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Explore HUAWEI Dongguan "European town": 10 residential land, and a school hospital.

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The Huawei Songshan Lake Headquarters Base is located in the back slope village of Huxiliu, Songshan, Dongguan. Today is the fourth working day for some Huawei developers to go to work in Dongguan.


Yesterday, Huawei Creek was in the back slope village, and the Shenzhen bus that shuttled Huawei employees to work.

On July 2nd, it was the first day of the work of some R&D personnel of Huawei to work in the backwater village of Huawei Stream in Songshan Lake.

Regarding the news that “Huawei moved to Dongguan”, it will continue to ferment from the 1st of this month. Huawei responded to Nandu reporters saying that “relocation is a normal business layout, not Huawei & lsquo; migrating & rsquo;. The construction of the Songshan Lake base in Huawei has been in existence for some time. The normal commuting vehicles have already been arranged in Shenzhen and Dongguan. The southern plant of Huawei Songshan Lake is in normal operation. These are normal business layouts. ”

Every action of Huawei can affect the public. This time is no exception, in the Dongguan circle of friends to brush back and forth. Huawei came to Dongguan to bring an ecological chain, set up an industrial ecosystem, and promoted the upgrading of Dongguan's local industry. It provided strong support for Dongguan's participation in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. To the higher end of the global industry chain is more emboldened.

New office

Dongguan Huawei’s long-form tourist visitor also came to visit

Today is the fourth working day for some Huawei developers to go to work in Dongguan. Starting from the morning of July 2nd, a Guangdong B-brand bus carrying Huawei employees will depart from Shenzhen Putian and head north along Longda Expressway to Songshan Lake in Dongguan, about 50 kilometers away. In 50 minutes, you can enter the village of Huawei Creek. After arriving at the stop, the employees got off and went to the office.

In the future, such commuting will be normalized, and the starting point may be Shenzhen Nanshan, Futian, Baoan, Longgang and other places, but the final destination is Huawei Xiaoliu Village.

Yesterday afternoon, Nandu reporter transferred from Songshan Lake Huanhu Road to the M zone of Huawei Creek Back Village, and the spire of European architecture took the lead. From the booth near the entrance to the M area to the west, dozens of excavators are working on the road outside the main building; the railway bridge is also under construction, and the workers are leveling the lawn on both sides of the rail. On the south side of the supporting apartment, the main project is nearing completion.

Along the inner road, you can drive from the M area to the H area. The journey is about 400 meters. About 30 Yue B buses stop at the roadside. There is obvious blocking between the roads and buildings in the park. Very quiet. Occasionally there is a shuttle bus to Songshan Lake.

In the green roads that are open to the outside, there are tourists who ride bicycles from time to time. Many of them know from the media that Huawei’s stream is back to the village and start to work. Let’s take a look at Huawei’s “long” and what to look at. Look at the small train with a screen. But because the interior is not open, these tourists have failed to do so.

The public information shows that the Huawei Songshan Lake Headquarters Base has a total investment of 10 billion yuan. In order to maximize the convenience of employees and ease the incompatibility after the first arrival in Songshan Lake, Huawei specially prepared a "Dongguan Administrative Service Guide". Southern reporters saw from the guide, from the layout of the park, distribution of food, small train routes, shuttle routes and surrounding housing information, community services and so on.

The Dongguan Administrative Service Guide shows that there are 8 parks delivered in the first batch, namely Granada in Area E, Paris in Area F, Verona in Area G, Kronov in Area H, Fribourg in J Area, Switzerland, K In Burgundy, France, Heidelberg in Zone L, Bologna in Region M, there are 6,735 parking spaces and 35 canteen dining services.

In terms of vehicle services in the park, there are shuttle buses to places such as Putian and South Factory, as well as commuter trains between Dongguan and Shenzhen, to the Science Park and Putian. In the southern houses and apartments of Songshan Lake, lakeside gardens, 115 apartments and lakeshore gardens (under construction) are marked.

Leading enterprise

Dongguan "three crowns" & rdquo; 100 billion companies

For the office in Songshan Lake, Dongguan, some Huawei employees feel that they are far away; but some people think that there is no problem with the layout of Huawei. Songshan Lake has convenient transportation and beautiful environment. “It may not be as good as Shenzhen at the moment, but it must be seen in the long run. & rdquo; A Huawei employee said this.

