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3 times in January! Facebook life can't bear the weight

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On the afternoon of August 3rd, sunny and the air conditioner was still blowing air-conditioning, many Facebook users were at the same time asking: Is there a power failure at my home?

For a time, Twitter became the biggest winner. We found that the original power failure was not only one of them. In addition to blackout, someone asked, "is my cell phone overdue?" Is my computer screen broken?

Everyone has the same picture on the computer.


Oh, Facebook was down again.

The downtime is a bit widespread. Britain, the United States, India and Brazil are all shot.

Twitter has become the center of the world's Tucao:





Someone on Twitter asked if there were other downtime places besides Brazil, the United States, Britain, the Middle East, Australia.

Soon, people from all over the world came to report: India, Germany, France, Netherlands, Thailand, Canada, Philippines

This is probably the whole world:


Specific to all regions:




Europe is the most serious.

DownDetector, the downtime tracking site, reported that angry users were constantly coming to their sites to complain. This downtime is divided into several cases: 43% of the users reported complete downtime, 30% reported login problems, 25% reported picture problems.

Within a few hours, the number of users reporting problems on the DownDetector website surged.


Soon, Facebook said that it had been informed of the problem of downtime and is being resolved quickly. Interestingly, Facebook's platform for making this announcement is its biggest competitor, Twitter.


three times a month

As a matter of fact, this is the 1th Facebook recently.

On July 13 th, users poured into the forum, accusing Facebook App of popping up and jumping like a joke. Europe is the most hurt


Android users report two major problems, one is that the App can not be loaded when it is opened, the other is that it can not be opened at all and keeps flicking back. And these happen after Facebook updates its application. Because Android phones are generally set to update automatically, many people don't even know they're using the latest version.

What can I do if I can't open it all the time? Then try the stupidest way to uninstall. However, smart guys find that even the end of the big law can not save Facebook.


Unfortunately, this time it's viral.

Some Instagram users are miserable and can't log in at all; others find that they can log in, but the home page can't be refreshed or new photos can't be uploaded.

Instagram has inherited the family's fine traditions and has suffered the most from the world, especially in the United States, Brazil and Western Europe. But savvy people point out that users in other areas are not affected much because they were at night.

Although Instagram has solved the problem quickly, it is now so massive that even a little wind and grass can have a global impact.

Messenger, the problem is almost the same. I can't use it anyway.

On July 17 th, the outage occurred again. This time, users around the world have been affected, with the worst effects concentrated on the east coast of the United States and

Domestic trouble and foreign invasion

While it's not unusual for tech companies to go down, for Facebook, it's already it.

Earlier this year, a company called Cambridge Analytics was exposed, which led to the misuse of tens of millions of Facebook user data.

In the wake of the scandal, first the media, user nuke spittle, then Xiao Za was invited to Congress for two days of tea (or full live tea), and then there was talk about what shareholders were going to blow Xiaoza out of office and the government would fine Facebook 2 trillion

As the privacy crisis eased slightly, Facebook's two quarter earnings report was widely watched.

Facebook reported revenue of $13.231 billion in the second quarter, up 42% from $9.321 billion in the same period last year; net profit of $5.106 billion, up 31% from $3.894 billion in the same period last year. Advertising revenue was 13 billion 40 million dollars, accounting for 98.6% of the total revenue.

Although the financial data were not bad, Facebook's share price plunged more than 20% after the day's close. Not to mention that Xiao Zha, who lost $16.8 billion in his three-quarter career, was so nervous that the entire technology community was shaking.


According to Bloomberg's analysis, the reason for the crash was that the rigorous censorship of data that Facebook had encountered had led to a decline in user activity.

In late May, the new EU data regulation, called GDP R, took effect, and the first machete was placed around Facebook's neck.

Although Zachary promised in front of a circle of members of the European Parliament that we would abide by the new regulations, certainly. But apparently, in the face of more than 200 promises made in two days before Congress a few months ago, European regulators decided: I have to find out. If there are any irregularities, Facebook may face billions of dollars in fines.


Falling down the altar

Year after year, the world's top technology companies struggle between new users and high incomes, and their share prices are rising. Behind the scenery, it seems that problems and mistakes can be thrown away.

However, with complaints about external data privacy and repeated downtime pressures, Facebook has fallen to the altar, breaking the company's invincible beliefs, both for users and investors.

In its quarterly report, Facebook noted that in the coming quarters, the company will invest huge amounts of money in security and privacy, which will further lead to a slowdown in revenue. As fo

Facebook, which has 2.5 billion users, has never worried about making money, but it's obviously not a good thing that people spend less time and less attention on Facebook over the long haul of downtime, cumulative irritation, and occasionally poking their fragile hearts with a privacy leak stick.

A little longer, little Zai, and the waves should be photographed on the beach.

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