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IBM launches debating AI in the first battle to defeat top human debaters

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Project Debater builds well-structured presentations on specific topics by processing a large amount of text, providing clear and specific goals, and refuting their opponents. Ultimately, Project Debater will help people reason by providing compelling, evidence-based arguments and limiting emotions, prejudices, or ambiguous influences.

The shape of the Project Debater has to say something "serious." As you can see in the image above, the Project Debater looks like a big black rock with three floating blue circles on the screen.


Project Debater conducted two exhibition matches. In the first topic, Project Debater held a positive view that “government should increase the cost of space exploration”, while human defense argues that the government should not increase the cost of space exploration. In the second topic, Project Debater holds the view that "Telemedicine will occupy a larger proportion in medical treatment."

The process of the debate is a four-minute opening speech, a four-minute rebuttal, and a two-minute argument. The human debater first spoke, then Project Debater refuted. According to the foreign media Engadget report, Project Debater has thrown a lot of independent opinions, and also refuted according to the opponent's statement.

VentureBeat's correspondent said that on the topic of space exploration, Project Debater does not simply cite Wikipedia's information, but tries to understand the issues and integrate multiple information. In the debate, the Project Debater can cite a series of statements by the UAE Sheikh, or the number of jobs that space exploration can provide in the report of the German Minister of Economic Affairs. However, in order to avoid making mistakes, Project Debater does not directly quote his opponent's remarks.

A total of 40 members participated in the voting. On the topic of sky exploration, Project Debater received 9 more votes than Dan Zafrir and won the competition.

Project Debater did make some mistakes, or give some too bold statements. For example, it argues that space exploration is more important than better roads, more advanced schools, and better medical care; or, it is justifying In the middle, "Scott Pelley's voice" is spoken, which is usually what the broadcaster of the Lembé Radio Corporation would say.


Noam Slonim, chief investigator of IBM Research and creator of Project Debater, said that the Project Debater project started six years ago, and it began to participate in people's debate two years ago. Debater’s intellectual intelligence comes from hundreds of millions of journals and newspaper articles.

Prior to the game, Project Debater did not know the question. In addition to the greetings and jokes at the beginning of the debate, the arguments of the argument were all played freely by Project Debater. There was no fixed statement.When Project Debater gets a new topic, it searches its article corpora for sentences and clues related to the topic to support its defense arguments. Based on all relevant content, it will try to understand the subject of the debate and then organize its own statement.

It is understood that after today's performance, Project Debrator will participate in an extended debate later this year, and a seminar may follow. Scholars can provide their comments on the debater performance.

This time, science and technology reporters have given some brief comments.

VentureBeat's reporter commented that Project Debater has a sense of humor, knows a few tricks, and occasionally makes a strong argument. The Engadget reporter said Project Debater's ideas and responses are impressive, but not all of them feel natural. The reaction of the MIT Technology Review reporter was rather cold, thinking that the Project Debater did not understand the topic of the debate and was only trying to get together.

Obviously, Project Debater is still an experimental project.Where is the possibility of it?

Perhaps the most important point is that AlphGo proves that AI can be involved in the game of chess, while Project Debater makes an attack on the most important skill of human beings - the debate.

From the Socrates era, debate was the most important part of human life. People used debate to formulate national strategies and moral principles; they debated right and wrong and expressed their opinions through debate. In the debate, the radiance of reason and wisdom shines. However, in the debate, it is difficult for people to be free from the interests.

In debates, the AI ​​may be superior to human beings in that it can provide an "unbiased" perspective and provide decision makers with more neutral information that is not affected by interests.

According to Lei Fengnet, another obvious use of the AI ​​that will be debated is to help people debate. AI can quickly provide a large number of positive and negative perspectives and can conduct a lot of debate simulations. This is a major point in AI's entry into content creation and content production - collaborative creativity with humans.


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