With the layout of Huawei in Dongguan, there are also many former Huawei people who follow the business. A former Huawei person who started a business in Songshan Lake said that in 2017, she came to Dongguan to inspect the environment and finally decided to start a business in Songshan Lake. Every day, she starts from the home of Nanshan, Shenzhen, passes Nanguang Expressway and Longda Expressway, and spends 3 yuan on high-speed. After 40 minutes, she can reach Songshan Lake. In her view, in fact, from Shenzhen to Dongguan, it is more convenient than going to work in Shenzhen, there will be no obvious sense of distance.

Founded in 1987, Huawei currently employs 180,000 people and operates in more than 170 countries and regions. There are 36 joint innovation centers and 14 research institutes and offices.

According to official data, since 2005, Huawei has been in Dongguan. Until May 2016, an article "Don't let Huawei run" swept the Internet, and both Huawei and Dongguan were on fire.

For the remarks of “Don’t let Huawei run”, in April 2017, Gao Zimin, then secretary of the Shenzhen Longgang District Committee (now the Standing Committee and Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Committee), interviewed Chen Wending, deputy editor-in-chief of Southern Metropolis Daily. I have publicly responded: "I feel that running and not running is a paradox. All great companies must grow into global enterprises. To grow, they must break through the limits of the region. Going out is inevitable. I understand that running is ‘root & rsquo; not here, then there is a systemic risk. In fact, the root of Huawei is still in Shenzhen, still in Longgang. Huawei terminal is going to Songshan Lake in Dongguan. Why is it Songshan Lake, not other places? It is precisely because Songshan Lake is close to Shenzhen, close to Longgang, and Shenzhen has strong industrial supporting capacity, which is also the performance of regional coordinated development. ”

Currently, Huawei's layout in Dongguan includes: Huawei terminal headquarters, Huawei South factory. Huawei's role in the economy of Dongguan is self-evident. First look at Huawei's 2017 transcripts ——— achieving global sales revenue of 603.6 billion yuan, up 15.7% year-on-year. Although Ren Zhengfei, president of Huawei, believes that Huawei is only “the aircraft carrier that has just sailed”.

Looking at the data from Dongguan, in January this year, the 2017 work summary meeting held in Dongguan revealed that Huawei won the three championships in terms of actual export volume, main business income and tax payment, and became the “three crowns”. At the same time, Huawei is one of the two 100 billion-level enterprises in Dongguan.

Another meeting, at the annual work summary meeting of Songshan Lake held in February this year, the meeting data showed that the industrial added value of the park regulations in 2017 was 33.269 billion yuan, and the industrial added value of Huawei's corporate regulations accounted for the industrial added value of the park. The ratio is as high as 56%. Huawei's case just proves that a strong enterprise brings the leading effect of an industrial chain.

Industry chain

Suppliers come together to provide efficient services for Huawei

Every working day, from Shenzhen to Dongguan, in addition to Huawei employees, there are Huawei suppliers.

With the arrival of Huawei, many partners have also gathered in Dongguan to provide Huawei with fast and efficient services. The Huawei case just confirmed that a strong enterprise has brought an industrial chain.

An unnamed person revealed that Huawei's new orders will be more in Dongguan. Under such circumstances, suppliers can only follow Huawei. It can be said that this industrial chain will grow stronger.

On June 30th, Huawei supplier ———Software Power's Songshan Lake New Base Housewarming Celebration was held in Everbright W e Valley, which is separated from Huawei South Base.

Huang Ying, executive vice president of Softcom, said at the housewarming celebration that in 2018, the new base of Softcom Power Songshan Lake will be settled in 1,500 people. In the next five years, the R&D base of ChinaSoft will be gradually transferred to Songshan Lake, with a population of 4,000.

Similar to iSoftStone, Huawei software service providers are also coming to the Songshan Lake layout, such as ChinaSoft International, Epro Software, and Huawei.

“Where is Huawei, where are we going?” & rdquo; Yi Bao software project manager Huang Houlin said that Huawei's business accounted for more than 90% of the company's business, since the layout of some of Huawei's business to Dongguan, Yi Bao also planned to Dongguan. In 2017, Dongguan Branch officially opened its office in Everbright W e Valley.

At present, Epro Software has more than 200 people in Dongguan, and plans to increase to 1,000 this year. How to attract talents is the question that Epro is thinking now: to open the benchmark wages in Shenzhen (more than 20% of the same industry in Dongguan), to provide welfare subsidies, and to open commuter cars.

“In order to meet the core technical requirements of Huawei confidentiality, some projects can only be operated on-site at Huawei (Dongguan). & rdquo; Previously, the relevant person in charge of the Maiwei Technology Company in Dongguan, said in an interview with the Southern Reporter. Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Maiwei Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest hardware design service provider of Huawei and HiSilicon. In early 2017, it also established a company in Songshan Lake, Dongguan.

