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What is Facebook's biggest problem? Executives can't talk

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From the data scandal to the market's evaporation within a day, social networking Facebook itself has clearly had some problems. However, its biggest problem is nothing more than the fact that its executives lack the art of speaking.

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Executives who can't talk

“These people either have no words in their hearts, or they care about him, or they don’t care if their words express what they want to express. ”

This is a passage from the famous British novelist George Orwell. He said that this passage is not to ridicule Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but even if he used this phrase to Zuckerberg. The biggest problem facing Facebook now is that executives don't talk much.

Facebook executives like to say something meaningless, this is nothing new. But now, this habit has given the Silicon Valley company a crisis of trust that could devour it. In earnings conference calls or other occasions, Facebook executives, especially Zuckerberg, often cannot express their meaning in plain language. This is an important reason why Facebook can't avoid the morals.

Let us give some examples to illustrate. Start with Zuckerberg. Unexpectedly, he insisted that his company is not a media company. For a long time, Facebook has operated a global broadcast channel, and its ratings have even surpassed that of any TV station on the planet. Moreover, Facebook also received a large amount of advertising revenue that was once exclusive to traditional media organizations. However, when attending the congressional hearing in April this year, Zuckerberg once again insisted on his position without saying that Facebook is not a media company.

“I think our company is a technology company. "He told the lawmakers on Capitol Hill." Many observers interpret Zuckerberg's answer as an attempt to evade Facebook's responsibility for publishing news, videos and other content.

Zuckerberg’s statement is like the CEO of a large energy company claiming that in the event of a large oil spill, “we are not oil companies.” “ As far as Facebook is concerned, its fake news, online rogue army and conspiracy theories are a kind of pollution. According to the size of Facebook, it is like a poisonous giant media agency. If Zuckerberg really wants to purify his platform, then he should first admit that he is engaged in the media industry.

Blurred community concept

Another example of “Inappropriately speaking” is that Facebook executives always like to use the word “community” to prove their annoying and wrong behavior. Recently, some people questioned why Facebook made the denial of the Holocaust appear on its platform, and why it allowed the evil conspiracy website InfoWars to thrive on its platform. As a result, Facebook executives are pale and powerless to take the “community standards”.

Zuckerberg himself has repeatedly used the "community" to explain Facebook's delay. However, as the sociologist Zeynep Tufekci pointed out, Zuckerberg did not explain how the 2 billion users who use Facebook are defined as communities.

The reporter once called Facebook to try to understand more about the meaning of the word “community” and the result was not satisfactory. A Facebook spokesperson said that the company's policies and policies are “in order to serve the community” and are based on “security, equality and freedom of speech”. When the reporter asked the spokesperson to explain how 2 billion people became “a community”, she simply asked reporters to review the company's policies.

This experience confirms the views of the New York Times columnist Farhad Manjoo. Mangello claims that the policy that Facebook said does not make any sense. “It’s not even possible to pass the most basic test: it can’t even be consistent. It is a bunch of chaotic and meaningless statements and disclaimers. ”

This inconsistency is not only disappointing, but even more terrifying, it also deprives users of their rights. When Zuckerberg defended Facebook in the name of the community, it actually put everyone in the community —— including you and me, as well as people who hooligans and hatred, and those who denied the massacre . No decent people are willing to be part of such a community. For most people, the community is a group of people with the same values. For Zuckerberg, the word obviously does not mean anything.

“The platform like Facebook is set up with the clear purpose of & ldquo;building a community& rsquo;, but in the end it tends to use the community they create to seek benefits for people outside the community. "Carina Chocanoa," writers, said, "They invite people to participate in the community, but in the end they don't let these people make decisions together." The biggest rewards, the biggest powers, are still their own and not part of these community members. ”

If Zuckerberg always wants to use the word "community", then he must succumb to determine who belongs to the community and who does not belong to the community. Such decisions must take into account factors such as law, ethics and outlook on life. It should not be a bunch of meaningless rhetoric coined by Zuckerberg's public relations team.

In a wonderful farewell speech this month, Facebook senior executive Alex Stamos made this point clear. He uses a very straightforward, plain language to illustrate that Facebook's current dilemma is caused by countless small decisions, so Facebook must make changes. “When we face moral or humanitarian issues, we must be willing to show our position. & rdquo; He said. (Stamo served as Chief Information Security Officer on Facebook before leaving office.)

If Zuckerberg wants to pull his company out of morality, then he must carefully choose the wording, clearly express his thoughts, and act accordingly.

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