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Teacher Ma Yun: Inheritance is a technical job. Huawei Lenovo has not solved it.

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Text / He Yifan

Source: Box Rice Finance (ID: daxiongfan)


On September 10, 2018, at 9:10 on Teacher's Day, Ma Yun really became "Mr. Ma", this is a deliberate choice.


(Mr. Ma’s new business card)

It is still too early to miss his great achievements, he just announced his own "inheritance plan". Of course, even if one day he really retire, he will still be in the middle of the invisible stage for a long time.

In addition to creating a company that is more and more difficult to define, such as Alibaba, Ma Yun is still the biggest “chicken soup pot” in China. There are a lot of stories and famous sayings transplanted to him on the Internet. Many even don’t even listen to him. Said that. Also, in various entrepreneurial forums and gatherings, no matter whether he appears or not, the name will be mentioned many times. In one event, Ma Yun did not come. We used a 3D print to create a model of Ma Yun at the door. As a result, we rushed to the team with the model to grow up, and the heat exceeded many entrepreneurs who arrived at the scene.

Of course, not everyone likes him, but even the person who hates him the most, listening to his speech will have the feeling of being crushed by the tank. In addition to his business achievements, his influence also benefits from his excellent ability to express. Today, what he said will become a golden sentence, let others repeatedly dismantle, can think of his name is unknown, this man with a very ET looks at the vision and strategy with a mouth, affecting the move of colleagues and partners. Turning out the video of the year, you still feel that when he speaks, it seems that half of the world is his, and the other half is out of place with him.

Alibaba is a company that values ​​values. At the early end, it has the hope of millions of entrepreneurs. At one end, it has the desire of hundreds of millions of consumers. At the same time, it also bears the expectations of investors. The three are like sand, and they are separately aggregated and then grafted together. , complicated to unimaginable. This requires not only a set of commercial systems, but also the explanatory power of Ma Yun's values ​​as a binder. It is well known in the industry that Ali has always expressed his willingness to defend his values ​​and mission at all costs in times of crisis. This practice is not only a familiar approach to public relations, but also because it is the lifeline of Ali.

Dare to pass on a company with a market value of more than $400 billion at the age of 54. The most fundamental ambition is also derived from solid values.


Inheritance has only enough values, and a mature institutional system is needed.

Retirement is a personal matter, just like Ma Yun sang in the song "Feng Qing Yang": "Luohai laughs and laughs, the wind blew and the sunset tide recedes", how chic and freehand.

Inheritance is the company's business, the company can not let go with the founder, "all the silence" & rdquo; "Sunset tide retreat".

Retirement requires emotional intelligence, "holding the profit, not as good as it is; sharp and sharp, can not be long-term insurance", know how to retreat, rare. Inheritance requires not only emotional intelligence but also IQ. The pass is not clean, and the founder will retreat.

This is a world-class problem, even worse in China.

Ren Zhengfei and Liu Chuanzhi are both 74 years old, Zong Qinghou is 73 years old, Zhang Ruimin is 69 years old, Huawei, Lenovo (Holdings), Wahaha, Haier have not solved the inheritance problem.

There are also two traditional companies that inherit the circle: Vanke and Midea.

Although Vanke’s corporate governance has also been questioned in the Battle of Baowan, the degree of professionalism and specialization of its management can still be a benchmark in China.

In 1999, Wang Shi resigned as the general manager of the company and wanted to eliminate the authority of the East. This is the mapping of his values. He once prefaced the story of the Romans of Yan Ye's seven students. From this set of books, the Roman Empire is like a powerful multinational corporation. The Roman Law is like the internal regulations of this enterprise. This company has its own core values, corporate culture, thinking inertia, discourse system, human resources reserves, and even its own security system. Institutions, talents, resource allocation, etc., are all reasons why Rome has been able to prosper. Behind this set of regulations is the core values ​​of Rome's tolerance and openness.

