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The Nintendo version of Qing Ming Shang He Tu came. Are you buying it or buying it?

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This E3 is just a splendid scene.

Before the official exhibition did not begin, everyone had already seen a fascinating look at each of the leading conferences. Whether it is the EA's "Sacred Song", B's "Radiation 76", or Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed & middot; Odyssey" and Sony's "The Last Survivor Part 2", it can be called a new IP and sequel.


This year's Figueroa Hotel exterior. Photography: Chen Chaoqun

After a number of vendors "had finished their assignments", the final appearance was still Nintendo.

As the most anticipated player in Happy House's Happy Week, this Nintendo's performance is the same as in the picture below, which contributes to the happiness of an oversized bottle.


This face-to-face game will take 30 minutes to force the game, it is simply "American players will watch it tears, and Chinese players will watch it silent."

That is, "Nintendo All-Star Fighting & Middot; Special Edition" has been extremely popular in Europe and the United States and has been dying in China. In fact, when Nintendo faced the meeting in March, the old leader disclosed the information on the sequel to the "Battle of the Big Troops". At that time, the YouTube podcasters excitedly reacted to everyone's feelings.……


The squid pussy in the background has joined the chaos luxury package

The excitement of the anchors is not an exaggeration!

The fire of Nintendo's All-Star Scramble in the United States begins with its issuance timing. In 1999, the first generation of "Big Blast" landed on the N64 platform. The N64 sold 300,000 of its 500,000 stocks on the first three days of its North American listing. It can be said to be the bomb-level host.


N64 Fan Club Collection

As a result, there are many American anchors who have been fans of "Battle of the Big Bang." Twenty years later, when the prostitutes of the prostitutes at home were all grown up, they can now play the orthodox sequel, but of course there is only one response.


…… Don't say it! Take my money away!

This "Nintendo All-Star Fighting & Middot; Special Edition" has also played "" the most complete role in the history of the full assembly "" rdquo; title. All the Nintendo characters you played, your old friends, and even some old FC platform friends are here!


In the face-to-face video, not only the familiar classic characters but also the squid mothers, the Yeti brothers and the Pac-Man people in Splatoon were added.


The Zelda who was not played in the Legend of Zelda can play in the chaos!

Overall, this new work has 65 characters from 30 highly popular Nintendo games. Including "Super Mario", "The Legend of Zelda", "Yoshi", "Kapi of the Star", "Princess Poke Dream", "Exotic Sword", "Animal Forest", "Final Fantasy", "Splatoon", "Street Fighter" and "Angel Witches" and more.

In a word, Nintendo did not deceive people, this time it is really full assembly! After the character is painted out, it's almost spectacular. It's a Nintendo version of the Qing Ming Shang He Tu!


In terms of gameplay, in addition to continuing the characteristics of the traditional fighting game, the “Battle of the Big Bang” retains the unique gameplay of each character to the greatest extent possible. The green cap warrior Link can use the bomb in the same way as "Zelda & middot; the wilderness of the wilderness"; Pac-Man will become a two-dimensional classic form in invincible state, and will show it as an 8-bit effect after eating the enemy. Score; Super dreams can hypnotize enemies and teleport.

But the biggest boss is still Kabi — — because after Kapi had eaten the enemy, he could have the ability of the enemy! After eating Linke, I can use Linke Rune. After I eat Starfire Firefox, I will get a gun. After I eat Pikachu, I'll discharge it.…



If Carby is the most awkward character in the game, then the fitness coach in Wii Fit is the character of the most sand sculpture …… this woman who takes you to do yoga, flat support, and hula hoop on the somatosensory console, also participates in The "Battle of the Big Thug," and gracefully beat the enemy while doing a healthy exercise.


In terms of gameplay, "Fighting & Middot; Special Edition" has added a series of subtle new operations to make combat more skillful. After pressing the left stick, the defense can be turned to avoid the attack in the air. Pressing the A key during the jump will cause a small jump attack. When the attack moment is mastered, pressing the defense key can completely avoid injury.

In addition, in the multiplayer battle, the damage will be reduced compared to the one-on-one duel, so that the game will have a better balance, and the time for each game will also increase appropriately.

In addition to an unprecedented number of characters, the stage of the duel in "Fighting & Middot; Special Edition" is the most varied in the entire series.

The stage to be displayed at the face-to-face meeting included the trainers' hall in Pokémon Dreams, the castle of Princess Peach Blossoms, the small island of "The Forest of Animals", and the tower of the Great Plains of "The Breath of the Wilderness."


The old king will watch you fight on the tower

Although "Buddhist" and other multi-role melee productions are inevitably inseparable from selling feelings, packing IPs, and keeping customers afloat, Nintendo's "Battle of the Big Bang" is definitely not one of them. As a multiplayer fighting game, "Battle" is both easy-to-use basic gameplay and high-end micromanipulation. Each character has a different style of play and skill, and there are surprise egg and character interactions at all times. .

To make everyone happy, "Fighting & Middot; Special Edition" also increased the number of players from four to eight. This game became more like a qualified party game.

At the time of the “Battle of the Big Misconduct” in Europe and America, the Chinese home-machine market has not yet been opened, and as a result, most Chinese players (including me) have no sense of “Battle of the Big Bang.” But Switch has so far sold about 600,000 units in China, and this wave has already caught more Chinese players.

Do not have too much burden, do not think about feelings. This time, let us embrace the “Battle of the Big Troops” and enjoy the pure fun of this classic action game and say “hello,” we have finally met in twenty years.

Release date: December 7, 2018




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