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WiFi all-purpose key: the safe original sin that can't escape

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But the controversy surrounding it has always been constant. Recently, CCTV's "economic half-hour" column has been released. It has questioned its existence of stealing WiFi password. Whether it's personal WiFi Hotspots or shopping malls, diplomatic buildings and financial institutions, it can be easily cracked.

This is not the first to question the WiFi universal key to steal user information. This company has been controversial since its birth. The focus of the problem is whether it has the behavior of stealing user WiFi passwords, and can find lots of queries about it on the Internet.

In the subsequent response, WiFi master key said that the operation principle of WiFi master key is hot sharing, not cracking. It is a way of sharing WiFi hot resources, enabling users to connect conveniently and safely.

This is not enough to dispel people's misgivings. In the subsequent reports of many media, when users share their WiFi, there will be many security risks, or illegal WiFi attacks.

The principle of "omnipotence"

On the official website of the WiFi key, the vision is to "eliminate the digital divide and let the people of the world free the Internet". Early WiFi manneungyulsoi founder Chen Danian said in an interview, his intention is to let anyone can connect to the network at any time without distinction, eliminate the digital divide. And the best way to do it now is to share the economy.

This is why the WiFi universal key can make such a huge amount of users. "Free WiFi connection whenever and wherever possible" damage to people just OCS as a "free lunch", especially the intelligent mobile phone just popularization stage, users of traffic demand increased sharply.

In 2014, the WiFi universal key went online for only two years, and the monthly active users broke through 230 million, the third largest mobile App second only to QQ and WeChat. The year end award of the WiFi universal key team was one per personTeslaAnd even the news of the listing.

"There was no net in the house at that time, and the flow of mobile phones was not enough. It could only be used to wipe off the net of others." In a long period of time, Wu is a loyal user of the WiFi key, and every time he wants to connect to WiFi, it is customary to open the WiFi key.

"I also know that it will collect the WiFi password that I connect, but it's not impossible." She said.

The CCTV reports that the WiFi universal key will steal the user's WiFi password. The WiFi master key describes this point in the statement, which indicates that there is no solution to user WiFi password. All hotspots are based on user's own sharing. Only if users agree to share their WiFi hotspots, will the platform upload the WiFi password to the cloud. After that, all users who install WiFi master key software can connect WiFi seamlessly.

An Internet security expert in an interview with Chinese for creating explains the technical principle of WiFi universal key: first, A users will be the location of their own, and have connected the WiFi hotspot successfully upload and share to WiFi master key cloud, share the information it contains hot name, username and password etc..

Next, when the B user queries the WiFi hotspot, it will scan the A user share hotspots around the B. When the B user connects WiFi hotspots, the cloud will match to the corresponding password and then return to the user. Then, the B user will successfully connect the WiFi hotspot.

"In relative terms, it's true that users share it." The source said, "only users have no idea about risks and hazards after sharing hot spots. After all, Internet access and free internet access are more attractive to users."

But at least in the early days, the means of getting the user's password by the WiFi universal key seemed not to be the case. Know a netizen "mad man wind" said that the earlier version of the WiFi master key to Android users to apply root permissions, and then access the system stored in the history of the WiFi, get the WiFi password.

The founder of a tool software also told reporters that "WiFi master key is the first to collect users' input passwords very actively, but later it converges a lot, but it is still guiding users to share passwords.

An unavoidable security problem

When the user's WiFi password is shared, will the security risk be caused by this?

WiFi master key in response said, WiFi master key is just to provide users with a more convenient way of Internet access, itself will not increase user access to security risks.

But the Internet security expert told reporters that when the WiFi password is leaked, it may cause users, computers, cell phones and other networked devices to be attacked and leak personal information.

Specifically, when a home's wifi network password is compromised, hackers can log in directly to the home's WiFi network and then launch attacks or sub-viruses on WiFi routers and other networked phones, tablets and computers within the network. Then you can monitor the Internet information of the devices, including payment, chat, photos and so on.

