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Why didn't Trump wait for Google search?

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Google’s search results have been the focus of complaints for more than a decade. With the increasing power and influence of online services in recent years, criticism has become more politicized. These days, Trump has been complaining that his message is too negative. He publicly accused Google, Twitter, and Facebook of political injustice and suggested that they “be careful”.

Trump said at the White House office: "Google, Twitter and Facebook are really sailing in the raging waters and should be cautious." ”

“ When querying ‘Trump & rsquo; related news, the search results only show some fake, negative news, which is very bad! Fair media is excluded, and illegal news is popular! This may be caused by the search results being manipulated! ”


Despite Trump's comments, it's unclear what he or Congress can do to influence how Internet companies distribute online news.

Did Google recognize it?

No, Google responded in the first place: there is no political bias in search engines.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, also said in a statement:

“Search engines are not used to make a political agenda. Every year, we make hundreds of improvements to our algorithms to ensure that we can display high quality content based on user queries. We’re constantly working to improve Google Search, and we’re never ranking search results to manipulate political sentiment. ”

Google News is now more dependent on authoritative sources, and although this has led to allegations of new types of censorship, Google still says it ranks news based on the story's "freshness" and "diversity", Fox Websites such as news that are popular with Trump often appear in the results.

Does Google actually have a "prejudice algorithm"

Although Google's search algorithms on the Internet are not known to outsiders, the underlying principles are generated by various factors measured by the company's algorithms. They include timeliness, accuracy, popularity of the story, the user's personal search history, the user's location, the quality of the content, the reputation of the site … …

On August 1, 2018, Google’s core search algorithm was updated, the third update of Google’s 2018 algorithm, which many SEO professionals say is the most significant algorithm update from Google since 2012. As always, Google did not reveal much information about algorithm updates, but some SEO forums and community members said that Google's new algorithm will focus on the following three points: the performance of the site on the mobile side, the content of the site and the number of links within the site, Website loading speed.


Google’s 3rd update algorithm for 2018

Combining the characteristics of Google's overall algorithm, each update basically involves only SEO optimization, and is not related to political content. Still, the algorithm is still a topic of criticism.

Lei Feng.com (Public No.: Lei Feng) learned that in 2016, independent media SourceFed claimed that there was a “political bias” in the Google search engine, allegedly deliberately manipulating search results to eliminate the involvement of US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary · Clinton (Hillary Clinton) negative information. In response, Google argues that this is a spontaneous decision of the search algorithm.

SourceFed points out that the Autocomplete feature in Google's search engine suppresses hot words that are not good for Hillary. If someone enters the "Hillary · Clinton Crime" entry, the results displayed in Google Search are "Hillary · Clinton Crime Reform", "Hillary · Clinton Crisis", etc., and Yahoo! Search, Bing, etc. will not play word games.

They believe that the purpose is very clear, that is, in the US presidential primaries, Google is hiding potential search results that may hurt Hillary.

In the United States at the time, Hillary was a typical conservative. She was good at handling internal affairs and diplomacy. She worked for the US Secretary of State for four years, and Trump appeared very radical, pursuing isolationism, criticizing NATO, and toughening China's policies. Therefore, the outside world interprets that Google has always served the conservatives.

But actual research over the past two years shows that social media companies like Google and Facebook don’t show evidence of political bias against conservatives, or conservatives have a bigger platform on Google and Facebook than liberals, as a global Sexual social media, they have been working hard to maintain neutrality and try not to be linked to politics.

American media in Trump's eyes: dangerous and morbid

After Trump entered the White House, he had been in a tense relationship with the media. He repeatedly criticized the mainstream media for publishing “false news”, which was described as “the public enemy of the American people”. In public political gatherings, Trump has repeatedly accused the media, saying that the media is “dangerous and morbid”, condemning the media may “cause war”.

In order to prevent the outside world from interfering with his freedom of speech, he once wrote on the social networking site “Twitter” that he most expects the United States to have “real freedom of the press”, even though the media has “what to write” What is free, but most of them are fake news”.

On August 16, 2018, about 350 newspapers and magazines in the United States coordinated the publication of editorials against the US President Trump attacking the media as “fake news” and “public enemies of the people”. However, there are also opinions on the effectiveness of this action. I am worried that Trump can prove that the media collectively has a bias against him.

How do you view the relationship between the two sides?

On August 16th, Trump was jointly criticized by hundreds of media in the United States. On the same day, the US Senate voted by way of a verbal vote to unanimously approve a resolution to defend freedom of the press.

Lei Feng.com understands that the text of the resolution, in addition to the details of how the US President has supported the First Amendment to the US Constitution, defended freedom of speech, and pointed out that Trump did not name it. The Senate would reiterate that the press is not a public enemy. & rdquo;, and the freedom of the press plays "an important and indispensable role", and "condemns the attack on the press freedom system".


Message from American netizens under Trump's tweet, source: twitter

Yonatan Zunger, an engineer who has worked at Google for nearly a decade, says that Trump can only blame himself, and users can prove their doubts by simply reading various news, completely free.

Mark Irvine, senior data scientist at WordStream, said that Google's news search software doesn't work as the president said. The company helps companies get websites and other online content. The Google News system values ​​the number of times stories and stories are related, and people. The importance of searching for keywords in the story.

“The Google search algorithm is indifferent to people’s political feelings. ”

According to Pete Meyers, a marketing scientist at Moz, on Google, if there are enough people to link to the site and read the news, Google will, in principle, display the site and give it to the top. He believes that Trump's search results are negative, rooted in that most of his stories are negative.

The handling of US presidential relations with the media is a sensitive area

Lei Feng.com believes that in fact, the US media has a long-standing role in supervision. The government has little ability to instill political opinions in all media, even though these presidents occasionally threaten to use the power of the government to contain reports that he does not like. Earlier, Roosevelt's new relationship with the American media made the relationship between the president and the media enter a new era and gave the president a new power.

Before Roosevelt, the media often stood on the opposite side of the White House, at least as a critics. Few presidents could use the media to serve their political ideals. Even the great men in American politics like Jefferson have not suffered from the unfair treatment of the media, and most have adopted a negative attitude of avoidance.


Message from American netizens under Trump's tweet, source: twitter

In fact, Trump is not always hostile to Google. In July, he criticized the EU's record $5 billion fine for Google's mobile operating system, saying Google was a "great company."

This time, Trump’s negative emotions are obviously stronger. What action will he take? Or whether Google's search principles will change events, it is also a topic of concern.

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