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Baidu outstanding scientist Xu Wei joined the horizon. He was a mentor for Baidu Marshal.

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Xu Wei

Tencent's "First Line" author Han Yimin Bu Xiang

On July 24th, "First Line" was informed that Xu Wei, an outstanding scientist of the Baidu Deep Learning Institute, had announced his departure from Baidu and joined the Horizon Company founded by Yu Kai.

Xu Wei said in a circle of friends that today he started a new journey, joined the horizon robot as the chief scientist of general artificial intelligence, established a general artificial intelligence laboratory in Silicon Valley, and created a small and sophisticated team focused on the research of general artificial intelligence. The goal is to make machines with human learning capabilities.


Yu Kai, the founder of the horizon, confirmed the above news to "First Line".

The departure of Xu Wei means that a batch of talents in the field of artificial intelligence recruited by Baidu in 2013 have been affected by the strategic changes in the past two years and personnel and structural adjustments.

Xu Wei is an important player in Baidu's strategy of developing artificial intelligence. Before joining Baidu, he was a senior scientist at Facebook. The reason for attracting Xu Wei to Baidu is Baidu’s determination and attitude to increase investment in artificial intelligence.

In early 2013, Baidu established the Deep Learning Institute, the predecessor of Baidu Research Institute. In 2014, Baidu Research Institute was formally established, including IDL, BDL and SVAIL. Taking the research institute as the forerunner, Baidu's attitude of investing in artificial intelligence quickly attracted a group of experts in the field of artificial intelligence to join.

In September 2013, former Facebook senior scientist Xu Wei and former AMD heterogeneous system chief software architect Wu Ren joined Baidu Deep Learning Research Institute; on May 17, 2014, Wu Enda officially joined Baidu as chief scientist; in 2015, Baidu Gu Jiawei, a representative of the Shaoshuai plan, joined Baidu IDL Lab as the research and development architect and was responsible for human-computer interaction. In June of the same year, Lin Yuanqing, head of NEC's American Intelligent Image Research Institute, joined Baidu as the director of the Deep Learning Lab. In addition, Huang Chang (former IDL Chief Architect), Ni Kai (former head of Baidu's driverless car team), and Li Mu, a machine learning expert Alex Smola, also joined Baidu.

Before March 2017, after four years of development, Baidu's artificial intelligence research formed the basic pattern of linkage between the three laboratories and China and the United States. Former Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda is the general manager of Baidu Research Institute, which has four laboratories: Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SVAIL), Deep Learning Laboratory (IDL), Big Data Lab (BDL) and AR Lab. (Founded on January 16, 2017, Wu Zhongqin, the former deputy director of IDL, was appointed as the person in charge).

Although Wu Enda's Baidu Research Institute has been playing the role of Baidu's artificial intelligence spokesperson in front of the stage, in fact, it is only one of the two forces of Baidu's internal development of artificial intelligence. Baidu's other important force involved in artificial intelligence comes from Baidu's traditional core department search system.

In the past few years, although Wu Enda has been repeatedly pushed to the stage with the image of Baidu's artificial intelligence strategy evangelist, the scenery in front of the stage may be just an illusion, and the Baidu Institute under its rule is in an internal situation. Under the complicated internal relationship, Baidu’s experts in the field of excellent artificial intelligence that were recruited around 2014 have been seriously lost: In 2015, Yu Kai and Wu Ren left Baidu; in 2016, Bai Kai’s unmanned vehicle leader Ni Kai left; In August, Gu Jiawei, the iconic figure of Baidu's Shaoshuai plan and IDL director R&D architect/chief designer, left.

In March 2017, Wu Enda announced the departure of Baidu. Subsequently, Baidu announced the establishment of the AI ​​Technology Platform System (AIG), and appointed Vice President Wang Haifeng as the general manager to promote the development of AI core technology. After Wu Enda resigned, Lin Yuanqing became the dean of Baidu Research Institute, but with Baidu continuing a series of integration of artificial intelligence technology system, Lin Yuanqing also left Baidu in October 2017.

In January of this year, Baidu Research Institute held a full-scale meeting in Silicon Valley, announced the establishment of Business Intelligence Lab (BIL) and Robotics and Autonomous Driving Lab (RAL), and three areas of artificial intelligence. Scientists Kenneth Ward Church, Qi Jun, Xiong Hui joined Baidu Research Institute. So far, Baidu Research has established a lineup of seven world-class scientists and five laboratories.

At the meeting, Wang Haifeng, vice president of Baidu and the chief executive of the AI ​​Technology Platform System (AIG) and dean of Baidu Research Institute, said that this was the beginning of Baidu’s new journey. Baidu Research Institute will focus on forward-looking basic research, lay out the future development direction of Baidu artificial intelligence, and serve Baidu as a long-term development strategy of artificial intelligence companies.

The adjusted Baidu Research Laboratory has been increased to five, namely Deep Learning Lab (IDL), Big Data Lab (BDL), Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Lab (SVAIL), Business Intelligence Lab (BIL), Robotics and Autopilot Laboratory (RAL).

The Baidu announcement of the upgrade of the institute means that the adjustment of Baidu Research Institute has been basically completed since March 2017.

On May 18 this year, while announcing changes in Luqi's position, Baidu announced that Vice President Wang Haifeng was promoted to Senior Vice President and served as the general manager of AIG (AI Technology Platform System), and its internal status was further enhanced. In the context of Baidu's high-level changes and the research system has been updated, Xu Wei, who has been in Baidu for five years, finally made the same choice as Yu Kai: he left Baidu Research Institute and joined the company founded by Yu Kai. .

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