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"Big V" Media: where is the bottom Line of Internet platform

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Cao Fei / Shangguan News

High-speed rail & ldquo; seat tyrants; party Sun Mou became a hot spot for the third time. However, this time has nothing to do with his wonderful behavior.

Today, Sun Mou was exposed in today's headline and Sina Weibo's V account. The two accounts that have been certified as "high-speed rail & lsquo; tyrants & rsquo; event parties" and "high-speed rail occupying seat events parties" have attracted the attention of thousands of fans. Sunmou also actively used these two accounts to “evaluate” hot events, including blacklisting by the railway department and restricting the ride of all trains. In addition, in today's headlines, he did not forget the hot spot to express "support" to a well-known entrepreneur suspected of sexual assault.

A person who made two mistakes and was criticized by the whole people, turned into a "good V" for today's headlines, Sina Weibo and other well-known platforms. "The high-speed rail is occupied by the seat", which is contrary to the public order and good behavior, but it has become Sun is worthy of pride and ostentation. Obviously, Sun’s two V-added accounts challenged the public’s perception of “great V” and challenged the bottom line of public order and good customs, and even more people had to doubt the standards and guidance of some platforms plus V audits and check mechanisms. .

Undoubtedly, each platform naturally has its own set of plus V audit mechanism. The original intention of this audit mechanism design is also based on promoting positive energy. However, click-through rate is the source of all evils, and the scandal has a stronger eye-catching effect than positive energy. To this end, in the era of traffic is king, there are still some platforms to relax the check standards, and even deliberately contribute to the ugly line, to provide a show for the ugly state & mdash; — After all, has been the devil's high-speed rail twice "hegemony" Men are one of the biggest hot spots in the near future, and the traffic behind them is incalculable.

The reality also proves that —— currently, Sun is on the headlines today "support> A well-known entrepreneur has published nearly 20,000 comments. And he has nearly 30,000 comments on Sina Weibo's response to the Jinan Railway Bureau's Weibo. However, although these traffic can increase the visibility of the platform, it can also be realized as a platform for revenue.

The network platform naturally has the impulse to chase click rate and traffic, which is understandable. However, if the platform blindly produces eye-catching, ugly, ugly, ugly, and even ugly, it is out of the normal bottom line that the platform should hold. Platform administrators should still look at the real public opinion behind these traffic —— In fact, in tens of thousands of comments, most of the netizens did not dance with the platform’s “ugly ugly” guidance, but instead Adding V certification raises doubts.

This year's netizens are obviously no longer the group in the eyes of the ugly beauty, others are more ugly & ldquo; I & rdquo; the more happy netizens. The abacus of some platforms "already ugly" may have long since become obsolete.

Coincidentally, there is also a positive example today. Some video websites have issued a statement in Guanwei, pointing out that the negative effects caused by the comparison of the number of games are becoming more and more prominent. The practitioners use the amount of play as an indicator to distort the initial intention of the creation and attract Eyeballs and vulgar hype, even the industry breeds the amount of illegal activities such as brushing, for this reason will turn off the display of the front-end broadcast volume, in order to comprehensive user discussion, interaction, multi-dimensional playback of the content of the content of the heat, gradually replace the original The amount of playback is displayed.

Other platforms should also think about it, how to stop the flow of the horse head is a vision, and become a social ugly "drummer". It is imperative to understand how to write "the bottom line". After all, the temporary flow of cash flow and the long-term image in the eyes of the audience is a matter of utmost importance. This is a question that is not difficult to answer.

Weibo response: avoid someone posing as a party


Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei responded to the account “going and going”, saying that the real name system consists of two sets of mechanisms: the real name of the background and the real name of the front desk. “Plus V certification” is the real name of the front desk, not the station. The party will award you a big V & rsquo; & rdquo; & ldquo; an event that can come up with dozens of impersonating the party to apologize, so the event parties want to speak on Weibo, must be certified, otherwise banned. ”

For Sun’s successful passage of “Great V”, Weibo issued a statement yesterday evening, stating that it was to avoid the appearance of confusing parties and confusion.

According to the instructions of Weibo, the relevant account has recently released a high-speed rail apology. In order to eliminate the possibility of posing as a news party, Weibo has contacted the user, verified the identity verification materials, and confirmed that the account is a high-speed rail. The seat male is used, and the account is required to be authenticated.

According to Weibo, if a news party that is concerned by public opinion wants to speak through the Weibo platform, it must conduct real-name authentication at the front desk. Otherwise, it is not allowed to use the platform to make a sound.

In addition, Weibo said that requiring the news parties to perform real-name authentication at the front desk does not mean that the station side approves their opinions, just to avoid the appearance of the parties posing as incidents and to confuse the audience.


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