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Google I/O conference summary: There are foxes on the map to show you the way

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Here's what Google announced in the keynote:

Android P

Google claims that its latest operating system is "the vision of an AI centered on the operating system." Here are some of the new features it pre-displayed for the operating system that may be released later this year.

Simpler design.The new version of Android will become even simpler. At the bottom of the operating system, Android P replaces the original three buttons with a single Home button. With this Home button, you can use shortcuts to open 5 applications that the operating system thinks you may most want to open. Swipe up again to show all apps on your phone. Swipe left and right on the Home button to scroll through all open applications.

"shush"Quiet mode.Android P will have a new "shush" mode. When the phone is not in use, it will turn off all notification reminders, vibrations, and prompts. The goal is to allow users to focus more on the phone when they shouldn't be looking at the phone. Things, such as when attending a meeting. Calls from important people (such as family members) will still be released.

Calm mode.This new mode will make the phone's screen gray after an hour, Google said this helps prevent you from continuing to use the phone in bed. But if you don't want to sleep right now, you can turn this feature off.

Monitor application usage frequency.The Android app will show you how often you use certain apps. In the past, it just let you know how much power those applications consume, but now it will let you know how often you watch your phone. You can also remind yourself to stop using them by setting up apps.

Rotation control.You will be able to control the timing of the phone's screen rotation: You do not have to specifically turn on or turn off the rotary lock switch, the operating system will automatically display a small icon when you rotate the phone so that you can choose to close or open the rotary lock for a specific interface. However, the general rotation lock will maintain its original state.

On Android PAbove, for a specific screen, you can choose whether to rotate the screen.

Better battery management features.Android P knows which apps you use frequently and will try to consume only those apps. Google said that in the Android P test, the wake-up of the processor (the frequency at which the device turns on the processor) is reduced by 30%. It will also introduce adaptive brightness settings, Android will understand your brightness preferences in different settings.

Apply the action.Over time, Android will know more about how you use your phone. If you always call your sister in the evening or go for a run after work, you will see those activity reminders on the startup screen. If you connect a headset, Android will suggest that you continue listening to the album you last listened to on Spotify. The Google search bar will now also support deep links to applications. For example, if you search for "Avengers: Infinity War" in the search bar, it will show you the option to book tickets on Fandango or watch trailers on YouTube in search results suggestions.

Fragment information.Developers will be able to add their own information to the Google search bar: For example, if you type "Lyft" to open the application, you have to take a taxi to a place where you will see the car pick you up and arrive at your home or office The time needed.

ML KitMachine Learning Toolkit.Various machine learning tools will be provided to developers so that they can make their applications more intelligent. The ML Kit software includes tools for image tagging, text recognition, facial recognition, and other artificial intelligence tools developed by Google.

Android PBeta.Google will launch a beta version of its next operating system today. It will provide Google with selected devices including Pixel 2 and handsets from Essential, OnePlus, Nokia, vivo, Xiaomi, OPPO and Sony.

Google did not say when Android P will be fully released, nor does it say that P stands for anything, but from the past few years, we are likely to learn more about the relevant information in the fall.

Artificial Intelligence Update

Google AssistantNatural dialogue.You don't have to keep saying "Hey Google" to talk to your Google Assistant assistant. Once you have received the attention of the assistant, you can naturally ask its follow-up questions. For example, you can talk like this:

"Hey Google, talk about the Warriors' game."


"Oh, can you turn off the lights?"

Google will listen and execute your orders.

Ask multiple questions at once.Now, you will be able to give several questions and instructions at the same time. Google Assistant will be able to infer what you want to know when you ask a few questions at once. On stage, Google asked, "who was the governor of California when Kevin Durant was chosen in the NBA draft?" "who chose him?" Google Assistant successfully judged these questions to be independent, saying Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor in 2007, when Seattle elected Durant.

Strengthen children's courtesy behavior.Like the main competitors in the virtual assistant market, Google announced that it has created a function to strengthen their courtesy behavior when children ask Google Assistant. When people add the word “please” when making a request to the assistant, it will say something like “thank you for your courtesy inquiries” before answering.

The sound of nature. Google has created a new sound structure called "Wavenet" among its virtual assistants, introducing six more natural sounds, including the melodious sound of famous singer John Legend.

Singer John Legend is Google AssistantRecord his voice.