This is also the way Wang Shi wants to practice in the inheritance of modern Chinese enterprises. He has undergone a lot of trial and error and exploration. Since Yu Liang took over the general manager of Vanke in 2001, the transfer of power has begun slowly, and there have been several iterations in the middle. Wang Shi has to fight with desires. People with heroic complexes in their hearts, those who value their self-esteem, have to gradually create a company that has been created in one hand.

In the Baowan equity war, he once again fired his gun, but he acted like a veteran veteran. Until the Vanke shareholder meeting on June 30, 2017, he officially resigned as the chairman of the board of Vanke, this tearing was completely bridged.

Beauty is done more thoroughly. In August 2012, Fang Hongbo officially became the chairman of the Midea Group, and the He Xiangjian family retreated to the background. This company, whose sales have entered the 100 billion club, has become a stage for professional managers such as Fang Hongbo. This handover has been brewing for ten years and opened a different door for the inheritance of Chinese family businesses.

Fang Hongbo once told me about He Xiangjian in order to cultivate his painstaking efforts. Every few months, he will call the party to his office, and then take out a few memorable sticky notes. When he writes this time, he observes Fang Hongbo’s mistake: let others finish the words, don’t To react too quickly; in some words, you said that it is not appropriate …… at most, how can you point out sixteen or seven such questions. Two people on business trips on the plane, in the hotel room, are exchange opportunities.

From the timing point of view, when Fang Hongbo received the seal, it was the most dangerous moment of the transformation of the United States. The strategic effectiveness of the party has been verified today, and He Xiangjian did not choose the wrong person.

It can be seen that the inheritance needs to wear a needle lead, and it is necessary to darken the position. It is a decade of work, and it has to be adjusted several times to find a few spare tires. The first-line Internet giants, because of their broader business boundaries, more powerful platform attributes, and far-reaching ecological impacts, are more complex than traditional companies.

Ma Huateng, 47, and Li Yanhong, 50, may have thought about inheritance, but it is not reflected in organizational restructuring.

Someone once commented on BAT: If Li Yanhong leaves Baidu, the company's impact is 70%; if Ma Huateng leaves Tencent, the company's impact is 50-60%; if Ma Yun leaves Alibaba, the company's impact is only 30%.

The second half of the story: After Ma Yun heard about it, I think this ratio should be lower.

Why does he dare to move the idea of ​​"inheritance"?


Alibaba's heritage is most worthy of high-granularity analysis. It is more and more independent of specific people, but finds a balance between institutions, people and culture.

On May 10, 2013, 43-year-old Lu Zhaojun received Ma Yun as the group CEO. After the handover was completed, I went to visit Ma Yun in Hangzhou. When he was talking, he was buried in the sofa, his left hand was playing with a wooden sword, and his right hand was turning a huge lighter. It seemed that his hands and brain were the same, and he could not relax for a moment.

He told me that the most respected leader in my heart is Washington. In the year before this inheritance, the group studied the British Charter Movement, the French Revolution, and the Philadelphia Conference in the United States several times. Experts were invited to attend classes and then discussed internally. He took the team to a three-day meeting in the field, specializing in studying, thinking, and debating around the US Declaration of Independence. He also drafted a program similar to the Declaration of Independence internally, which is still being drafted.

When I went to the United States, Ma Yun sat quietly for a long time at the Lincoln Memorial. He thought about being a country. Is it spirit or power from Washington?

When the founder leaves, the company may lose its soul. He understands that it is up to a constitution to retain the soul, and there must be a group of people defending it, rather than sitting on his own high constitution. “The United States has built a country for more than 200 years. It is not necessarily good in 300 years. But in the process of this road, it has defended the concept and value system of independence, freedom and democracy. They are doing the most unique and scientific methods in the world. We The same is true. "He waved the wooden sword and said, "My colleagues and I will follow this path. We should follow this path. I promise that the old land will go on like this." ”

Two years later, on May 10, 2015, power was transferred again. Zhang Yong, born in 1972, served as the third CEO of Alibaba Group. Ma Yun’s significance in this handover is to transfer the day-to-day management power to the post-70 management team that we have cultivated.


