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Google has held a AI experience exhibition in China, which may be your closest to it.

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The Emoji treasure hunting games we've introduced, the search for you in famous paintings, and the guessing song are all small products that aren't made for commercial gain, and some are Google engineers in their spare time.Development. Behind these projects are Google's most advanced AI technologies.

Apart from the annual Google I/O conference in the United States, I'm afraid it's hard to experience these interesting interactive projects yourself. But recently, Google brought these projects to the Dragon Art Museum in Shanghai, China (West Bank Museum), where you can experience the most interesting Google AI interactive projects in a 2,000 square meter exhibition area. This is probably the latest time for Chinese technology lovers to leave Google.

I haven't been to Google I/O myself, but I see photos taken by my little friends every year.videoAnd a group photo with all kinds of "big coffee" has always been a little curious about this technology giant on the other side of the ocean. Not to mention that I often introduce a lot of interesting small Google projects, so this time I heard that Google is going to China to run an online exhibition, the heart of excitement can be imagined.

The GoogleAI experience exhibition and the world AI conference were held in the same period. Google also has its own sub-forum on WAIC 2018, with the theme "AI is within reach," which talks about the combination of artificial intelligence and medical, astronomical and other fields. As you can see from the theme, the event was so "grounded" that it's not hard to understand Google's launch of such a downlink.

Now we'll show you around the 2000 square meter AI experience exhibition and share your feelings.

AI palette

Many artists'inspiration comes from the colorful world around us, and many painters' works are impressed by their unique use of colors. Art comes from life. If you want to understand the unique color combinations in art, you can check them out in Art Palette.


Art Palette is Google Arts

At the Google AI Experience Show, you can take a picture of yourself and then choose five colors in the photo. AI will find art paintings that are close to the color matching. It's very interesting. You can also experience this project online.

Art Palette online experience address:Https://artsexperiments.withgoogle.com/artpalette/

Play shadow games with AI.

When we were young, we all played hand shadow games, drawing various shapes with our hands in the light, and the shadows on the ground would present various vivid images. Google also restored the game at the AI Experience Show, where the AI automatically identifies which animal the shadow most resembles, as long as you follow the icon to draw the appropriate action. But it's still hard to think of each of them accurately. For example, dragons and snakes are very similar.


This technology uses image recognition, and people who have used Google Photos should know that Google's recognition technology is very powerful.

Deducing traditional shadow play with AI

This project is similar to the hand shadow game mentioned above, using the same technology. But the AI on this side will recognize the shadow as the corresponding shadow image, after successfully identifying the two images, the static shadow will "jump" to the right screen, a real shadow show on the screen stage.


Because to reflect the effect of shadow play, the room is dark and difficult to photograph. But the shadow play was really fun, and it was fun to watch the animals dancing on the curtain.

AI performs two duet with you.

AI can inspire artists' artistic creation, which can also be applied to music. As long as you play some notes at will, AI Duet will respond to your melody in a timely manner, forming a duet effect. Even if you know nothing about playing the piano, you can play the more beautiful music with the help of AI. Of course, if you are an expert in playing the piano, you can join AI in a symphony of souls.

Originally I would like to "blind shot" a few times, but next to a lady sister came up on the whole high-energy, came to a "dream wedding," especially feel. I decided to give up trying.


The piano in the picture above is fake, and the staff next to the booth said everyone who came thought they could step on it. The real piano is underneath.

This interesting duet project can help musicians inspire, after all, AI's way of thinking is different from all humans, and artistic creation is very much in need of inspiration. As we've seen from Alpha Go's example, AI, which has absorbed all human Go playing methods, can not only defeat humans, but also explore completely different ways to teach human chess players in self-learning.

This AI two duet project also has some enlightening effect. At the show, Google has a big piano and screen here, where anyone can play a song with their own feelings, and perform a duet with AI. You can also experience this project online.

AI Duet online experience address:Https://experiments.withgoogle.com/ai/ai-duet/view/

Freestyle together with AI

"Do you have freestyle? "

Anyone who's seen rap shows knows that a great Rapper improvises on what he sees and hears and performs in rhythm. If you give the microphone to the AI in the belly, they can also improvise a rap.