For the enterprise, it is equal to the direct public WiFi open to strangers. Hackers can directly enter the intranet of the enterprise. Hackers can enter the intranet directly and invade the employees' computers and companies by technical means.The serverAs a result, business secrets are leaked, computers or servers are attacked.

The expert, for example, said that the WannaCry ransom virus that attacked the world last year was infected by a computer in school or company, and other computers in the network were quickly infected.

More clearly, do users have the right to share other networks on the WiFi universal key platform? The technical principle of the WiFi universal key is to share the network you have connected publicly to the platform to form a scale effect and achieve "omnipotence". But the key point is, do the owners of the other networks you connect to agree with this?

WiFi universal key in response points out that it has always attached importance to the protection of the password. The password is encrypted with 128 bit asymmetric encryption, and it is never displayed in the clear text. The password viewing function mentioned in the report is provided by the "WiFi key" of another company's product.

In CCTV's report, using this software called "WiFi" master key, we can directly view the user's WiFi password, IP address and so on, which is almost equivalent to streaking.

However, even if the WiFi universal key hides the user's WiFi password, the risk of its network security still exists. Even Chen Danian, the founder of WiFi master key, said before receiving the media, "in fact, security is almost the question that most of the shared economy will encounter. We can reduce risks through technological means."

As the top technology security expert Tian Jiyun told reporters, consumers in the protection of network security, in addition to the complex password acquisition, also need to regularly change your password, and set the safety mailbox. In addition, you should try not to use public WiFi and tools that share WiFi and net scraping.

An inseparable original sin

Tool software can often get a large number of users in a short time, but it is difficult to get a breakthrough in user retention. Most users are "going away" and will not stay too much. Old software tools such as Meitu Xiu Xiu, do so years of operation of the community, finally didn't do it, the bulk of profits came from hardware products - Meitu Xiu Xiu mobile phone.

The realization method of WiFi master key is still the old way of tool software. It adds information class content to App, extends user retention time, and realizes cash through advertising. CCTV also mentioned the advertising agent content of the WiFi universal key in the report.

At the end of last year, Li Zheng, President and chief financial officer of WiFi master key global rotation, said in an event that the killer of WiFi master key is "to provide more services for users". In short, there are a lot of additional functions in App, such as news and information.videoApp, users' life around and so on. According to its introduction, the content of the user has been over hundreds of millions of users, and the App opened the length also improved, has reached more than 20 minutes.

Relying on the huge number of users on the platform, even if it is simple to rely on advertising, the WiFi universal key's income is also enough to support the continued walk. According to Li Zheng, the WiFi universal key has achieved a balance of revenue at present, and the main source of revenue is advertising revenue.

In addition to advertising cash, WiFi master key also began to push the precise push based on LBS (location service), trying to become a connector connecting people and scenes. Based on the behavior accumulation of users in specific scenarios, when users arrive at this scene, they can accurately push some information and services related to their actions, and they can graft businesses' preferential information and other O2O businesses.

In recent years, the WiFi master key has begun to invest heavily in the WiFi industry. Last year, the WiFi universal key invested the aviation WiFi service provider century air Federation to support the WiFi service on the aircraft. In addition, it has also invested a number of WiFi equipment research and development companies and service providers.

Chen Danian is very optimistic about the prospect of WiFi master key. "In the long run, our growth rate will not slow down. Users are word-of-mouth. The greater the base, the greater the power of passing on."

But the security problem is always the original sin that the WiFi key can not escape, and the sharing of the WiFi password has caused the risk to the user's information security in essence.

"Chinese people are more open or less sensitive to privacy issues. If they are willing to exchange convenience or efficiency with privacy, in many cases, Chinese people are willing to do so." People who hold this view like Robin Li do not know how many people know the consequences of their privacy after their privacy. In their eyes, some may be just the flow of leeks for a moment.

Editor: Zhao Li Yang Ziming

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