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Dialogue Qualcomm executives: the first half of next year to push 5G mobile phone, the United States or South Korea or earlier than China

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This is an important milestone in the mobile communication industry. But for users, the most important thing is when to use 5G phones. Therefore, Sina Technology recently interviewed many senior executives of Qualcomm.

Push 5G mobile phone in the first half of next year

"5G is seen as a unified connection architecture that will exist anywhere and anywhere", and in the view of senior vice president Ma Dejia of high engineering technology, 5G will bring dramatic changes to human life, such as ultra low delay communications, more intelligent devices, and higher reliability of the terminal.

Ma Dejia gave two time points: in the second half of this year, the 5G will be large-scale.commercialNext year, there will be more milestone events in 5G. He said that at present, the first stage of 5G has been completed, including two types of independent Networking (NSA) and independent Networking (SA), of which the independent network is a more important standard system in China.

Ma Dejia further explained that NSA refers to the two networks that a device can connect to 4G and 5G, relying on 4G network and core network. This deployment is easier and faster to implement, because 4G networks already exist and only need to join 5G for joint networking, so this is a way to quickly implement 5G, and many countries tend to choose this network. At the same time, SA is also a good way of networking, characterized by not relying on the 4G network, its core network is a new 5G network, under the SA architecture, 5G in speed and other advantages will be better play.

"We think NSA will be deployed on a large scale in 2019. But China's interest in SA is even higher. We don't know the final situation, "Ma Dejia said.

At the MWC Shanghai exhibition in June this year,HUAWEIXu Zhijun, the rotating chairman, will launch a 5G phone based on the Unicorn 5G chip in June 2019.

"We are expected to have 5G mobile phones in the first half of next year," Mike Roberts, senior director of high Qualcomm's global product market, said that the time of the 5G mobile phone market depends on the situation in different regions. At present, countries and different markets are chasing each other, the first, but the United States and South Korea or will be the first to launch. "Want to launch 5G equipment as early as possible, which requires infrastructure, operators, OEM and other links to be ready".

Public information showed that as early as September 2016, Qualcomm released the world's first 5G - based modem, named as X50, and in March 2017, Qualcomm announced the full frequency coverage of the X50, and the multimode function of 2G/3G/4G/5G through a single chip. In October 2017, Qualcomm announced the monocrystalline monocrystal The X50 5G modem has implemented the world's first 5G network data connection; it also shows the first 5G smart phone reference design based on the rhylong X50, which means the technical support for the 5G network. It is reported that at present, 20 equipment manufacturers and 18 operators worldwide have plans to use high pass X50 baseband chips.

Four factors drive the development of AI

Compared with 5G, Qualcomm's AI strategy is also attracting attention.

It is predicted that by 2022, the total number of smart phone shipments will exceed 8 billion 600 million. Compared with other types of terminals, mobile phones will become the most popular AI platform.

In the eyes of high pass product management director Gary Brotman, AI is accelerating, and 5G ensures efficient network connection, which means that in the future, AI processing will not only be carried out alone in the cloud, but can be co operated to perform AI processing and operation to realize cross device sharing intelligence.

He believes that the terminal side AI is very important. The first is the privacy of data, for example, some users like to share personal information on social media, but they should be better protected at the same time, while terminal side security will be better; second is low latency, such as face recognition, and the response of these services should be real-time. The third is reliability. If all operations and processing are done through cloud, there must be many links and the reliability will be reduced.

Gary Brotman said that Qualcomm started the first artificial intelligence project in 2007, studying deep learning, neural network algorithms, especially hardware processing, terminal based artificial intelligence algorithms, and so on. In 2015, the 820 mobile platform was introduced to the market, the first generation of mobile artificial intelligence platform, and the first SoC to optimize the AI algorithm of the running terminal side.

Qualcomm believes that in the AI ecosystem, hardware is the starting point and core. Starting from hardware, it realizes the support of a large number of machine learning frameworks in the market, and supports different operating systems. In addition to a large number ofCloud serviceBusiness and independent softwareDevelopmentA cooperative relationship was established to promote market demand for hardware.

"We think that many factors will drive the future development of AI," Gary Brotman said, the first is the 5G, the combination of 5G and AI will bring a lot of new opportunities to expand the intelligence to the edge of the wireless network, and the distributed AI can produce a lot of new applications. The second is design experience and expertise, especially in the development of highly integrated powerful computing platforms. Third, early development of the terminal side AI has certain competitive advantages. Fourth, there is a broad basis for cooperation.

"High pass strategy has always been through multi-core heterogeneous computing architecture for AI operations," said Gary Brotman, but that does not mean that high Qualcomm will not consider the development of dedicated AI hardware in the future, and will be deployed in a timely manner. (Han Dapeng)

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