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I try to use Windows XP in 2018: it's much simpler and more refreshing.

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Access to Windows XPwebsite

To re - experience these old systems, of course, it is unlikely to find an old computer with a "beep" (although I really think so, that's the most).virtual machineIt will be a simpler way to search. Under the search, the Windows 10 system can be used for virtual machines.MicrosoftIn the system with Hyper-V, VMware Workstation and Oracle VirtualBox, many people recommend Hyper-V, but I chose VirtualBox, free, the interface is simple, and the function is fully satisfied only to play.

As for hardware, I chose to install it on the platform of my own core i3-7350K processor 8GB of memory M.2 SSD GTX 1060 6G graphics card. Interestingly, the i3-7350K here is just a two-core four-thread. Actually, running virtual machines (though the processor supports VT-d) is not a good fit, but the U has surpassed the 4.8GHz main frequency and is in line with the "high-frequency supremacy" style of the past.

It's a low-end platform at the moment, but performance is enough to play with an old system on a virtual machine, and I remember that more than a decade ago, I was just using a Pentium 4 processor with a main frequency of 1.7 GHz. Add 845 motherboard with 256MB memory to run Windows XP, so on the virtual machine, we set up single core processor 1GB memory 128MB video memory (VirutalBox maximum) and dynamic hard disk, other virtual hardware is the default set of software.

You may feel that this system is not very simple to install a system on the virtual machine. It is not easy to throw the system ISO into the system, but the Windows 98 SE I installed on it is not so easy. My system ISO is the original ISO, and it needs a floppy drive to do the boot disk, and that is, it is started with a floppy drive and can not be directly guided. On the installation interface of CD, you need to tap the command in MS-DOS before you can enter the installation interface.

The Windows 98 SE installer can not identify the virtual hard disk created by the virtual machine itself. It also needs to manually partition the virtual hard disk through the disk partition software and format it to FAT32. There is a ScanDisk, then it can start to install. The following steps are simple, and the next step is to fill in the sequence number. Time to search online. (I really remember a series of numbers before.)

The installation of Windows ME, Windows 98 SE is also similar

Because the system files are not big, and the hardware is very good, so the long system installed in the past, now two or three minutes of things, soon can hear the Windows 98 SE that very nostalgic blue sky background start pictures and start sound, but VirtualBox Windows 98 SE display support is not good, only show 16 Bit color and 640*480 resolution, so the interface does not seem to recall.

If you have reinstalled Windows 98 SE before, it will pop up a welcome interface at the first start (without canceling the checklist), and introduce you to the new system, IE browsers, registrations, and "when" a bell, and play a rock... Very interesting.

As for Windows 98 SE in today's use, try to find a few old versions of the software, but can not open most of the modern web site with the IE browser brought by the system, can only download good software and then import it locally, but the system can not support the USB plug and play of the virtual machine, so it can no longer have to collect the software together and use Ul. TraISO to make a virtual ISO, Windows 98 SE recognition, quite frustrating, but some software is still unable to install, including the FireFox browser I want.

So Windows 98 SE is the only way to go. I move on to install the next old system: Windows Millennium Edition, or short Windows ME.

Unlike the high popularity of Windows 2000 in the year, Windows ME may not have been used by most people, but this is the third Windows system I've used (before Windows 95, Windows 98 SE) and I didn't use Windows 2000, and then I went to Windows XP and Mac OS.

Windows ME startup screen

Windows ME has changed the system icon compared to Windows 98 SE, and its boot sound is the best I feel in all Windows systems (as if it's the same as Windows 2000), and the new millennium system added Windows Media Play and Movie Maker, and I loved the two software at that time.

Because of the same Windows 9x series, the installation steps of Windows ME are the same as Windows 98 SE, but the use of Windows ME on the virtual machine is also like its predecessor, the same graphics card can not be properly driven, and most of the software can not be installed, so there is no further study.

Finally, I came to Windows XP in the order of the Windows system, which was modernized, and put ISO into the virtual machine to start the disc, then the DOS interface was first selected to install the disk partition, the copy installation file, the restart is the graphics installation process. It is worth noting that Windows XP used to have all kinds of GHOST clone versions, and many people should not experience the original step by step system installation process.

The installation of Windows XP is also fast, and I remember waiting for more than half an hour in memory. VirtualBox is quite good for Windows XP after completing a simple initial setting to the desktop. The graphics card is very normal, even Windows Update, and the USB storage disk of the virtual machine can also be identified (and even prompt you to change to a higher speed. " The other hardware of the sound is normal.

Only the system with the IE browser is too old, can not open the web page, but Chrome has the old version of Windows XP support, after installation, all I try to open the website, just page typesetting some errors, even if I adjust the resolution of the virtual machine to a widescreen, also can not have normal display.

As for the Frontpage and FTP that we can use everyday for our super editors, we can use it normally, so there's no problem in the news and evaluation (but this is not on the top). As for a MP3 and a few simple picture processing, you can do the task.

Codeword, listening to a song, of course, no problem

To tell you the truth, I used to think that the bloated Windows XP is now a light feeling.The interface is simple and clear, and the system reacts quicklyAlthough this is based on the modern hardware, the hardware used in the past is not so smooth.But now the Windows 10 is also becoming more complicated.

In the end, I will not use Windows XP for a long time, but my greatest feeling is thatMore than ten years of systems are still available in modern times. In fact, for many years, what we have done on the computer has not changed much. In particular, we can get some entertainment and productivity applications on old systems and old hardware.

It's undeniable that today, we have faster, stronger hardware, more functional, more convenient software, but do we use them to make more and better things? This is probably what we should think about.

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