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Dong Mingzhu: Nobody can not sin Gree will not have today

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"I've had a brain for that game."


Gree, which played the slogan "Made in China," seemed to be separated from the fast-growing internet economy. It was precisely because of this that the "star enterprise" in the manufacturing industry and Xiaomi's match against the game had caused widespread discussion. . In the interview, Dong Mingzhu responded to this incident.

Dong Mingzhu said: "It was like this. In the background, Lei Jun said that they (programs) said let me tell you that you know? I said no one told me that he (Lei Jun) said that after I read your information I think that Gree is amazing, but let me bet with you, we still go to the stage to do something like that. He said that he would bet a dollar, and I said that you wouldn’t say anything about it. After he took office, Lei Jun still took it. Come out and say that for a dollar, then I will say that if you want to bet, you will bet against it. Ten billion will be taken out."

Dong Mingzhu believes that this open "bet game" isIn fact, he and Lei Jun are not at all a platform, or simply not a person of the earth.However, everyone really hopes that he (Lei Jun) can do it. In fact, winning or losing is not important, but in this way to make everyone clearly aware of their responsibilities, "The responsibility is too important." Dong Mingzhu said.

And when everyone thinks this is a small joke of fun, Dong Mingzhu said that he has had a brain to beat this bet. Dong Mingzhu laughed: "If you (Lei Jun)'s data exceeds me, I hope this data is more transparent."

Facing Wu Xiaobo’s small proposal that “tax should be used instead of turnover”, Dong Mingzhu also puts out his own tax data, saying that on the basis of the national tax relief in 2017, Gree gave the country five years The tax has also exceeded 80 billion. If Lei Jun is betting with himself (Dong Mingzhu), he hopes that everyone can clearly explain the figures and that sales can also be made. Dong Mingzhu also laughed and said: "Lei Jun is now back to innovation and return to the product. On this point, I have won."

"I can't be wrong."

Regarding himself with the high-profile remarks “I can't do anything wrong” and Wu Xiaobo’s “What to do in case of mistakes”, Dong Mingzhu asked: “Can Gree do anything wrong? It can't be wrong. ”

Dong Mingzhu gave a reason: When he makes a decision, he will first do risk prevention and control.There are many unknown things, but you can't quit because of the risks."It must be done, but after it is done, it cannot affect the survival of the company." Dong Mingzhu, for example, said that if I prepared 50 billion yuan for investment, 50 billion would not exist, but it did not affect the healthy development of the company. No one can guarantee that everything is right. If an unsuccessful business leads to a collapse of the business, this is the wrong decision.

And for one of his own decisions, the Gree mobile phone, Dong Mingzhu said: “We are very happy and ah well. Because we produce ourselves, we don’t have a big scale. Small-scale enterprises can sell it after they produce it. Gree mobile phone) to feed yourself on it."

Return to Gree's core area. In the field of air-conditioning, Dong Mingzhu bluntly stated that compared with foreign countries, at least Gree is not inferior to any other, and it can be said that it is not inferior and is leading.

"I speak well"

From 1990 to the present, Dong Mingzhu has been almost 30 years in the industry. However, Dong Mingzhu said he did not feel bored. On the contrary, he would always be dissatisfied with himself and would always think that what he was doing was flawed.

In such a long time, Dong Mingzhu always initiated a series of external discussions with radical and bold remarks. However, Dong Mingzhu still considers himself a "very good speaker."

Dong Mingzhu said that when he was a salesman, everyone called himself "Dong Jie." Everyone said that "Daughter Dong had better speak." She can also go back to be a minister because he speaks well. And now many people say that they are not good at speaking. That's because at work, oneself will become unspeakable.

Dong Mingzhu once went all the way from Gree's salesman to minister. In her opinion, the difference between a minister and a salesman is that one is in charge of management and construction; the other is management.And when the minister must be offending people, Dong Mingzhu believes that he must be tit for tat with others, but not for your colleagues, nor for your career, and is in direct opposition to bad behavior.She said: "No one can be sinned and not a good minister."

“No one can sin against these people, Gree will not have today.”

Wu Xiaobo asked a more “sensitive” question: One day you (Dong Mingzhu) no longer be the chairman of Gree, and left the company. After three years and five years, can the system and culture formed by Gree be passed down? ?

