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Sandberg: Facebook profitable woman strong technology revolution makes her change

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Qian Tongxin

[Sandberg said in recollections about what led to her career choices: "I think when the technological revolution took place, Google and Facebook had the same mission as other organizations, and their power and influence might even be As big as the government. ”]

“White hooded sweaters are covered in light blue jeans, and a black hair blows out a lustrous arc”, which is Facebook’s second character Cheryl · Sheryl Sandberg appears in most public settings. image of. Under the calm appearance, Sandberg's heart is rock solid.

US local time On September 5th, the US Senate Intelligence Committee organized a hearing in Washington to focus on how technology and social media companies should prevent foreign forces from spreading divisive rumors and manipulating politics. On the same day, Facebook’s chief operating officer, number two Sandberg, appeared on the hearing and raised his right hand to take the oath. Sandberg’s attitude firmly stated that there is no conflict between user privacy and social media advertising.

The former 50-member business elite who was on Forbes' list was the most powerful and feminist. She encourages women to pursue any career they love, including male-dominated research.

Early years in politics

In the past few years, Facebook has grown into a $470 billion technology giant, standing behind the founder Zuckerberg, and Sandberg, who is known as the company's first lady, has contributed. Tesla CEO Mask also said in a recent interview that he had contacted Sandberg two years ago, when Tesla was looking for a chief operating officer, and this task has not been completed until today.

In the strong context of Silicon Valley's “brother culture”, Sandberg is one of the few female executives, and she is always working to eliminate this culture of gender discrimination. Although Sandberg became famous on Facebook, her professional experience in technology companies began with Google. Her participation plays a key role in the profitability of Google and Facebook. Before entering the tech world, Sandberg’s dream was to be in politics in Washington.

Sandberg was born on August 26, 1969 in a Jewish family in Washington, DC, USA. In Washington, a place full of political atmosphere, only the city is deep enough to make a big business. Sandberg entered the government department as early as the early 1990s. In 1991, when Larry Summers was the chief economist at the World Bank, Sandberg served as his research assistant and returned to campus two years later to attend Harvard Business School. In 1995, Summers became the then US Treasury Bill · the Clinton administration's deputy finance minister, Sandberg once again came out as the chief of staff of the Treasury.

Recalling the experience of working with Sandberg, Summers once said: “Sandberg always thinks that if her to-do list lists 30 things at the beginning of the day, then at the end of the day, the list There should be 30 & lsquo; already done & rsquo; mark. If I made a mistake, she would tell me straight away. ”

Sandberg rarely speaks or asks questions in class, but the exam always gets high marks and is appreciated by Summers. Summers volunteered to serve as Sanderberg's thesis supervisor and helped promote the association she founded. He also said that Sandberg is a person with attention to detail, which can be seen in the student days. “Most students are inevitably involved in organizing events, and when Sandberg hosted the Economics Reception, all name cards, food and schedules were well organized. "In short, as soon as he mentioned Sandberg, Summers would like to praise the loved one."

Sandberg's attention to detail was reflected in the company's governance after her startup. The Financial Times reporter who had interviewed Sandberg face-to-face described her like this: “Sandberg is undoubtedly one of the most consistent executives with the company's calibre. When it comes to business, what she said seems to come from a whole set of ready-made scripts. I can almost recite the lines for her. For example, new products are not only in the “early & rsquo;, but also in a way of & lsquo; privacy protection & rsquo; roll out. ”

Because of her sleek way of life, there have been speculations that Sandberg might run for political office. Sandberg himself is also very much looking forward to the birth of a female president in the United States, even if she is not herself. On the night of the decisive battle between Trump and Hillary, Sandberg even woke up his 9- and 11-year-old children, looking forward to witnessing the birth of the first female president in American history.

The technological revolution has transformed her

When she was young, Sandberg thought she would work in a government or non-profit organization for a lifetime. She never thought about entering a business. When she was less than 30 years old, she served as the chief of staff of the Ministry of Finance. In the eyes of many people, she was considered to be a step-by-step cloud, but in the end she chose to change. When recalling what made her career choice change, Sandberg said: “I think when the technological revolution took place, Google and Facebook had the same mission as other organizations, and their power and influence might even be The government is as big. It is this sense of mission that forces Sangerberg to turn on the path of career development.

At the end of 2001, Sandberg joined Google as vice president of Google's global online sales and operations division. At the time, Google was just a private company that was founded only three years ago and has not yet achieved stable profits. With advertising projects such as AdWords and AdSense, Sandberg helped Google achieve profitability in a short period of time.

The following year, she promoted AOL, a global Internet service provider, to partner with Google, which had limited financial resources, to make AOL use Google as its online search engine and become Google's largest customer. Google's revenue has increased significantly.

Talking about Google's cooperation with AOL in the past, Google's first female engineer, current Google vice president Marisa · Meyer said: "Sandberg made the deal work, she is strong and fearless. ”

In 2007, Facebook has become a Silicon Valley technology giant in the forefront of US social networking sites from an unnamed company founded by a college student. Mark ·, the founder of the 23-year-old; Zuckerberg felt that his ability to operate was limited and he needed an "old driver" to help. Unexpectedly, someone recommended him to Sandberg, the "female driver", and eventually sparked with Zuckerberg.

One day at the end of 2007, Zuckerberg went to Silicon Valley executive Dan · Rosensweg’s family attended the Christmas party, and he met Sandberg for the first time at the door. According to Zuckerberg’s own memories, the two talked for an hour. It was also during this conversation that Zuckerberg learned that Sandberg had intentionally changed jobs and asked her to meet after the Christmas holiday. For the next six weeks, Zuckerberg visited Sandberg every week. According to Sandberg’s late husband Dave · Goldberg, the two’s “dating” was never delayed. I often talked late at night, and I talked about some very philosophical topics.