Suppliers are coming one after another. For Dongguan, it is an industry chain migration, including software, information services, hardware design, inspection and testing. “I think it will rewrite the informatization history of Dongguan. & rdquo; Huang Houlin said.

Undertake resources

The industrial park is actively working around the town street is also working hard

The convergence effect provides a large number of jobs and talent resources for Dongguan. Southern reporters visited several industrial parks in Songshan Lake. In recent years, many companies related to Huawei's business have been stationed in the park. The industrial park also sees the opportunities brought by Huawei, and is also actively recruiting and attracting related companies.

For example, Songhu Huake said that at least five companies in the park are currently doing business with Huawei, including Sigu Intelligent, Jiahe Intelligent, China Testing, Guangzhou Radio and Television Metering, and China Central Testing.

“Using the geographical advantage within two kilometers from Huawei, we will explore more high-quality projects and attract enterprises that can form a good cooperative relationship with Huawei according to the department and business of Huawei's relocation. & rdquo; Huake admits that it intends to attract some high-quality, potential enterprises upstream and downstream of Huawei, the park gives enterprises certain rent subsidies, technical support, entrepreneurship counseling and so on. It will use the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the Guangdong Intelligent Robot Research Institute as the technical support, and jointly develop with the enterprise as the goal, give enterprises multi-faceted services, and then cultivate enterprises to radiate other projects and gradually form industrial clusters.

Similarly, in the active docking of Huawei resources, there is also Everbright W e Valley. There is only one Xincheng Avenue from the Huawei South Base. The Songshan Hubei Station is at the gate of the park. It has obvious location advantages and is located in the modern service industry belt of Songshan Lake. Therefore, it is aimed at attracting high-end resources of modern service industries such as software and information services. , has certain advantages. At present, more than 200 enterprises have been introduced in the park, and four Huawei software service providers are in the park.

“A group of modern service companies will be stationed, which will bring a lot of business, and will bring thousands of high-quality talents to land here. This will greatly promote the construction of the modern service industry in Songshan Lake, making Songshan Lake one of the major software industry bases in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. & rdquo; Everbright W e Valley introduction.

CIMC Zhigu is adjacent to the Huaxi River back slope village, and looks at the top of the office building of the Huawei South Factory. The appearance is clearly visible. “There are a lot of people here who are starting a business from Huawei.” Li Wenjie, the investment director of CIMC Zhigu, said that 40% of the enterprises in the park belong to electronic information, many of which are centered around Huawei, with self-employment and joint ventures. .

Not only is the industrial park of Songshan Lake, but also the towns and streets around Songshan Lake are actively docking resources. Especially after Huawei came to Dongguan to start office and suppliers gradually landed, the town street paving bridge and bridge project will also begin. For example, in Liaobu Town, after several years of hard work, it has basically opened up the traffic connection with Songshan Lake. At the same time, the town also planned to construct industrial carriers such as the Xiangshi Science and Technology Industrial Park, and actively took over the spillover effects of Huawei and even Songshan Lake.

Guangshen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor

The Huawei Songshan Lake Headquarters Base has a total investment of 10 billion yuan. It started construction in September 2014 and covers an area of ​​1,266,600 square meters, about 1,900 acres, with 12 building groups. There is also a tram line with a total length of 5.6 km, and a total of 12 stations are set up.

Dongguan Songshan Lake is very close to Shenzhen Putian, where Huawei headquarters is located. It is about 50 kilometers away and it takes only about 1 hour to drive. At present, Huawei's headquarters in Shenzhen Putian Base has arranged a daily shuttle bus to and from Songshan Lake.

Songshan Lake has a beautiful and comfortable environment. The media commented that it is quite a Facebook, Microsoft, Google and other headquarters. It faces Shenzhen, Hong Kong in the south and Guangzhou in the north, becoming the hinterland of the “Guangzhou-Shenzhen Port” corridor. At the same time, it is located in the “Guangshen Innovation Corridor”. Dongguan “13th Five-Year” plan said that it will build the South China Science and Technology Industry Innovation Center, and take the Songshan Lake area as the core, and plan to connect the Songshan Lake and the Ecological Park to the “Innovation Axis” to form a deep and deep bead. The “Anovation Corridor” of the Triangle East Coast.

Huawei's big hand

House: 10 residential plots

Southern Reporter combed Huawei's “Sand Land” in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. Found: Since 2015, Huawei has taken the name of Dongguan Luyuan Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. as a major shareholder, and has won the market through bidding and auction. 10 residential land for limited prices. They are located in Huanhu Road, Jinduo Port and Alishan Road, respectively. The total area is about 560,600 m2, and the maximum price is not more than 9,500 yuan/m2.