(Alibaba Talent Echelon Chart)

Ma Yun wrote a letter in this handover, and one of the words deserves to be marked with an emphasis:

In order to truly achieve the vision of healthy and sustainable development for 102 years, we have invested more time and energy in the cultivation of talents, organization and culture than other startups.

Since 2003, we have carried out a succession training program for each position; we have incorporated culture, values ​​and teamwork into the performance appraisal of each colleague; 2009 Alibaba 10th Anniversary, to ensure the future of Ali With the inheritance of culture, we officially started the construction of the partner system; starting in 2012, we began to implement the preparation for the overall upgrading of the Alibaba leadership group. At the same time, in order to better balance the continuity and stability of the Group's overall strategy, as well as the rapid response and innovation of executive management, the Ali Group established the Strategic Decision Committee (Chairman as Chairman) and the Executive Management Committee (CEO as Chairman).

In the process of the transfer of power between Lu Zhaoxuan and Zhang Yong, a major event was interspersed. On September 19, 2014, Alibaba Group was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. On the dinner at the Cipriani Restaurant on 42nd Street in Manhattan that day, I remember that Ma Yun began to talk about fear and humility in his own high-light moments. He did not want to interpret Alibaba's listing as a revenge on Wall Street, nor did he think that listing is a very important thing. .

Pay attention to it and discover that since then, Ali has emphasized the role of the organization. On September 8, 2017, Alibaba Group held its 18th anniversary celebration in Hangzhou, with nearly 40,000 participants. Ma Yun emphasized three words: idealism, trust, and humility. This is also the new image that he hopes to establish in the new stage. When he talks about humility, he particularly emphasizes that the most sad thing about him is that someone outside is saying that Ali’s employees are now arrogant and arrogant, and they think they can do everything. “We must understand that we must also have a humble heart. Alibaba wants to be a great company, and our employees must be humble. ”

Ali's inheritance plan is based on the changes in keywords at different stages. Not only at the group level, but also into different sectors.

On October 16, 2016, Peng Lei stepped down as CEO of Ant Financial Service and became the chairman of Ant Financial Group. In December 2016, Ant Financial Services established Alipay & ldquo; class committee system. It is said that collective decision-making lacks efficiency, but the class committee system is considered to be another innovation of the organizational and management model of Ali after the strategy of the China-Taiwan strategy. The strategy of supporting the management of China and Taiwan is to strengthen the business mechanism.

On April 2, 2018, Peng Lei stepped down as the chairman of Ant Financial, and Jing Xiandong took over as the chairman of Ant Financial, and concurrently served as CEO.

As measured by the world's first-line Internet companies, Ali is still the most dare to move himself on the organizational structure. It may be because Ma Yun sees a little more "The situation is stronger than the people, the situation is pressing strong", this sentence he wrote into the open letter when Zhang Yong took over as CEO.

There has been a recent article about Ali culture that has been widely circulated. It is a speech by the founder, White Raven, during the internal team building. The Raven mentioned that Ali is driven by a top-down strategy, which makes it very daring to invest in the future. “The core business of Ali is retail and finance. These two areas are something that all scientists have been focusing on for hundreds of years. Because they can make enough money, they have also precipitated a strong enough methodology. In a way, these two areas are really predictable.

I agree with the view of the white crow: When a company probably knows what the future looks like, it has the ability to constantly judge and reinvent itself. This is also the core driving force for Ali to be able to complete the system upgrade from relying on personal traits to relying on organizational mechanisms and relying on talent culture.

Today, Ma Yun officially hangs up as a teacher, in the same year, Alibaba is 19 years old, and has a goal of at least 102 years of survival, and 83 years.

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