In the deep chat, Zuckerberg increasingly believes that Sandberg, who is good at management, is the perfect partner he is looking for. Some people think that Zuckerberg's character is shy and lacks management skills. It may be difficult to push Facebook to commercial success, and Sandberg is able to push him in the back.

“Some people are great managers who can manage large organizations; some are good at analyzing or focusing on development strategies. & rdquo; Zuckerberg said when he said, "The two qualities usually do not exist in the same person." I belong to the latter more. & nbsp; That is, he needs to find a management talent to complement it. In March 2008, Sandberg was invited to serve as Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.

Like Google, Facebook is a technology company dominated by male employees, and culture is more inclined to men. For this "airborne", "women's number one", many employees are on alert. However, frank Sandberg often takes the initiative to chat with employees to dispel their doubts. In this way, the performance of “lowering posture” has won the favor of many employees.

Since Sandberg took office, a big goal has been to help Facebook make money. With her strong operational capabilities and sales skills, Facebook made its first profit in 2010. Three years after Sandberg joined Facebook, Facebook's global number of users has increased 10 times to 700 million from 70 million.

Today, the number of Facebook active users has exceeded 2 billion. The latest financial report shows that the total revenue in the second quarter was 13.2 billion US dollars, and advertising revenue increased by more than 40% year-on-year to reach 13 billion US dollars. However, this platform is also facing pressure from user growth bottlenecks and the gradual abandonment of young people. Moreover, the EU's latest General Data Protection Regulations also pose new challenges to the company's operations and the protection of users' privacy.

Last week, Sandberg expressed false news in his presentation at the hearing. She cited the company's efforts to make this effort, including a significant increase in the number of security team employees and an increase in the use of machine learning to identify problem content. And prevent the registration of millions of fake accounts every day, etc. Most members of the committee expressed satisfaction with Sandberg’s statement.

But despite this, Facebook's business model has not changed completely, still based on providing free services to more users.

Women should learn to “lift their hands to the end”

According to Zuckerberg, Sandberg's most convincing thing is not that she has the ability to be the head of any company, but that she can “lower herself and help others but not ask others to boast” ; This is also the greatest attraction of female leaders.

According to Deborah · Glenfield, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at Stanford University: “Sandberg is humble and sincere, does not show off, does not hide his ambitions, and does not shy away from being a professional woman in the handling of household chores. Worry, believe ‘ When you complain about others, you are also accepting your own incompetence & rsquo;. ”

Sandberg wrote in her book "LeanIn" published a few years ago: "The opportunity comes from a person's full commitment to something, and this event will become theirs. Work content. Being proactive at work will definitely bring returns. If I have to define a success, it is: success, make the best choice for yourself, and accept them. ”

Although some people accused "Step Forward" caused some readers to break up with her boyfriend, because she suggested in the book: "You can want to date with whom, but you should marry nerds and honest people." "In fact, Sandberg wants to tell female readers to pursue a man who respects equal relationships and supports women's careers."

The “Step Forward” also spawned a circle of 1.5 million professional women from around the world, including entrepreneurs from Paris and independent Chinese women who resigned from state-owned enterprises. Sandberg also often communicates with them through travel.

Sandberg has always insisted: “Women must learn to keep their hands all the way, because even the most attentive manager may not notice when they let go. "At the same time, Sandberg also called on the government and the company to pay equal pay for equal work for men and women. In an interview with the BBC, she said: “We need to start providing good pay to women. We need public policies and corporate policies to achieve this goal. ”

Years later, she finally realized that Stanford University professor Jennifer · Jennifer Aaker's claim that setting a achievable goal is the key to happiness, in many Facebook posters, Sandberg picked A sentence as your motto: “Complete, better than perfect. ”“What we need to pursue is not perfection, but to target sustainable and achievable plans. ” She wrote in the book.

In 2015, Sandberg suffered the biggest accident in his gorgeous life track. Her husband Dave · Dave Goldberg died of a heart attack while on a trip to Mexico with Sandberg. Under the rumors that Sandberg will withdraw from the business world, she is strong enough to come out from the grief and despair of “30 days” and re-enter the public. She also co-authored a new book, Option B, with Adam · Adam Grant, a professor of psychology and management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In this book, she frankly talks about “the boss” Zuckerberg encouraged her when she lost her loved ones, and discussed how employees deal with the “dark moments” in their lives. “I think I wrote this book because it is very private and very honest. ” Sandberg said, "I want to get something useful from this tragedy." ”

Sandberg is still a philanthropist. The 41-year-old female richest man in the Hurun Global Self-made Women's Rich List in 2017, has donated 590,000 shares of Facebook shares to her family foundation, which was established by her late husband Goldberg last year. 100 million US dollars. In December 2016, Sandberg donated 880,000 shares of Facebook stock to the foundation, which was worth $110 million. These two funds have already flowed to two non-profit organizations, LeanIn and OptionB.

Sandberg also encourages women to pursue any career they love, including men-led research. Alexandra Palt, executive vice president of the L'Oréal Foundation, told the First Financial Reporter: “In the field of scientific research, the proportion of women in the industry is still low overall, although it is slowly growing. Women still face many obstacles on the road of scientific research career development. ”

In the case of the European Union, the proportion of women in senior positions in major research institutions is only 11%, the proportion of female researchers is less than 30%, and the proportion of female Nobel laureates is only 3%.

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