However, the relevant person in charge of the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources publicly responded that the sales targets of these bid-taken plots are not limited to Huawei employees and will be arranged by the Songshan Lake Management Committee.

The lakeside garden is located in the south of Songshan Lake High-tech Development Zone in Dongguan, with a total construction area of ​​420,000 square meters. Construction started on March 18, 2016, and some residential areas have been completed. On November 29, 2017, Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Chief Logistics Officer Ren Shulu, and Chief Executive Officer Luo Wencheng and others visited the company's lakeside garden project.

Education: Jianqing Lushan School

Qingyishan School is a privately-run international school invested and sponsored by Huawei Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. The Tsinghua University Affiliated High School is responsible for education and teaching management, providing international quality education from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school to high school for 15 years. At present, the transitional campus is transformed by the Songshan Lake Huawei Southern Apartment Club and will be moved to the new campus in the southern part of Songshan Lake in the future. On August 14, 2017, the Songshan Lake Huawei Southern Apartment Campus officially opened and is now enrolling students.

An insider said: “Huawei did not send people to the school board management meeting, and will not participate in any management work of the school. ”“Huawei showed full respect for the school management of Tsinghua High School. However, the school will set up a Huawei employee registration channel to promote the internal employees of Huawei. ”

Medical: opening a Huawei clinic

There are Kanghua Hospital & middot; Huawei Outpatient Department, which was jointly established by Kanghua Hospital and Huawei to provide basic medical services for Huawei and even the entire Songshan Lake Technology Industrial Park.

At present, the outpatient department has opened departments such as internal medicine, surgery, medical laboratory, medical imaging (X-ray diagnosis, CT diagnosis, ECG diagnosis), and health examination department. The medical team was sent from Kanghua Hospital. The doctors in the outpatient department were all doctors and deputy high-level doctors. The entire medical team had 60 people, and the nursing staff accounted for a large number. The outpatient department will share equipment and famous doctors with the headquarters of Kanghua Hospital. In the future, the outpatient department will be upgraded to a primary hospital.


Cultivate strong enterprises, Dongguan Jianzhongzi Science City

The arrival of strong enterprises is not only the value added on the GDP books, but also the change of industrial ecology.

Despite the question about Huawei, the relevant departments in Dongguan are not willing to comment too much, but they are quite sincere in their actions.

In 2016, Dongguan City once organized a “Huawei Supplier Symposium”. Dongguan believes that in the short-term, more than 100 Huawei suppliers in Dongguan will achieve annual purchases of about US$3 billion, and in the long run, terminals will bring tens of thousands of R&D personnel, which will change the talent structure of Dongguan. It is estimated that 5%-10% of Huawei employees will start a business in the future, and will also bring revolutionary changes to Songshan Lake and Dongguan.

In other words, on the one hand, Dongguan supports Huawei to continue to grow bigger and stronger, on the other hand, it also hopes that Huawei will drive the city, talent structure and industry of Dongguan to a more high-end development.

Currently, Dongguan is planning to build a neutron science city with an area of ​​45.7 square kilometers. The high-end innovation elements such as Huawei's terminal headquarters and sparse neutron source and CIMC Zhigu constitute the building foundation of the Neutron Science City. According to expectations, Huawei terminals will bring 30,000 R&D personnel, and it is expected that the number of high-end R&D talents in the region will reach 78,000 in the future.

However, as can be seen from the planning of the Neutron Science City, Dongguan is turning passive into initiative and hopes to take more initiative.

In Dongguan, more than once expressed concern about the local “one industry”. The electronic information industry is the pillar industry of Dongguan, and it is definitely the leading industry for Songshan Lake. Therefore, Dongguan is actively cultivating more new kinetic energy and new engines, including the launch of Neutron Science City, the creation of the Binhai Bay New Area, the introduction of an innovative and upgraded version, and the use of technology to lead the industry upgrade.

At present, Dongguan faces major historical opportunities such as the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Dawan District and the construction of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. It is in the important stage of development “window period”. With the accelerated construction of the Dawan District, especially the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the construction of the Shenzhen-China Passage, the location advantage of Dongguan will be further weakened. The direction of industrial spillovers in advanced regions is bound to change, and the competition for high-quality projects will be increasingly fierce, with opportunities and challenges coexisting.

In the context of a major adjustment in the global industrial competition pattern, innovation has become the first driving force, and the neutron science city is such an innovation power. Dongguan will inevitably need to maintain its existing advantages and re-innovate its advantages. Through the creation of innovative carriers and the cultivation of strong enterprises, it will advance into innovative first-tier cities.

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