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What are the reasons for the US sanctions on ZTE? 35 bonuses for employee bonuses not written

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Tencent's "One Line" Yan Dongfu reported on April 19th

These days, ZTE, which is in the midst of the US whirlwind of sanctions, has become the focus of attention in the industry. The outside world is even more divergent about ZTE's illegal insider. Some people say that ZTE should not make low-level mistakes. Others say that this is a provocation of the United States under trade friction.

In response, Global Times Chief Editor Hu Xijin issued a micro-blog today. "This is a raid launched by the United States to China's high-tech industry. Can't find a reason to add it?" ”.

Want to add sin? Hu Xijin further pointed out that the reason why the United States blocked ZTE this time was not because it sold Iran’s alleged contraband equipment to Iran. It had already been dealt with. This lore was only because the US stated that ZTE promised to dismiss the four senior executives and deduct the bonus of the relevant 35 personnel. However, ZTE only fired the 4 executives and did not deduct the bonus of the 35 employees. That is, there is no bonus but the deduction is the only reason, not something else.

In fact, the U.S. sanctions against ZTE can be traced back to March 2016 when the U.S. Department of Commerce imposed export restrictions on ZTE and prohibited U.S. component suppliers to ZTE Communications exports components, software, equipment and other technical products.

In March 2017, ZTE pleaded guilty in the United States Federal Court of Texas, acknowledging violations of the sanctions and selling Iranian goods and technology to Iran. At that time, ZTE reached a settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Justice.

But why has it reached a settlement and re-announced the ban? The reason given by the U.S. Department of Commerce officials at this time was that according to the agreement at that time, ZTE promised to dismiss 4 senior employees, and held 35 employees by reducing bonuses or penalties. However, ZTE admitted in March this year that the company only dismissed 4 senior employees, did not penalize 35 employees or reduce its bonus.

Hu Xijin thinks this matter is flawed. According to a review of the materials of the US Department of Justice and the Ministry of Commerce, he found that in the judgment of the Ministry of Justice on March 6, 2017, only the terms of the 4 senior executives were required to be dismissed by ZTE, and there was no mention of 35 employee bonuses. "We further found out that although recent reports in the US media have raised 35 employee bonuses, they could not find any of the legal documents before the U.S. Department of Commerce's April 15 killing of ZTE. Mention of the 35 employees. ”

At the same time, on the 18th, an attorney who did not want to be identified expressed similar questions to the media. According to the information released by the U.S. Department of Commerce and ZTE, the punishment of 35 people has not been mentioned. The US Department of Commerce’s implementation of the embargo against ZTE because of this issue deserves in-depth discussion.

Regarding the above-mentioned queries, Tencent’s “First Line” asked the ZTE official for confirmation and the other party did not respond.

The lawyer mentioned to the media that in July 2017, ZTE issued a letter to the U.S. Department of Commerce indicating that the rectification was over and gave a list of 39 individuals. The fuse of this incident is precisely here. The US Department of Commerce believes that ZTE has falsified the punishment of the relevant personnel involved in the incident. Of the employees who were found to have been punished, “everyone except one” was found to have received the full-year 2016 bonus from the company.

According to the situation announced at that time, this list was proposed by ZTE on a voluntary basis. During this period, it had also communicated with the U.S. government. In the end, the United States did not give a clear reply to ZTE in 2017. "The lawyer said to the media that before the United States responded, ZTE actually handled 39 people. In addition to dismissing four individuals, it also handled the remaining 35 people to different degrees."

Hu Xijin did not express the same view. "Is the US Justice Department, the Ministry of Commerce and ZTE not negotiating? Is the difference between the two sides understood? If the United States attaches great importance to the deduction of the bonus of the 35 employees, why did it not enter the judgment of the US Department of Justice on March 6, 2017? Why do we not need legal documents to emphasize the seriousness of this request? Why did you suddenly come up with this issue as an excuse for lore for Zhongxing? It is ZTE’s desire to destroy a big company of 80,000 people because of the bonus of 35 people. Or does the United States need such an excuse? ”.

According to another content that Tencent’s “One Line” exclusively acquired, ZTE is applying to the U.S. Department of Commerce for providing interpretive guidance on the partial prohibition of passwords.

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