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Millet VR one machine experience: panoramic sound giant screen theater

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Millet VR machine packaging design has a very international product feel.

The inner packaging is black, the bottom is marked with the product model number V10, contents and so on.

It can be seen that it was produced on May 19 and it is very fresh.

Millet VR machine has a huge amount of games,videoContent, support iQIYI VR platform and Youku VR platform and so on. Not only that, Xiaomi and Oculus have achieved cooperation not only on the technical and hardware level, millet VR all-in-one software also has Oculus massive game and video content support. Users can purchase VR applications, games and video content in the Xiaomi VR application store. Up to now, there are more than a thousand models available for purchase.

Using the Fast Switch 2K ultra-clear screen custom-built by Xiaomi and Oculus, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 flagship processor, a panoramic sound approach headset, brings an immersive 3D giant screen theater.

The other side is the rice standard.

This is Xiaomi's first VR all-in-one product, jointly produced by Xiaomi and Oculus. Oculus is a virtual reality device company that was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion in July 2014. Today, the Oculus brand has become a leader in the VR all-in-one device industry.

Open the package, you can see the drawer like a box containing a VR machine and a handle. Other accessories are in the black box.

Millet VR machine uses millet's usual white + gray color, it looks simple and stylish.

Open the small box first to see, there is a charger inside, and a face sticker for use with glasses.

Other accessories include data cables, handle lanyards and instructions.

Millet VR machine comes with a good quality Micro USB data cable.

The glasses are silicone-laminated.

The appearance of the charger is similar to that of the millet mobile phone charger. The output parameter is 5V 2A. It is manufactured by Feihong (Dongguan) Electronics Co., Ltd.

The handle is a gray + black design that is ergonomically pleasing and feels great. There are two buttons on the front: the back button and the circle button. Above it is a touch pad. The touch pad itself is also a button. Press it to confirm the selection.

Behind the handle is a trigger-like button that is used in the game.

When playing shooting games, feel comfortable handle with millet VR camera realistic effects make people have a sense of presence.

At the bottom of the handle is a lanyard hole.

Millet VR glasses is a silver-gray anodized aluminum material, can achieve better cooling effect, compared to the international version of a large number of gray body, millet VR machine with a gray + white look more stylish and simple, more in line with The appetite of the domestic market.

On the right side there is a 3.5mm audio output and a Micro USB interface, and the Oculus LOGO is also placed on this side. To achieve the best sound experience in the game, it is necessary to wear headphones, so millet VR one machine provides a 3.5mm audio interface. However, as a product that is really convenient for everyone to use, there is still a need for a built-in speaker on the body. Xiaomi's well-designed panoramic sound near-field earphones are placed behind this bandage to achieve 360-degree tracking stereo sound effects.

From this point of view, the reflective effect of the positive anodized aluminum material makes this product look very futuristic.

According to my love of audio network experience, millet VR one machine's highly breathable fabric material elastic strap, worn on the head is particularly comfortable, there will be no sense of tightness.

Right above the millet VR glasses, there is a power button and a volume button.

Power button and indicator light, when you first pair the mobile phone app, when you turn on the phone and click the volume down, the phone will start to automatically find your millet VR all-in-one.

The end of the elastic straps are pulled together, and the diagonal direction of the car is divided into two from behind, and the back of the head is fastened from above and below. The strap is more stable and will not shake.

Warm security tips.

Xiaomi designed Asian-made face stickers for Asian faces, which is more suitable for Asian users' nose position and face shape, and is compatible with large glasses frames. The perfect fit face shape can effectively reduce the light leakage caused by incomplete fit when wearing, and create a more immersive VR experience. Of course, if you have a friend who looks particularly good-looking, you may feel a little tight, but it will not be uncomfortable. The shading effect can reach a better level.

According to my love of audio network analysis, this lens is not a traditional VR eyeglass lens. The millet VR camera uses an Oculus special modulation diffractive optical system, using custom shaped Fresnel lenses, effectively reducing glare, greatly reducing the previous generation of VR products. The sense of vertigo makes everything in the VR world appear more real and the immersion is stronger. This Fresnel lens also reduces the thickness of the lens, so that the overall body thickness is also reduced, greatly enhancing the experience.

There is a sensor above the bridge of the nose.

After wearing VR glasses, it feels like being in a giant screen movie theater, and the built-in 2K ultra-clear screen experience is awesome. In the system interface, the handle of millet VR one machine looks like a pointer, in the interface to send a laser to point where you want to choose. And you can feel the panoramic 360-degree sound without the need for an external headset. Xiao Bian tried to grasp the arm of the chair while playing the game such as the magic track, and was afraid that he could not sit on the roller coaster firmly. Of course, if you are in a quiet place, use a 3.5mm external headset. Wait until Xiaobian can build up courage one day, and immediately go and experience the horror game, because listening to friends saying VR immersive feeling will make people feel twice the fear, but the relative stimulation is also doubled. For users who like horror games, the good experience of VR glasses and the thrill of horror games will bring double happiness. However, Xiao Bian is still not very dare to play for the time being, because thinking about it all feels horrible. Why did it happen?

Millet VR one machine, start to use, only 425g body weight without using any other external devices and cables can be used for the user has brought a lot of convenience. In order to enhance the comfort of domestic users, a high-breathable back banding was adopted, and a face sticker was specially designed for Asian users. It is also equipped with a panoramic near-field earphone, which can be heard through the ducts on both sides of the VR headset to the ear, allowing 360-degree surround sound to be heard. Combined with the channel price from 1499 yuan, such a convenient product can achieve one of the wishes of Xiaomi and Oculus, that is, let more people enjoy VR.

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