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Zhou Hongyi debuted at C, who is the best performer of this year's Internet?

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Text / Internet circle internal affairs (quanneishi)

I don't know when it started, the domestic technology Internet circle has also a wave of debut, from Ma Yun's own film to Zhang Chaoyang starred in "Pancake Man", from Lei Jun guest micro film "Wind" to Luo Yonghao self-directed self-produced short film "Pony ", one by one, playing well.

Just two days ago, our red dress leader Zhou Hongyi could not help.


On August 13th, 360 company sent Weibo to claim that 360 company founder and CEO Zhou Hongyi starred in the CCTV drama "Executive Sword", in which he played an anti-virus expert.

It is not the first time that Zhou Hongjun’s cross-border electric shock has occurred. He has been on several TV shows before, but it is actually the first time in the TV series.

Many of us have dreamed of stars, and we are imagining that we will be able to get on the big screen one day. In fact, Internet giants are no exception.

Of course, we are not the same as Dalat. We ordinary people may be obsessed with it. However, the big men have both money and status. With a place in the Internet circle, the film and television circle can still do whatever they want.

But no matter what, since acting naturally has a high level of acting, now that the big group of people have a lot of addiction, what about the real acting? Xiaonei took everyone to tasting the tasting today.

1. Zhou Hongyi

Zhou Hongyi has always had a nickname in the rivers and lakes called the red dress leader, mainly because he always likes to wear red color T-shirts. He once said that the front and the back can be worn, one can be worn for a long time, so the home wardrobe is almost They are all red T-shirts of the same brand.


In addition to wearing a red T-shirt because of love, the origin of the nickname of the red lord is also related to his own name, "Hung Ho", homophonic & ldquo; red clothes & rdquo;.

Of course, the reasons for these three abuses can explain at best, "red clothes", but they can't explain "teacher".

In the eyes of believers, wearing red clothes or a homonym is not the reason why Zhou Hongyi can become a teacher.

Zhou Hongyi can become the leader of the red dress, mainly because he has become a spiritual pillar in the eyes of many fans, representing a mysterious force from the East, and truly gaining the recognition and respect of believers from the spiritual level.

Of course, this is all afterwards. Specifically, this comedy TV series came up, but it surprised Zhou Hongyi’s fans.

The participation in the TV series "Executive Sword" Zhou Hongyi is also a true character, played an anti-virus expert, and also promoted a product of his own.

It is understood that this is the first TV series in China that focuses on the daily work of the people's courts. It is jointly produced by the Supreme People's Court and the TV Art Center of the Political Department of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

In addition to the appearance of anti-virus experts in the color, Zhou Hongyi's guest part of the plot is also in the 360 ​​network security center, in Zhou Hongyi's own site, not only can give themselves a wave of advertising for free, but also has a significant gain on the play of the master. Therefore, it is no wonder that Zhou Hongyi in the play is so calm, like a scene of no one, acting to hang a small amount of fresh meat.

If you want to evaluate it, you can have four stars in acting and four stars in the field. At least you can get to the upper middle level.


2, Zhang Chaoyang

Zhang Chaoyang, the founder and CEO of Sohu, is also a very addicted person. If you only look at your resume, we may not think that he will step into the entertainment circle.

This Tsinghua University and MIT Science School was once known as the first person in the domestic Internet. However, since 2008, Zhang Chaoyang has become a shadow CEO in Sohu. Even the text messages of executives are not returned, and the company's affairs are basically handed over to the following people.

From that time on, Zhang Chaoyang began to focus his attention on the entertainment circle, frequently accepting various interviews, and even half-naked the cover of fashion magazines, with Sun Nan and other stars to climb the snow-capped mountains to play yachts and so on.


In addition, Zhang Chaoyang also likes to participate in various star gatherings, and even simply turns the top floor of Sohu Media Building into his own private gathering place, and often hangs around the bars of Sanlitun and Houhai.

Of course, what we are most concerned about is the acting of the older Internet.

Zhang Chaoyang's experience of hitting electricity is quite a lot. There are guest appearances in Sohu's own "Men's Men", "The Best Lady" and "Pancake Man". What we are going to discuss today is mainly a performance in "Pancake Man". I saw this big brother practicing yoga while talking to Dapeng about the tens of millions of minutes in the US stock market. The acting is also a lever.


But this thing about yoga, after all, is a little feminine, after the play, Zhang Chaoyang’s temperament has been greatly damaged. However, we all know that the role of reversing a class often tests individual acting skills, but I don’t know if Zhang Chaoyang is a true character or a peak performance.

If it is the latter, then this is undoubtedly a performance at the level of the film, at least four stars can be given, but because there is no special row, the scene is much smaller, and for the time being, give two stars. .

3, Lei Jun

We all know that Rebs is old, red, fans all over the world, his singles, cover people abound, and even many people mistakenly believe that Lei Jun's true identity is a singer.

So Lei Jun’s fans have always had a hidden desire to wait for him to have a concert.

However, this day may seem to be a little far away. After all, Xiaomi has fallen below the issue price. The entire Hong Kong stock market is not good. It is estimated that Lei Jun is still lacking.

The concert can't wait, but the movie is already there, but many fans haven't found it yet.

As early as 2015, Lei Jun once made a film propaganda film for the Beijing International Film Festival. In the film, Lei Jun and Huang Xiaoming played together and highly restored the "Godfather" scene.


