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Millet Tang Mu: VR all-in-one target sells 100 thousand.

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Yesterday, millet 8 conference, also officially released millet and Facebook's Oculus cooperation VR integrated machine. Today, the head of the VR team, Tang Mu, the head of Oculus team, and the former Hugo executive of millet, have accepted an interview with Sina Technology.

Xiaomi VR team has been established for 3 years, in the past have done a lot of products, Tang Mu, Xiaomi VR integrated machine is mobile VR industry experience is the best. Lei Jun's evaluation of this product is unparalleled. He explained that the VR integrated machine is a high-performance mobile phone VR optical system sensor body-sensitive handle.

Millet VR all-in-one and Oculus GO, the shape of Logo and color matching are different. But in configuration, the 2K resolution screen and the Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 processor are adopted. In addition, the difference between the two products is still pasted. The millet VR all-in-one machine has also redesigned the facial features of Asians.

It is worth mentioning that the millet VR all-in-one machine is equipped with panoramic sound near field headphones to solve the problem of wire rod. Tang Mu introduces that you can enjoy without connecting headphones.

Millet and Oculus are complementary and short - length cooperation, Tang Mu said, in cost control, Oculus needs millet help, but the accumulation of VR technology is the strengths of the Oculus.

Hugo joined Oculus in April 2017. It has only been one year. Speaking of leaving from millet, Hugo said he wanted to be closer to his family.


Hugo said he was acquainted with the founder of Facebook long ago, and he was the first Oculus user. After entering the office, Zuckerberg set the goal for Hugo to break the number of Oculus users worldwide by 1 billion. This goal and Hugo's experience in millet also contributed to the cooperation between millet and Oculus to some extent.

At present, the millet VR all-in-one aircraft has been installed on the official application store. Tang Mu said that at present, the number of games in the store has exceeded 1000, and at the same time, it has cooperated with global studios and Iqiyi VR on video content. At the same time, he also said that in order to cultivate VR ecosystem, VR stores do not adopt a business model. (Zhongqi)

The following is the interview and consolidation:

Q: at present, technology has been able to realize wired VR wireless, so why does millet put computing chips into products?

Tang Mu: at present, the wireless transmission mode is not fully mature. Transmission stability and bandwidth are bottlenecks.

Q: millet mobile phone and millet VR one machine will have some linkage, similar to HTC.

Tang Mu: the current linkage is through the mobile phone to complete the set of millet VR all-in-one machine, and the mobile phone can also realize remote control.

At present, the millet VR one machine can not answer the phone in use, because the operation efficiency is relatively low.

Q: what are the efforts in ecological construction? Are there any plans for the to B market?

Hugo: at present, Oculus Go, millet VR all-in-one and even Gear VR adopt the same set of software standards, and developers do not need separate adaption.

In addition, through the cooperation of Xiaomi and Oculus, overseas high-quality content can also be directly introduced into China.

Tang Mu: the content of VR ecosystem is far from the current PC and mobile phone content. But the quality and quantity can satisfy the use of VR products at present.

Millet will meet some of the needs of the to B market at home, but it is more willing to cooperate with the millet and Oculus to expand the market quickly, and let the small and medium developers who have had to turn to the to B market to return to to C.

At present, in China, a large number of groups still do not know what VR is.

Q: what is the difference between China and the overseas VR market?

Hugo: in fact, there are still many similarities. VR is a new technology and trend. At present, VR users like to taste new technologies.

Tang Mu: for example, when I was making smart speakers last year, I was very worried about whether the demand for songs abroad was not accepted in China. But the market tells us that this demand is interlinked, so there is not much difference between the two markets.

Q: what is the expected sales volume of the millet VR machine?

Tang Mu: sales expectations, the small target is 100 thousand. But I think a successful product should be sold in millions of units.

Q: will the millet VR all-in-one machine develop the function of the ring?

Hugo: This is a good user requirement, but it is very difficult to solve this function while giving users a good user experience.

To solve this problem, it is more necessary to solve AR problem rather than VR.

Q: Little bully also wants to be VR. Do you think they have a chance?

Tang Mu: the VR industry seems to have a low threshold, but in fact, the threshold is very high.

Last year, many small businesses in Huaqiang North were making VR boxes, but in fact, there were too many things to do in the VR industry. At present, the VR industry is still in the stage of user education.

Q: when will the VR experience in "number one player" come into reality?

Hugo:2018 is the time to popularize the concept of VR all-in-one machine. One machine is a form of changing the usability of the VR industry. Before all VR products need to connect to a computer or insert a cell phone, that means you need a powerful mobile phone or computer.

Oculus and millet jointly released the VR all-in-one machine is hoping to provide a one-step solution, VR all-in-one will explode this year.

Q: will little love be in the VR?

Tang Mu: it's difficult, but it's thinking.

Q: how long is the millet VR one?

Tang Mu: at present, the test result is 2-3 hours' continuous use.

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