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The era abandoned the WiFi master key

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A few years ago when the Spring Festival returned home, one of the necessary software is "WIFI master key".

At that time, mobile phone traffic was still a scarce scarce resource. One month of 500M or 1G data package operators may think that users stay in the era of functional machines that use the web to read news.

The 1M one dollar bill really has a traffic fee that can owe a house overnight. "No traffic" & rdquo;, & ldquo; Traffic is not enough & rdquo; & ldquo; Traffic ”, is the end of the month in the basin of friends Tucao high-frequency topics.

The emergence of "WIFI master key" has caught the pain points of all users: nothing is better than WIFI to solve the traffic problem. In the four standards commonly used by the Internet industry for judging a good product, "WIFI Master Key" almost corresponds to:

  1. Can you force it?
  2. Is it high frequency demand?
  3. Is it a long time demand?
  4. Willing to pay?

Brutal growth

The WiFi Master Key was born out of the Shanda Research Institute and is a project that Chen Dainian brewing for a long time. Chen Damin is the brother of Chen Tianqiao and the founder of Shanda Games. He has more than 20 years of experience in the Internet and is also the best programmer representative in China.

The experience of pushing the Internet bar in the early years of playing games made Chen Dainian grasp the needs of the users very accurately. Unlike Chen Tianqiao, he likes to make investments. Chen Dainian likes to do a product himself.

In 2012, the Shanda Research Institute was basically in a state of dissolution, but Chen Danian still brought out the master key team and set up Lian Shang Network Co., Ltd., and later set up the head office group.

In 2013, the mobile internet began to develop and gradually matured. Smartphones have also been widely used. However, the three major operators used to continue to use traffic as a tool to attract gold. .

However, compared with the same demand for traffic flow in the age of functional machines, the traffic black hole that has just entered the era of smart machines can be described as a river.

As a result, positioning the accurate WiFi master key, riding a huge flow-entry black hole and being entangled by the times, the rocket generally grows.

In the first two years of the development of the WiFi Master Key, it was almost obscure. However, during the Spring Festival of 2014, Chen Da Nian announced that the Master Key Team's year-end award was started by a Tesla employee who had been employed for more than 4 months. The master key started to be frequently used for himself. Promotional campaign.

This year, the first publicly announced data of the WiFi master key was: 500 million users and 230 million monthly activities.

At the beginning of 2015, Lian Shang Network obtained US$52 million Series A round of financing with a valuation of US$1 billion, creating a record of the round of financing and valuation of Series A in the domestic Internet industry.

In June of the same year, Lian Shang Network’s equity crowdfunding created three records of domestic equity crowdfunding with a subscription value exceeding RMB 7.7 billion, an over-subscription of 237 times, and financing of RMB 65 million.

After announcing its entry into the overseas market in 2015, the data provided by the WiFi Master Key in 2016 was: The number of global users exceeded 900 million, monthly active users reached 520 million, and the number of daily connections exceeded 4 billion.

The amount of such users is not exactly what APPs can achieve in China.

However, the industry has a lot of questions about the sudden outbreak of data on the WiFi master key. Why did you announce that the number of users reached 500 million on the first day of the year? When is the time being 100 million, 200 million, or 300 million yuan?

Is the installed capacity counterfeit or suspected of stealing user privacy and not sending it secretly?

The WiFi Master Key responded by saying that no previous release of operational data was to prevent BAT plagiarism.

Chen Danian also responded on several occasions that he was doing his own company, like Taijiquan. In the early stage, he was mainly engaged in research and development, and he had to work hard.

But with the 900 million user's unicorn master key, public financing and valuations are just the same as in 2015.

The situation has changed so fast that the master key has not had time to stir the times but it has been abandoned by the times.

The mission of the WiFi master key is over

The increase in flow rates and fees is the direct cause of the loss of the WiFi master key.

Compared with the previous reluctance to use the three major operators to increase speed and reduce fees, compared with word games, the two years under the pressure of the government and the market, the flow rates are falling at a rate that is visible to the naked eye.

Compared with a WiFi master key that was handed back to the family in the past, Xiao Bang returned home this spring and almost no one mentioned it. Occasionally someone says that the traffic is not enough, and then another person will quickly stand up and proud smile: I'll give you a hot spot.

No one in the pool of friends shouting that traffic is not enough, but more in the tan is his brilliant record of consumption this month, generally starting 20G, not capped, which was almost unimaginable two years ago.

These phenomena all reflect a problem. The lack of traffic is not the pain point for users. The first-tier and second-tier cities need not say that they have WiFi in their homes, and third and fourth-tier cities all have WiFi coverage at fixed places today.

In particular, after the Unicom mixed reform, various king cards, god cards, and treasure cards that were jointly customized with various internet companies. The unlimited traffic packages of the three major operators have also emerged in an endless stream. The same fees as the previous ones almost make users no longer feel the existence of traffic.