Speaking of it, Rebs may still be a big fan of The Godfather. This operation is very fluent. If you talk about it, it is undoubtedly very successful. However, Lei Jun’s fairy peach accent may be the biggest obstacle to his acting skills. The legendary opening is awkward, and the opening is broken. There is also a self-portrait. The soft light front also has its own beauty. It is easy to give us the artistic conception. broken.


In addition to playing a role in the promotional film, Lei Jun also set up his own film and television company, and invested in Andy Lau's film, can be said to pay attention to the film and television circle.

But when it comes to this wave of acting, Ray’s mouth, You You Ok’s fairy peach accent is really not like a professional actor. If you don’t speak, it might be four stars, but if you open it, you can only play two stars. As for the arranging, look at the Beijing International Film Festival and Huang Xiaoming, who is recently at the forefront, let us give three stars.

4. Luo Yonghao

If Luo does not sell mobile phones, I am afraid that the cross talk will be equal to Deyun. Luo Yonghao’s early press conference is almost a talk show and has accumulated a large number of fans.

According to Lao Luo himself, if he does not make a mobile phone for his dreams, he will sign a talk show casually. The signing fee for that year will also be 780 million yuan.

Many of us in the eyes of Lao Luo like to brag, I feel that this is not credible, but it is not.

Although Lao Luo has not yet improved his mobile phone, it does not mean that people can't mix entertainment.

All along, Luo Yonghao's mobile phone is sold unsatisfactorily, but Shantou has never been small, and people as a talk show up, the tickets for the conference can not be grabbed.

So you have to say that Luo Yonghao sells mobile phones, I don't believe you, but you have to say that people can't mix entertainment, then I really don't believe it. After all, my little brother next door is a fan of Lao Luo, and now I am still talking about Luo Yonghao’s talk show every day.

The reason why I am so convinced that Lao Luo can get mixed up in the entertainment industry is because the performance of others is not covered.

I think everyone should have seen an animation of Lao Luo's face.


This animation is of course not P, but the plot of the short film "Pony" by his self-directed performance. Lao Luo is also a true character in the film, the role is to buy coffee in Starbucks.

Because Starbucks clerk did not call the big cup a big cup, and called the big cup a super cup, Lao Luo was so angry that he began to doubt his life and even played his own face. It can be said that he was playing with life.

This short film lasted forty-seven minutes, but the essence of the film was all in this minute. With Luo’s life-selling performance, the score of Douban was as high as seven points. In the eyes of many fans, Luo Yonghao’s guest slap in the face It is also the climax of the whole film.

To score the performance of Lao Luo, five points must be indispensable. After all, people really know what is the strength of the people. But the arranging may not be that big, but look at the Lao Luo's self-directed performance, give it a three stars.

5, Ma Yun

In the Internet, you have to say that the richest, it is not necessarily Ma Yun, after all, the richest people often change people. But you have to say that the most famous, it must be Ma Yun, even I know him, this nationality is no one.

We all know that Ma Yun’s most powerful skill is a speech. With a three-inch tongue, a speech in South Africa not long ago, even our African friends were captured. It can be said that Ma Yun can at least count one for the long-term face of the motherland.


And we all know that Ma Yun graduated from Hangzhou Teachers College, so many people like to take advantage of his experience and use it as his inspirational legend. Of course, for the time being, whether Ma Yun is a grassroots or not, it may be true that people will have a lot of capital at the beginning, but you have to say that successful learning and inspirational chicken soup are really not covered.

However, outside the speech, Ma Yun can not be excused from the customs, but also has a long-lost dream, is to mix the entertainment circle, sing a song, make a movie. Therefore, most of us should know that Ma Yun also made a film propaganda film "Shou Shoudao" with his own protagonist.

Unlike other Internet giants, Ma Yun is one of the most local tyrants in the cross-border big coffee. It has always been a world of Tao Li, and friends in the entertainment circle are all over the world.

Therefore, since I decided to make a movie, the arranging is also bigger than anyone else. "The Guardian Road" is not just invited to the scorpion Dan Li Lianjie Wu Jing and so on. Even the Queen of the Philippines has come to help Ma Yun Dad. sing.


In the Lei Jun guest promo "Wind", Huang Xiaoming is a little more than a child, but also a person who can play against Lei Jun. But Ma Yun can only run a dragon set here, playing a small supporting role for a total of a few seconds.

In short, Ma Yun punched Jet Li in his own movie, kicking Donnie Yen, to talk about the stage and momentum, at least five stars. When it comes to acting, we all know that Ma Yun is a person who has practiced Tai Chi. The whole work of "Shou Shou Dao" is taken according to Ma Yun's tonality, so he also has a good background for his acting skills, at least four stars. There is.


Well, about the Internet's acting skills, I will give you a lot of inventory for the time being. In fact, the Internet has not been a cross-border for a day or two. For example, Wang Sicong and Pan Shiyi have also been a guest of TV dramas.

I used to have an idea that money is not a panacea. With money, we may not be able to have happiness. However, after counting the big cross-border star dreams, I found that although money is not a panacea, after having money, I can do whatever I want within the limits of the law.

However, I can sit on this point now, mainly because there is no money, so I can only recite the core values ​​of socialism and continue to move silently.

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