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NASA also wants to invest: rocket body is planted in advertisements, astronauts speak in space.

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Since NASA suspended the shuttle program in 2011, private space companies like Space X and Blue Origin have been active in space exploration in recent years.


The picture is from:Washington Post

Although Trump wants to get NASA to restart the lunar landing plan after taking office, it is not the president has the final say, and Congress needs to approve the budget. NASA estimated that it would cost more than 100 billion dollars to return to the moon, which is not a small sum after all.

In fact, NASA has cut down a lot of money these years, in order to continue the space exploration business, since the savings can only be open source, recently NASA is seriously considering how to carry out commercial operations, may open up advertising implants and endorsements and other commercial operations.

NASA's new director, Jim Bridenstine, has prepared a special plan for this purpose.CommitteeTo study how NASA works with advertisers, including the launch of spacecraft and rocket implants, and the feasibility of allowing astronauts to advertise in Earth and space.


Jim Bridenstine.NASA

Mike Gold, head of the committee, said one of Bridenstine's goals was to offset some of NASA's operating costs by selling hardware naming rights to private companies. At the same time, let the astronauts endorse the products, and also benefit the exposure of the space industry in pop culture.


NASA's initiative to introduce brand sponsorship and endorsement is a big change, knowing that in the past, NASA has been sniffing at commercialism, trying to weaken commercial brand exposure on spacecraft, and imposing strict restrictions on what astronauts carry in space.

For example, in the past, NASA had always supplied the astronauts in the space station.M & Ms chocolateBut NASA does not allow astronauts to call their names, but it is called "candy coated chocolate".


And in 1985, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola.DevelopmentNASA also sent the coke into space for astronauts to try it out, but it didn't publicize it. NASA former policy deputy director Alan LadwigExpress:

There will be a lot of resistance because it will be regarded as advertising.


The coke is specially made for the space environment.Airandspace

So NASA's spacecraft and rockets have not been commercially branded for years, and even Rockwell, which builds them, has not been able to reveal its logo. Private aerospace companies have no such concerns. You'll see the logo of Space X on the Falcon Rocket and the logo of Boeing on the Starliner manned spacecraft.


The picture is from:Space

Compared with the United States, space agencies in other countries are much more open to commercialization. For example, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was in the international space station.SingingDavid Bowie's "Space Oddity" returned to Earth and made it into an album for sale.


The picture is from:YouTube

Russia's space agency has opened its advertising space directly, and Russian astronaut Mikhail Tyurin is in the space station directly.shotA golf advertisement, Pizza Hut spent $1 million in 1999 on a Russian rocket.Display trademark.


Although NASA used to be very opposed to advertising implants, these years are slowly letting go of commercialization. NASA earns money by selling some trademark rights to toy and clothing companies, and Mattel, the toy maker, has launched the same model for Mars RoversToysNike, IKEA, Anta and other brands have been launched with NASA.Joint name.


UNIQLO's brother brand GU and NASA's joint name.

But these commercial advertising revenues may be just a drop in the bucket for the space agency's huge operating costs.estimateThese commercials generate more than $100 million a year in revenue for space agencies, but NASA's annual operating costs range from $3 billion to $4 billion.

Instead of going directly to NASA, the revenue goes to the Treasury and Congress decides on the funding. And because NASA is a government agency, excessive commercialization may also be opposed by taxpayers, and some fans worry that NASA will become a profit-making business.


What will NASA be like in commercial operation? Foreign media The Verge thought about such a way.scene:

In 2020, NASA will launch a new generation of probes into Mars, not the Curiosity of the past, like Voyager, but the Michelin Tire Trailblazer, a sponsored name, with Michelin tires on board.

During the astronauts'live broadcast of the mission, they would also stop to publicize the merits of the Centennial Watch: "This is the best way to stay beyond the Carmen Line. "

Whether this scenario will become a reality is uncertain, but Mike Gold, head of NASA's Commerce Committee, is clear.Hope to achieve:

Commercialization is very good on the earth. There is no reason why we should not extend it to space.

What do you think of the commercialization plan of NASA? Anyway, I would be surprised to see a brand name on the Shenzhou X, recalling a remark by Liu Cixin, author of the science fiction trinity:

Fear the sky overhead, and often look up.

The title is from:International Space AcademySome of the drawings are from:The Verge

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