after the brush is found, it can support telecommunications.

Version five: Hongkong official website does not support telecommunications, and Hongkong stores buy Telecom support.

So what about the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max of Hong Kong's banks supporting Telecom cards? First, let's take a look at the network details of the iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max and the next bank of China.

First of all, we already know that the State Bank's iPhone XS (A2100) and iPhone XS Max (A2104) are 2, 3, and 4 gigabytes across the network.

As you can easily see from the picture, both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are very similar in terms of network support. The only difference is that the Hong Kong Bank's iPhone XS (A1920) does not support TD-SCDMA 1900 (F), 2000 (A), simply does not support China Mobile 3G network.

Take a look at the part of the red box in the picture. The model of the iPhone XS Max is identical to that of the Hong Kong Max. As mentioned earlier, the Bank of China supports the whole network of 2, 3, 4G, and then compared with the next Bank of China and the Hong Kong Bank network parameters, exactly the same.

In fact, it is almost possible to conclude that the Hong Kong Bank's iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max supports telecommunications 2, 3, 4G networks and can use telecommunications cards. Of course, both the State Bank and the Hong Kong Bank have marked support for CDMA EV-DO Rev.A, which is the network format used by China Telecom.

Then why is there a variety of versions on the Internet?

There are a lot of answers on the Internet, some people say baseband problems, others say there are two versions, but in fact it is related to Apple's activation mechanism.

Apple has "2303" and "10" activation strategies. The Hong Kong Bank iPhone XS / XS Max, activated under the "2303" activation strategy, supports 3G.

If you activate with the "10" activation strategy, you don't need a telecom card, but don't worry, Apple has all changed to the "2303" activation strategy, as long as you restore the factory settings to reactivate, you can use the Telecom Card smoothly.

3, double card support

Dual card dual standby function has been rotten in the age of functional aircraft, and even three cards and four cards appeared. IPhone has been supporting single cards since its launch until this year.

With regard to dual-card support, Apple offers two options: a dual Nano-SIM entity card, a Nano-SIM entity card, and an eSIM virtual card.

Which way is the iPhone XS/iPhone XS Max adopted by the state bank and the Hong Kong bank?

As you can see, both Bank of China and Hong Kong's iPhone XS Max use dual Nano-SIM entity cards. Bank of China's iPhone XS only supports one Nano-SIM entity card. Bank of Hong Kong's iPhone XS supports one Nano-SIM entity card and one eSIM virtual card.

Simply put, both the State Bank and the Hong Kong Bank can plug in two phone cards for the iPhone XS Max; the State Bank's iPhone XS can only plug in one phone card; and the Hong Kong Bank's iPhone XS can only plug in one phone card, but it can be re-swiped into a virtual phone card to achieve dual card mode.

4. UNPROFOR policy

In terms of after-sales service, there are a lot of online statements, some say yes, some say no, the small edition are confused. So Xiaobian personally beat Apple officials.websiteCustomer service telephone consultation.

Apple's official 400 phone response: The mobile phone is not artificially damaged, both the state and Hong Kong banks support the national one-year joint guarantee, the Hong Kong bank in mainland China warranty needs to take packaging boxes, purchase invoices to the service point, and then according to the specific requirements of each after-sales service point to operate, such as some need boxes, some do not, have The invoice is not required.

Although some require invoices, some do not have invoices. But if you really want to go after-sales, everyone is still well prepared, you can also go before the call to the after-sales service point, ask the situation, to avoid a trip in vain.

5, packaging content

In addition to mobile phones, there will be EarPods headphones with Lightning interfaces, USB-A to Lightning data lines, 5W adapters with USB-A interfaces, and instructions for both banks.

The only difference is the adapter's pin, the GB's national standard pin, and the Hong Kong Bank's British standard pin. If you go to Hong Kong and bring an adapter with a national standard socket, you have to connect an English standard adapter if you want to use it, and vice versa.

Looking at the whole article, you should already know the difference between the state bank and the Hong Kong bank's iPhone XS / XS Max. It's up to you to decide whether it's a state bank or a port bank. Finally, Xiaobian also made a form to facilitate comparison.

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