Other Google AssistantUpdate.Google will work with Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dominos and other companies to introduce voice subscription services for Google Assistant. You will soon be able to order the drinks you normally buy from this app directly. Users will also be able to share their arrival time when using Google Maps Navigation. Other forms of Google Assistant will also be updated, such as the upcoming Lenovo touch screen and other Google Assistant products, as well as cars equipped with Google's car system Google Auto.

Lens update.Google Lens is a computer vision technology built into Google's webcam and is now able to scan the real world in real time. Pointing your phone around you, it should be able to figure out what you are looking at, whether it is the name of the book, how tall the building is, or the breed of dog in front of you, it can be judged.

Google said that all these features will be launched later this year.

TPU 3.0chip.Google also announced the third version of its Tensor Processing Unit, which is designed for high-performance artificial intelligence devices. Pitchai said that the new version of the functional performance of the version released last year, 8 times.

Artificial smart phone

Google announced a new feature for Google Assistant called Duplex. In the future, users will be able to request this assistant to make various appointments, such as booking a dinner table. Google Assistant will call the merchants themselves to make an appointment by talking to them.

Pichchai showed some conversations between Google Assistant and the real person. The assistant's task was to make a haircut appointment and determine if the restaurant needed a reservation. Although these conversations are relatively straightforward, in both cases they succeeded in making the human on the other end of the phone feel like they were talking to another person. Google Assistant even added modal words such as 唔 and 呃 to the conversation.

Pichchai did not give Duplex's timetable to the user. He said that the company hopes to get it done before it can be used to bring the technology to the world. However, the demonstration is impressive and people can get a glimpse of the company’s current AI research progress.

Google Maps Update

Augmented reality in the map.Soon after, when using Google Maps, you will be able to use the camera of your phone to let the app point you in the right direction and help you reach your destination. A floating arrow will appear on the map, guiding you to walk in the right direction. Google said it is also considering getting a cartoon fox to point you in the direction of walking. Open the webcam on Google Maps and you will also have access to an Augmented Reality view of businesses and activities near you.

Personalized recommendation For You.Google will introduce a new tag in Google Maps to present what you should be interested in, including new merchants in your area, your favorite places (based on your past reviews), and the app knows you are visiting The place. The latest information on the merchants you have visited will also be provided on this tab, and soon you will be able to make reservations directly on it.

ListsList.If you're thinking about where to go for lunch with friends, you can list a simple list of potential restaurants on Google Maps and share them with friends instead of copying a bunch of links. Your friends can also add their own suggestions.

These updates will be launched later this summer.

A cartoon fox guides you on Google Maps.

GmailHelp you easily write emails

For many people, writing emails is an annoying thing, and Google will simplify this task for you. It is about to introduce an assistive technology called "smart compose" to help users complete the sentences they are writing. When you start typing in Google's commonly used phrases or information about yourself, such as your address, Gmail now gives you hints about what to enter. Press the tab key, it will write the contents of its prompt.

When Google introduced a new version of Gmail last month, it brought "Smart reply" smart reply to all users, and "smart compose" was a super version of the feature. The new features will be available to Gmail users in the coming weeks and will be available to professional G Suite users in the coming months.

Google Photo Update

Google Photos will automatically identify the user’s friends in the photo and advise them to share photos with those friends. Google has also introduced new special effects features, including the ability to color old black and white photos. Users will also be able to convert photos of documents into pdf format, which means that people will no longer need scanners.

Driverless car updates

Google gave Waymo, one of its Alphabet brothers, some stage time. John Krafcik, the company's chief executive, announced that Waymo would launch a fully automated ride-hailing service later this year. The service will first be launched in Phoenix, Arizona, one of Waymo's recent vehicle testing cities.

Waymo CEO John Krafcik spoke at Google's I / O conference.

Google News Update

Google recreated its news application around artificial intelligence. The app will continue to show you five things it believes will interest you. It will constantly search the web for local news and your search history to determine what you really want to know. It also brings content from non-traditional news sources, including YouTube and podcasts. Google said, "Our artificial intelligence will continuously read the Internet's information flow for you."

It will also show you relevant information about the news, including headlines, tweets, and other reports that provide more content, as well as the timelines of related news coverage. This feature is called "full coverage." No matter what kind of political inclination, no matter where you are, everyone will see the same information.

You can also subscribe to news articles via Google News. You can use your credit card stored in your Google account directly and click on a button to subscribe without the need for newswebsiteFill in the form and enter the credit card information.

The new version of Google News started today in 127 countries and it should be able to reach everyone by next week.

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