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HUAWEI took 10 residential sites in Dongguan, and built schools and hospitals.

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(original title: HUAWEI's Dongguan industrial ecosystem)

HUAWEI Songshan Lake headquarters is located in the back slope village of Songshan Lake in Dongguan. Today is the fourth working day for some of HUAWEI's R & D personnel to work in Dongguan.

Yesterday, the HUAWEI stream, back slope village, sent HUAWEI employees to work in Shenzhen bus.

Every action of HUAWEI can affect the public's nerves. This time it is no exception, in the circle of friends in Dongguan. HUAWEI came to Dongguan, brought an ecological chain, established an industrial ecological circle, and promoted the upgrading of the local industry in Dongguan. It provided strong support for Dongguan to participate in the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Tai Wan District, and the construction of a wide and deep scientific and technological innovation corridor, so that the industry of Dongguan would move towards the high end of the global industrial chain.

New office

Dongguan HUAWEI, what kind of visitors also come to see a look

Today is the fourth working day for some of HUAWEI's R & D personnel to work in Dongguan. From the morning of July 2nd, a B bus with HUAWEI employees, starting from Bantian in Shenzhen, headed northward along the Longda highway to the Songshan Lake of Dongguan, about 50 kilometers away. In the case of no traffic jam, about 50 minutes, it could enter the HUAWEI stream back slope village. After arriving at the berth, the staff get off and go to the office respectively.

In the future, this commuter will be normal, and the place of departure may be Shenzhen Nanshan, Fukuda, Baoan, Longgang and other places, but the final destination is the HUAWEI stream back slope village.

Yesterday afternoon, Nandu reporter transferred from Songshan Lake around Lake Road into HUAWEI stream back slope village M area, the European style building's spire first came into view. Looking westward from the entrance to the entrance to the M, dozens of excavators are working on the road outside the main building, and the railway bridge is in tight construction, and the workers are leveling the lawn on both sides of the rail. And the southern side of the supporting apartments, the main project is coming to an end.

Along the inner road, it can go from the M area to the H area, about 400 meters ahead, about 30 Cantonese B bus stops on the roadside; there are obvious blocking between the roads and buildings in the park. There are few people on the road and very quiet. Occasionally there is a bus shuttle in Songshan Lake.

And in the open green road outside, from time to time, visitors ride through the bike, many of them learned from the media on the HUAWEI stream back slope village began to work, specially to look at HUAWEI "long" what, and then look at the small train screen. But because the interior is not open, these visitors have failed.

Public information shows that HUAWEI's Songshan Lake headquarters has a total investment of 10 billion yuan. In order to maximize the convenience of employees and ease the inadaptability after arriving at Songshan Lake, HUAWEI has specially prepared a guide to administrative services in Dongguan. Nandu reporters see from the guide, from the layout of the park, the distribution of catering, the small train route, the bus route and the surrounding housing information, community service and so on.

"Dongguan administrative service guide" showed that the first batch of 8 parks were delivered, including E District Granada, F District Paris, G District Verona, H District karenov, J District Switzerland Fribourg, K District French Burgundy, L District Heidelberg, M District Bologna, parking space, and dining hall dining service mark 35.

In the area of vehicle service in the park, shuttle buses are set up in Bantian, South factories and other places, and the commuter car between Dongguan and Shenzhen is set up to the Science Park, Bantian and other places. In Songshan Hunan residential and apartment areas, they are marked by lakeside garden, 115 apartment, Lakeside Garden (under construction).

Leading enterprise

Hundreds of billions of enterprises in Dongguan "three crown king"

For the Dongguan Songshan Lake office, part of the HUAWEI employees feel a bit far; but some people think that there is no problem with the HUAWEI layout, the lake is convenient and the environment is beautiful. "It may not be as good as Shenzhen, but in the long run." A HUAWEI employee says.

With HUAWEI's layout in Dongguan, there are many HUAWEI followers who follow the business. A former HUAWEI founder in Songshan Lake said that in 2017, she came to Dongguan to investigate the environment and finally decided to start his business in Songshan Lake. Every day, she starts from his home in Nanshan, Shenzhen, and spends 3 yuan on high speed through the Nanguang Expressway and Longda expressway. After 40 minutes, she can reach Songshan Lake. In her view, actually from Shenzhen to Dongguan, than to work in Shenzhen is also convenient, there will be no obvious sense of distance.

Founded in 1987, HUAWEI has 180 thousand employees in more than 170 countries and regions. There are 36 joint innovation centers and 14 research institutes.