When the big environment develops into such a way, WiFi master key directly loses its meaning after connecting another person's WiFi is no longer a user's demand.

To some extent, the WiFi master key that lost the most direct value may not be as good as the footprint and face budding.

Privacy is the last straw to kill the WiFi master key

The privacy issue is a hidden mine that has been buried by the WiFi master key.

In the past few years, 蹭 WiFi was more important than privacy protection. Although this ray is controversial, it has not been ignited by the public.

However, when the demand for WiFi was no longer, and the privacy protection problem rose to a high point, the WiFi master key, which lost its positive value, began to be liquidated.

The working principle of the master key is very simple. The software turns on the “Share hotspots automatically” function by default. When you use your phone to connect your home WiFi network, “WiFi Master Key” will actively collect password information while Upload to the server. Therefore, any mobile phone equipped with a WiFi master key can connect to your home network.

For a long time, the question of the privacy of the WiFi master key has been focused on the easy access of ordinary users to fishing hotspots. The WiFi master key has also claimed that he has done a lot of preventive measures against fishing hotspots and can identify most of the fishing hotspots.

In fact, compared to fishing hotspots, strangers connecting to their own WiFi are the real danger.

If you share the hotspot yourself, and the next-door neighbor is not Uncle Wang, a junior hacker, then it is possible for him to connect your WiFi through such software, thus entering the "LAN" of your router, which is for you. Personal privacy and property security will cause great hidden dangers.

The WiFi universal key has always been classified as a shared economy. Chen Da Nian has always expressed that:

"The security issue is not a problem caused by the sharing economy. After all, before the emergence of all sharing economies, the corresponding security problems have long existed, but the security issue is indeed a problem that needs to be solved in the implementation of the sharing economy." That is, if you share a private car, you need to consider whether the person who gets in the car is safe and whether the driver who drives is safe. Switching to the WiFi domain is whether the WiFi hotspot itself is secure and whether the device seeking to connect is secure. ”

The logic of Chen Dainian is not wrong. Even if there is no sharing economy, some security problems still exist, but blind sharing has a hundredfold magnification of the security issue.

Compared with other sharing economies, WiFi sharing has always lacked regulatory protection. Even for commercial interests, the feature of sharing hotspots is by default open. Many times, if you do not uninstall the master key, all your connected WiFi passwords will be Share it out.

Perhaps in the first two years, the WiFi master key chose to keep pace, and when users grew wildly, they chose to remain silent. Compared with the slightly far-fetched reason of fear of BAT plagiarism, it is more reasonable to have a guilty conscience for supervision.

After all, even in the years when the WiFi master key was developed, even if its data was dazzling, BAT did not dare to follow the trend and promote similar products.

At the launch conference of Xiaomi 3, Lei Jun had announced that MIUI's own hotspot sharing function (the same principle as wifi master key sharing) caused a great uproar. Two days later, Xiaomi announced the suspension of the MIUI WiFi sharing function and destroyed all users stored on the server. Shared WiFi password.

The era is changing, and the user’s focus is changing. With the privacy of the game, the WiFi master key will also bear the consequences.

WiFi master key fails to break through tool-based APP barriers

If it is not for the purpose of marketing, it may be difficult for Chen Da-nian to send each employee a Tesla with the objective operating conditions of the company.

After all, the WiFi master key is still an APP attribute of the tool, and the APP attribute of the tool attribute is very difficult due to a single function.

In fact, if the users can be retained, the problem of traffic flow is still solved. However, with the lack of user demand, the realization of the WiFi master key that has lost traffic is almost aggravated and almost destined to be eliminated.

The profit model of the instrumental APP is very simple, and the most important is the realization of traffic. First, access to e-commerce, advertising diversion is divided; second is to analyze the user's trajectory of precision marketing; the third is to introduce data products through data mining analysis, or as the US beat, Thunder directly as hardware.

Tool-based APP If you want to maintain the user's stickiness, the best way is to develop from a tool to a community, socialize, whether it is beautiful or Alipay, are trying to socialize. WiFi Master Key chooses to use the information stream product to increase user stickiness while advertising directly.

Look carefully at the WiFi master key's information flow products and push advertisements, and more are some of the three popular and low-priced goods and inductive links. This is related to the extreme sinking of the WiFi Master Key's current users, and most likely there is still a crowd just needed to use the WiFi Master Key. Now it is only focusing on areas where the economy is underdeveloped and the network and traffic are still scarce resources.

As a product of specific needs, when the changes in the social environment make this demand burst, there is basically no hope and time for the WiFi master key to reverse, and it also carries the crime of stealing privacy.

The era abandoned the WiFi master key, and did not even say hello, but Chen Danian was aware of it. Even the company’s network has long been not its focus. The company of the company has already included the hardware and software of the Internet.

The WiFi master key, which has long been out of operation and promotion costs, may contribute only to the last remaining value of the liquidity realization.

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