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Why does BAT kill the NetEase?

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So far, Ding Lei is one of the few who have never published a book.

Tencent produced "Tencent Zhuan", Baidu produced "Intelligent Revolution", Liu Qiang came out east.

History can't be assumed, but some people are keen to assume that a few years ago there was a very hot book called "virtual history". The author was a professor of history at the Harvard University. The old man assumed from Charlie I to Gorbachev to give every impossible historical event.

In fact, the Internet is the same, let us assume that if the year was not closed, Wang Xing would not change the venture, then there would be no US group. Similarly, Zhang Yiming, an intern of the same year, would not leave the business to do the headlines. I'm afraid today's Internet pattern is going to be changed. Write.

Time to push 20 years, if the Ding Lei from the Ningbo Telecommunications Bureau went out of the Guangzhou Telecommunications Bureau's domain name registration and construction station system business, then Ding Lei will not turn to mailbox, games, e-commerce, China's Internet history will be more than a million net China, Ding Lei became the father of the domain name (maybe now) There is no NetEase.

So everything is arranged in heaven.

Last night I was thinking about a question, an interesting one: today's headline, born 2012 years ago, is now the public enemy of BAT, and another company that has no friends is

So we can sum up two rules:

1, any business valued at more than US $1 billion will touch the interests of BAT.

2, those who do not have a team are more difficult to live.

But the NetEase is an exception.

History more than 20 years of NetEase, like an old driver, driving a stable, stable, from the past three big portal era, to the SP era, to the mobile Internet, and the BAT triode pattern. The NetEase has not been subverted and has not been left behind, the tuyere has changed, from the game live, to O2O, to the VR, to the block chain, the venture company after the tuyere has been replaced by another stubble, the NetEase is holding out, like an old driver who is opening the mountain road, can rely on the instinct to avoid falling rocks and deep pit, out of a person. A curve trajectory that can't be copied.

In other words, when all companies live in DAU, stay, flow, and how to increase anxiety at a high speed, the NetEase is a bit like jumping out of the three worlds, not in the five lines of the Taoist, a gentle fan, already changed the world.

A model of heavy money

The NetEase is a typical company with a big fortune.

NetEase first developed the game on the basis of mailbox and wireless value-added services as a basic disk and embarked on the fast lane since then. The game business of the NetEase has made a great deal of money in the past few years. The dream westward tour and the big talk in the PC era have been the NetEase's signboard products. After 14 years of transplantation to the mobile terminal, they have become the overlord of the mobile terminal and topped the list of the App Store charts for a long time.

One detail reflects NetEase's low-key pragmatism. That is the dream west travel mobile phone game version is 15 years before the launch of the mobile phone game at that time has been played several rounds, NetEase has not introduced mobile games products, people wonder whether NetEase has been left behind.

As a result, NetEase released dozens of mobile game products in 15 years, turning the whole situation around.

In fact, how could Ding Lei not understand the trend of mobile Internet?

When iPhone4 was released that year, Ding Lei gave every executive a iPhone phone, so that each of them could study the mobile Internet well. Ding Lei is also the first group of mobile Internet users.

But NetEase is like this, do not chase the draught, do not toss about, always at the time when it feels most appropriate.

Now the whole game market is that the NetEase can compete with Tencent. For so many years, Tencent is so tough and full of attacks that it has been pressed to kill a market with "Yin Yang teacher" and "Ping An peace Beijing". The reason behind it lies in its original ability and excellent strategy, and this part is not available to Tencent who specializes in traffic typing.

For example, 14 years is a year of a huge change in the NetEase game. Ding Lei summoned dozens of project groups to start. Each project group had a budget of 20 million, which required only one, only to do the best, which was not available to many companies.

Hannibal said,

It ' s easy to be on the military .

In the music market, copyright is the core, but NetEase's cloud music is a social reality. As the Tencent bought the exclusive copyright with high prices, while the NetEase market share was constantly fed into the market, NetEase cloud music, in addition to the active purchase of copyright, communication and authorization, also put eyes on other growth points, for example, before Wang Yiyun music made a short video cash incentive plan, what does it mean? People release original music, singing, dancing, ACG, games and so on. Both original music and the content of the music can be seen as part of the plan, and individuals can also make money for original video on the NetEase cloud. It can be understood that NetEase has focused on its strengths, social networking and operations.

If you want to switch to another company, you will definitely knock on the Tencent with copyright. But how many companies can burn money with Tencent? And in the enterprise culture of the NetEase, there has always been no money to burn this, since you play the copyright card, then I will change a set of playing, surprise, this flexible idea, I am afraid there are few Internet Co.

The electricity supplier is not to mention it. Yan Xuan and koala have become the second growth points outside the NetEase game, and are still growing continuously. In 2017, the NetEase's annual financial report showed that the net income of e-commerce business was 11 billion 670 million yuan ($1 billion 794 million), up 156.9% from the same period, and became the second business section after the game business.


An advertisement of Koala sea, an electronic business platform of NetEase, was introduced by Ding Lei himself.

This is the success of a series of listed e-commerce companies such as jumei.com, Jingdong, Ali.

NetEase never seems to worry about taking a slow shot or being promoted to such a thing. He can always catch the best opportunity and make a move.

Including the Internet lottery before, all are NetEase's representative works. In the sense of commercial olfactory sensitivity, NetEase should be the most sensitive among all Internet Co.

What is the core competitiveness?

There is a question: how can NetEase always make bright products?

This question can be the same as last year's BusinessWeek reporter's interview with Ding Lei.How to use a word or a word to describe the NetEase?

Ding Lei answered without thinking.

NetEase following post, NetEase music subway brushing screen, NetEase running road, sleeping position big battle, NetEase entertainment annual inventory, NetEase opera fine open class

In essence, the communication ability of the NetEase is stronger than any marketing company on the market. The reason is that the products made by the NetEase are all very fine, that is, the products are good enough to grind, and the details are deep enough, but the most important thing is to have a taste.


Jingdong always likes to publicize Liu Qiangdong's local complex and poor children, but Ding Lei, a middle-class family, is more able to grasp the consumption taste of the middle class. Before setting up NetEase cloud music, he has stored thousands of songs in his CD, because he can not buy a suitable towel on the market to set up NetEase's strict selection. An Internet Godfather standing at the crossroads of technology and humanities is stepping up the taste of the middle class people who are upgrading their consumption.

So you say you are Tencent users, Jingdong users, Taobao users, will not have a special label and impression, but only you say you are a user of NetEase, you will feel that you have a taste, think, not blind.

What is the impact of taste? It will affect a person's basic judgment about things, such as Ding Lei's view that the canteen is a place where people have a sense of belonging, so the NetEase hang Yan's canteen is a lot more advanced than the other's canteen in the dining hall of Hangzhou, and the taste is better than many restaurants. And, for example, the sound quality, Ding Lei thinks the music works itself is an aesthetic. A work of detail. You let users listen to 128K and you can't hear a lot of details. In itself, it does not respect music.

Back to the original question, why BAT can't kill NetEase, because NetEase is a low-key and pragmatic company, he can always take the opportunity to seize the opportunity, and he is not fooling around, does not burn money, from the hundred regiment war, the O2O war, and then to the shared economic war, NetEase is all absent, but this does not affect the position of the industry.

If Ding Lei is compared to a captain, he will pursue safety first and speed next.

The Internet world of smoke, in a few years on the city's head change the banner, not to be with the BAT, it has become the United States and today's headlines, better to retreat a step of light, like a NetEase to do a silent sweep of the monk.

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