Official data show that since 2005, HUAWEI has begun to plan in Dongguan. Until May 2016, an article "do not let HUAWEI run" swept across the Internet, and HUAWEI and Dongguan were all on fire.

As for the "don't let HUAWEI run", in April 2017, when Gao Zimin, the Secretary of the Longgang Municipal Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Secretary General of Shenzhen, was interviewed by Chen Wending, deputy editor in chief of the Southern Metropolis Daily, he responded publicly: "I think running and running is a paradox." All great enterprises must grow into global enterprises. If we want to grow, we must break through the geographical restrictions and go out. I understand that running is "root" is not here, then a systemic risk. In fact, HUAWEI's roots are still in Shenzhen and still in Longgang. HUAWEI terminal to Songshan Lake in Dongguan, why Songshan Lake, rather than other places? It is precisely because Songshan Lake is close to Shenzhen, near Longgang, and Shenzhen has strong industrial support capability, which is also a manifestation of regional coordinated development.

At present, HUAWEI's layout in Dongguan includes: HUAWEI terminal headquarters, HUAWEI Southern factory and so on. HUAWEI's role in Dongguan's economy is self-evident. Let's first look at HUAWEI's 2017 transcript - 603 billion 600 million yuan in global sales revenue, an increase of 15.7% over the same period last year. Although HUAWEI President Ren Zhengfei believes that HUAWEI is just "just sailing aircraft carrier".

Then look at Dongguan's data, in January this year, Dongguan held the 2017 work summary conference revealed that HUAWEI won the actual total export, the main business income and tax three titles, to become "the three crown." At the same time, HUAWEI is one of the two hundred billion enterprises in Dongguan.

Another meeting, at the annual summary meeting of Songshan Lake, held in February this year, the conference data showed that the industrial added value of the park regulation in 2017 was 33 billion 269 million yuan, and the industrial added value of the HUAWEI enterprise regulations accounted for up to 56% of the industrial added value of the park. The case of HUAWEI just confirms that a strong enterprise has brought the leading effect of an industrial chain.

industry chain

Suppliers ensue to provide efficient services to HUAWEI

On every working day, commuter cars from Shenzhen to Dongguan include HUAWEI employees and HUAWEI suppliers.

With the arrival of HUAWEI, many partners are converging in Dongguan to provide fast and efficient services for HUAWEI. The HUAWEI case just confirms that a strong enterprise has brought an industrial chain.

An anonymous person said that HUAWEI's new orders will be more in Dongguan, so that suppliers can only follow HUAWEI to Wan Guan. It can be said that the industrial chain will be growing more and more strong.

In June 30th, HUAWEI supplier, a new base for Songshan Lake, was held in Everbright W e valley. It is separated from HUAWEI's southern base.

Huang Ying, executive vice president of soft transit, said in his celebration of the relocation that in 2018, the new soft base of Songshan Lake was planned to enter 1500 people. In the next five years, the R & D base in Southern China will gradually be transferred to Songshan Lake, with a population of up to 4000 people.

Similar to the soft power, there are also HUAWEI software service providers who come to Songshan Lake in succession, such as China soft international, Yi Bao software, and China micro tomorrow.

"Where HUAWEI goes, we'll go anywhere." Huang Houlin, the project manager of the Yi Bao software, said that HUAWEI's business occupied more than 90% of the company's business. Since HUAWEI's part of its business was laid out in Dongguan, Yi Bao also made a plan for Dongguan. In 2017, Dongguan Branch officially worked in the Everbright W e valley.

At present, Yi Bao software has more than 200 people in Dongguan, and plans to increase to 1000 this year. How to attract talents is the problem that Yi Bao now thinks: the salary of Shenzhen (higher than 20% of the local same industry in Dongguan), the welfare subsidy, and the commuter car.

"In order to meet HUAWEI's confidential core technical requirements, some works can only be done at HUAWEI (Dongguan)." Prior to this, Mawei technology company responsible person in Dongguan, told reporters in an interview with Nandu. Shenzhen Mawei Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is the largest hardware designer of HUAWEI and Hester. In early 2017, it also set up a company in Songshan Lake in Dongguan.

Suppliers are coming one after another. For Dongguan, it is the migration of an industrial chain, including software, information services, hardware design, inspection and testing. "I think it will rewrite the history of Dongguan's informatization." Huang Houlin said that.

Undertake resources

The industrial park is actively acting on the periphery of the town street.

The convergence effect provides Dongguan with a large number of jobs and human resources. Nandu journalists visited many industrial parks in Songshan Lake and found that in recent years, many enterprises related to HUAWEI have been stationed in the park. The industrial park also sees the opportunities brought by HUAWEI, and is actively docking and attracting related enterprises to enter.