AI has the ability to recognize images, can also associate related things according to the recognition results, if it reads these statements according to certain rules, plus a beat, it can form a simple rap. With Giorgio Cam, you can take a picture at will, AI will improvise rap based on what it sees, and it will add a little transition between each sentence, just like real Rapper.

A maximum of 4 photos can be taken continuously, so that AI can have a complete freestyle. You can also experience this project online.

Giorgio Cam online experience address:Https://experiments.withgoogle.com/ai/giorgio-cam/view/

Emoji treasure hunt

Emoji is one of the most commonly used languages in our chat. It is all-encompassing, and many objects and emotions in life can be found in the Emoji expression. And this Emoji treasure hunt lets you search for Emoji expressions through mobile cameras. Google wants to use this experiment to show some interesting applications of machine learning.


Like previous AI experiments, Emoji treasure hunt can be opened directly in browsers. It needs to use the camera of the mobile phone, and at the same time, it has better open the voice. Then there's a three-second countdown, and an Emoji expression is displayed on the phone. All you need to do is find the object around the Emoji and use the camera to capture it. If the recognition is successful, you can click on the next Emoji to continue the challenge.

At the experience show, Google put a lot of objects on the booth to make sure you don't have to run too far to find the emoji. You can also experience Emoji Scavenger Hunt online, and remember to run fast.

Emoji Scavenger Hunt online experience address:Https://emojiscavengerhunt.withgoogle.com/

Using Tilt Brush for 3D painting

Do you remember the application of Tilt Brush before the VR drawing of super fire? It allows you to break through the limitations of real space and make artistic creation in virtually unlimited virtual space. Various dazzling brushes can depict beautiful 3D images, bringing new imagination to VR and painting.


At the scene of AI experience exhibition, Google also moved the application to offline. With VR devices, you can become a dream maker in the virtual world, passionate and creative in unlimited space. At the scene, someone used Tilt Brush to draw a piggy, * piggy.

Google launched a 3D modeling platform Poly last year, and if you want to see more interesting 3D paintings, you can take a look around here.

3D model platform Poly:Https://poly.google.com/

Guessing a little song

Some time ago, a song called "guess little song".Small programScrubbing the screen in a circle of friends is the first small program Google has launched to showcase Google's computer vision technology in an interesting and fun way. You need to draw on the board according to the text prompt, AI will guess what you draw, of course, the picture can guess. At that time, within a short period of time, the circle of friends was a picture of the sun.


This is Google China's most popular product in China. In addition to reaching out to huge micro-credit users with the help of small programs, the popularity of pictorial songs is also related to the "fun" of the product itself. Some time ago, Google opened a guessing song flash store in Shanghai to let passers-by experience the charm of AI offline.


At this AI experience, Google has created a special exhibition hall for guessing songs. You can get gifts by breaking through customs, such as umbrellas, notebooks, T-shirts and so on.

Guess the painting online experience address: WeChat search "guess little song".

Why should Google not work properly?

There are many projects in the Google AI experience exhibition, a total of 17. In addition to the above, there are Google VR, Google translation, and group photo with famous paintings. After all, this is the most popular Chinese netizen, and there are also prizes for customs clearance. There are also a lot of people queuing up for 3D painting apps, and although they've seen them on video, not everyone can really experience them.

It takes more than an hour to wander through the entire experience area, or because there are fewer people in line today. When you go to play, you can play only online and offline experience, some projects can actually experience at home, online.

What are the advantages of Google doing these fun offline experiences? In my opinion, these seemingly small projects are the most attractive part of Google. In an interview with Jay Yagnik, Google's vice president worldwide, he said: "Google is a company that is passionate about technology, so what we do will make the public feel that passion. "

Elsewhere, it's hard to see cutting-edge technologies like AI being used in so many creative projects, most of which have no commercial purpose. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a Google fan, or someone less interested in technology, the Google AI Experience Show is the closest you've ever been to the world's tech giant.

The Google AI Experience Exhibition will be available from September 20 to October 7 at the Shanghai Dragon Art Museum (West Bank Pavilion), where specific information can be viewed on the Google Blackboard.

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