Dong Mingzhu said frankly, "To be honest, this question is not easy to answer."

Dong Mingzhu has always believed that the faith, perseverance, and values ​​of the top leaders are very important, and it is also important for the number one person to choose. She bluntly said that her wealth has been a lot and she can completely enjoy it without doing work. However, she believes that her value is not a matter of enjoyment. Value is a change that is reflected in this process.

Dong Mingzhu believes thatThe two most important things for a company to grow from a hundred-year enterprise to a millennium-based enterprise, and to an ever-lasting enterprise are, first, to establish a system; second, to cultivate a group of people who dare to speak the truth.

Talking about his offenders, Dong Mingzhu said with a smile that these people cannot be sinned and Gree is not today. For instance, before cutting off the Hubei dealership, Dong Mingzhu smiled and asked if the sales of Gree could be reduced to 150 billion yuan (RMB).

As for the “breakup” incident between Gree and Gome in 2004, Dong Mingzhu still believes that this is his own success. Although she lost some of the benefits of cooperation with Gome, she retained the interests of 99% of distributors, so she thinks herself It is a success.

Wu Xiaobo also mentioned those lawsuits between Gree and Midea. Dong Mingzhu bluntly stated that he did not offend Fang Hongbo (the chairman of the United States) but Fang Hongbo offended himself. “They’ve done a lot, endlessly, going to Gree to dig people. Can you not resist? To steal my patents, can you not fight a lawsuit? Many of my patents are sold to others, but 'steal' is not so good. ".

Dong Mingzhu also said that this is not necessarily Fang Hongbo's intention, but he still has to give him a suggestion: his (beautiful) corporate culture must be reformed.

"What kind of boss is this industry will be like?"

Dong Mingzhu's corporate culture set by Gree is "loyalty."

Dong Mingzhu said that people who have switched jobs to Gree in the home appliance industry have “not asked” themselves, and Gree’s current cadres are all their own (Gree)'s children. There are no shortage of 80, now Dong Mingzhu will boldly start after 90.

In the dialogue, Wu Xiaobo mentioned that Gree’s impression of Gree's mold factory is the deepest. To this Dong Mingzhu introduced, do mold factory to have a spirit in it, because it is a large investment, small revenue, long cycle. At this stage, it is basically paying. There is no return in 10 years, but after 10 years, it will definitely bring rewards.

Dong Mingzhu believes that this process can be considered from two perspectives. “First, think from the national level, China wants to truly go to the world, without which these things cannot be strengthened; secondly, from the perspective of corporate development, Gree used to do All the equipment of the air-conditioning is dependent on others.Our intelligent transformation does not stop on the surface.If production can be automated, it is called automated production. I think the era of intelligence is that Gree has the power to create these intelligent equipments by itself. This is true. Smart transformation."

When it comes to the industry, Dong Mingzhu believes that the "boss" in an industry is very important and what the boss is like and what the industry will be like. At the same time, technology is endless, you want to always be the boss, but also constantly challenge yourself, only in this way, others will always follow you.

“What changes will happen to the air-conditioning industry in the next five years?” Dong Mingzhu did not answer this question. She only said that how to change, Gree is the boss, “This will not change.” Dong Mingzhu repeated these two words. Times.She said that even if he did not do it, Gree's "boss" position will not change.Because he has spent a great deal of effort in recent years, he has completed the establishment of systems, capital, and talent for Gree.

Dong Mingzhu’s reason for controversy and discussion is largely because of her “female entrepreneur” status. However, in Dong Mingzhu's view, there is no difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the gender. If you choose a position, you should ask yourself according to the criteria of your job. Do not use yourself to behave according to gender.

"There must be a sense of peace," Dong Mingzhu said. "Do not always review what you do because of what others say. You will always be able to exist. Your offending interest group will always play against you. People you offend always hate you."

In the end, Wu Xiaobo asked Dong Mingzhu's two regrets. Dong Mingzhu’s expression was instantly resolute, and then softer. She said that she regrets that she is lacking in family care and has too few parents. But she went on to say that there must be a small number of people in the world who cannot accompany their parents so that so many people can accompany their parents.

"Really, this is the case," Dong Mingzhu said.

Perhaps, Dong Mingzhu's people are like Wu Xiaobo's feelings on the show: Girls like her are rare.

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