For example, at least 5 enterprises in the garden are "doing business with HUAWEI" in the garden, including the intelligence of Si Gu, Jiahe intelligence, Chinese test, Guangzhou radio and TV measurement, China Central Inspection and so on.

"Will take advantage of the geographical position within two kilometers from HUAWEI, according to the Department and business of the relocation of HUAWEI, combined with the existing industrial layout, mining more quality projects, and attracting enterprises with HUAWEI to form a good cooperative relationship." Hua Ke frankly said that it intends to attract some high quality and potential enterprises on the upper and lower reaches of HUAWEI, and the park gives enterprises certain rent subsidies, technical support and entrepreneurial guidance. And the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the Intelligent Robot Research Institute of Guangdong province will be used as the technical support to develop the enterprise together as the goal, to serve the enterprises in many directions, and to cultivate the enterprises to radiate other projects, and gradually form the industrial cluster.

Similarly, there is Everbright W e valley in active docking of HUAWEI resources. There is only one new town avenue to the south base of HUAWEI. The Hubei Railway Station is at the gate of the park. It has obvious advantages and is located in the modern service industry belt of Songshan Lake. Therefore, it has a definite advantage to attract the high-end resources of modern service industry, such as software and information services. At present, there are more than 200 enterprises in the park, and four HUAWEI software providers are in the park.

"A batch of modern service enterprises will enter a large number of businesses and bring thousands of high-quality talents to the ground. This will greatly promote the construction of modern service industry in Songshan Lake, making Songshan Lake one of the main software industrial bases in the big bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. The introduction of W e valley.

Chi Chi Valley is adjacent to the back slope village of HUAWEI stream. It is seen from the top of the office building of HUAWEI South factory. Its appearance is clearly visible. "There are a lot of people here to start out from HUAWEI," said Li Wenjie, director of the Zhongchi Zhi Valley Investment Director, said that 40% of the enterprises in the park are electronic information, many of which are around the layout of HUAWEI, with independent entrepreneurship and joint venture.

Not only is the industrial park of Songshan Lake, but the town street around Songshan Lake is also actively butting the resources, especially when the HUAWEI comes to Dongguan and the suppliers are gradually landing. Such as Liaobu Town, after several years of efforts, basically opened up the traffic docking with Songshan Lake. At the same time, the town has also planned and built industrial carriers such as the Xiang City Science and Technology Industrial Park, taking the initiative to undertake the spillover effect of HUAWEI and Songshan Lake.

Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor

HUAWEI's Songshan Lake headquarters has a total investment of 10 billion yuan. It started construction in September 2014, covering an area of 1 million 266 thousand and 600 square meters, about 1900 acres, and has 12 building groups. There is a tram line with a total length of 5.6 kilometres and a total of 12 stations.

Dongguan Songshan Lake is located near HUAWEI headquarters in Bantian, Shenzhen, about 50 kilometers, and it only takes about 1 hours to drive. At present, HUAWEI's headquarters in Bantian, Shenzhen, has arranged shuttle buses to and from Songshan Lake daily.

Songshan Lake is beautiful and comfortable, and the media commented on its "facebook".MicrosoftThe charm of the place where the Google and other headquarters are located. South of Shenzhen, Hongkong and Guangzhou, it is the hinterland of the "Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong" corridor. At the same time, it is located in the "Guangzhou Shenzhen innovation corridor". The plan of "13th Five-Year" in Dongguan said that it will build the innovation center of Southern China science and technology industry, and take Songshan Lake area as the core, and plan the "innovation axis" of Songshan Lake and ecological garden to form the "innovative corridor" of the East Bank of the Guangzhou deep and the cross Pearl River Delta.


House: 10 residential land

Nandu reporter carding HUAWEI in Dongguan Songshan Lake "take the land" matrix found that since 2015, HUAWEI, with the identity of large shareholders, with the name of the Dongguan Green Court Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., by bidding hang market, take down a total of 10 limited price residential land. They are located at the North Lake Road, the Golden Port and the Ali Mountain Road. The total area is about 556 thousand and 600, which stipulates that the maximum price can not exceed 9500 yuan per square meter.

However, the responsible person in charge of Dongguan Municipal Land Bureau responded publicly that the sale objects of these plots were not limited to HUAWEI employees, and they would be arranged by the Songshan Lake Management Committee.

Among them, lakeside garden is located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan.DevelopmentIn the south of the District, the total building area is 420 thousand square meters. In March 18, 2016, some residential areas have been completed. In November 29, 2017, the vice president and chief logistical officer of HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. was a tree, and the president of the administrative service department, Luo Wencheng, visited the lakeside garden project.

Education: building the school of Lancang mountain

The Qing Lan Mountain school is a private international school, which is invested and hosted by the HUAWEI Klc Holdings Ltd. The secondary school of Tsinghua University is responsible for the education and teaching management. It provides the international quality education from the kindergarten, the primary school, the junior middle school to the high school for 15 years. At present, the transition campus is transformed by Songshan Lake HUAWEI South apartment club. In the future, it will move to the new campus of Songshan Hunan. In August 14, 2017, Songshan Lake HUAWEI South apartment campus officially opened and is now recruiting students.

An insider said, "HUAWEI has not sent anyone into the school board management committee, nor will it take part in any school management." "HUAWEI has shown full respect for the school management work in the Affiliated Middle School of Tsinghua University. However, the school will set up a special entry channel for HUAWEI employees to promote its employees in China.

Medical treatment: the opening of the HUAWEI outpatient department

There is a Huawei outpatient department of Kanghua Hospital, which is built by Kanghua Hospital in partnership with Huawei to provide basic medical services for Huawei and the entire Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park.

At present, the outpatient department has set up departments such as internal medicine, surgery, medical laboratory, medical imaging department (X-ray diagnosis, CT diagnosis, ECG diagnosis), and health examination department. All the medical teams were sent from Hong Wah hospital. All the doctors in the outpatient department were the primary doctors and the subtropical high level. The whole medical team had 60 people, and the nursing staff accounted for a lot. The out-patient department will share the equipment and famous doctors with Hong Wah hospital headquarters. In the future, the outpatient department will be upgraded to a first level hospital.


Fostering strong enterprises, building a Neutron Science City in Dongguan

The arrival of strong enterprises is not only an increase in GDP accounts, but also a change in industrial ecology.

Although the relevant departments in Dongguan do not want to comment too much on the HUAWEI issue, they are very sincere in their actions.

In 2016, Dongguan organized a "HUAWEI supplier Symposium". Dongguan believes that, in the short term, more than 100 HUAWEI suppliers in Dongguan have achieved an annual purchase amount of about $3 billion, while in the long run the terminal will bring tens of thousands of R & D personnel, which will change the talent structure of Dongguan. And it is estimated that HUAWEI will have 5%-10% employees coming out to start business in the future, which will also bring revolutionary changes to Songshan Lake and Dongguan.

That is to say, on the one hand, Dongguan supports HUAWEI to become stronger and stronger, on the other hand, it also hopes that HUAWEI will drive the cities of Dongguan, the structure of talent and the industry to be more advanced.

At present, Dongguan is planning to build a Neutron Science City with an area of 45.7 square kilometers. HUAWEI terminal headquarters and spallation neutron source, Zhongji Chi Valley and other high-end innovation elements constitute the foundation of the construction of Neutron Science City. According to the expectation, HUAWEI terminal will bring 30 thousand R & D personnel, and it is expected that the high-end R & D personnel in the region will reach 78 thousand in the future.

However, from the planning of the Neutron Science City, we can see that Dongguan is turning passivity into initiative, hoping to seize more initiative.

More than once, Dongguan has expressed concern about the "dominance of the industry". The electronic information industry is a pillar industry in Dongguan, and is an absolute leading industry for Songshan Lake. Therefore, Dongguan is actively cultivating more new kinetic energy and new engines, including the launch of the city of Neutron Science, the building of the Binhai bay new area, the introduction of an innovation driven upgrade version, and the upgrading of the industry with technology.

At present, Dongguan is facing major historical opportunities such as the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and the construction of Guangzhou Shenzhen Science and technology innovation corridor, which is in an important "window period" for development. With the acceleration of the construction of the Da Wan area, especially the opening of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and the quickening of the construction of the deep middle passage, Dongguan's regional advantages will be further weakened. The direction of industrial spillovers in advanced areas is bound to change. The competition attracted by high-quality projects will become more and more intense, and opportunities and challenges will coexist.

In the context of a major adjustment of the global industrial competition pattern, innovation has become the first driving force, and the Neutron Science City is such an innovative power. Dongguan will inevitably need to retain its existing advantages and innovate its advantages. Through innovative carrier construction and strong enterprise cultivation, it will advance to innovative first tier cities.

Product: Nandu editing and directing Center

Co ordinate: Liang Jindi, a journalist from Nandu

Nandu reporter Liang Jindi Shi Xiaoran Fang Guangming

Photography: Fang Guangming, a journalist from Nandu

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