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Alibaba gives up holding A station Today's headline intends to take over

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The Yunfeng Fund and the Alibaba behind it have now given up holding A. Instead, the headline today intends to take over the board and consider holding the A-station. The round of financing of the second-generation website AcFun.com (A station) has not been settled after several twists and turns, this time there will be new players.


The “Finance” reporter learned from people close to the A station that the Yunfeng Fund and the Alibaba behind it have now abandoned the holding A station. Instead, the headlines that have recently been moving in the field of long and secondary elements intentionally took over the A station.

The above-mentioned sources told reporters that today's headlines have started to pay attention to the A station from a long time ago, and have been in contact with the A station several times. Now the exit of Yunfeng Fund and Alibaba just gave the headline opportunity today.

At the same time, the "Finance" reporter learned that today's headline's watermelon video has begun purchasing animation rights. In addition, today's headline stocks look at comics and production company sound animation animation, and acquired COS painting fiction community half-time, today's headline in the animation and content areas continue to deepen the layout.

Despite the recent repeated headlines into the video industry today, A station is more important to today's headlines in the community and young users of the quadratic attributes. Channels are not the most important consideration.

The fate of station A

In December 2017, “Finance” once reported that Yunfeng Fund, the chairman of Alibaba’s Board of Directors, who participated in the founding of Yunfeng Fund, intends to join Alibaba’s shareholding in Station A. In addition, Alibaba’s Group One (Youku Potato Parent Company) had previously Some shares, Alibaba will achieve control of the A-station battle.

Alibaba hopes to hold the A station and compete with the young people market and entertainment community market, which once shared the largest secondary website in China, BIilibili.com (B station).

However, in January 2018, Alibaba.com and Yunfeng Fund planned to change their position in A shares. A person close to the transaction told Caijing that the biggest reason for the change was the pull of Alibaba and the original shareholders of A station.

It is understood that in addition to the Yunfeng Fund, Alibaba Group, and Alibaba Group’s two institutions, there is basically no other external organization willing to enter the A round of financing, which means that the equity of the A-station is basically in Alibaba Group. Possessing A shares in the station) with old shareholders such as O'Fee and other companies "left and right handed down". With the deepening of the negotiations, Alibaba's valuation of Station A continues to be discounted, and at the same time it is required to further increase the proportion of its shares, leading to the rebound of old shareholders such as Ao Fei of A Station.

In addition, the weak status of A station itself is also an important reason for Ali's withdrawal. According to the research data of the A-station funded by the science and technology media 36, ​​the actual DAU of A station in November 2017 has dropped to 1.6 million, of which the PC-end is 900,000 and the mobile-end is 450,000. In contrast, in January 2017, the peak value of station A was 12 million, and the monthly average DAU was also 8 million.

In contrast, according to the data of competitor B station prospectus, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the average number of monthly active users in station B was 71.8 million, which was an increase of 45.3% from 49.4 million in the same period of 2016. In 2017, each active user of the B-site mobile app spent an average of approximately 76.3 minutes per day, up from 72.2 minutes in 2016.

The headline of the plot today

The exit of Alibaba.com gave an opportunity for the long-awaited headline today. This is a signal of industry change: Since the beginning of this year, the development of the three industries of graphic and text information distribution, long video platforms and short video platforms has finally come to an intersection. Today’s headline will also start to be positive with the BAT’s Big Three in the content field. confrontation.

Today's headline has a track record of entering the long video field. In February 2018, some media found job postings on the job search website for college students today, and were interested in recruiting production assistants, script editors, etc., and hoped to hope to participate in the production of self-made variety shows and home-made dramas today. Flow ” etc.

For today's headlines, the value of Station A is first and foremost because it is a long video distribution platform. Looking at the product matrix of today's headlines, the short video distribution platform dominates the video industry. If you can get the A station, today's headline will be exported for its long video content.

However, the more important value of Station A is its young people's community attributes. This is also an important reason why Alibaba fought for A station.

At present, there are few community products in the layout of the Alibaba Grand Entertainment System. Although today's headline has a funny community such as connotation, in general, its performance in community products is still not outstanding.

“Traditional video websites must rely on nonstop shopping or self-produced content to retain users. The advantage of the community is that it does not need to actively provide too much content, users themselves can continue to produce content (UGC), and in the community produce very Strong stickiness. So the users of the community are more sticky and have more barriers to their own. This is what all Internet companies that do content want. ” A US dollar fund investor concerned about the cultural industry told the "Finance" reporter.

Today’s headline started with graphic content, but the problem it faces today is that the user’s growth in graphic content is approaching the ceiling. In recent years, today's headlines have focused most of their attention on the operation of short video platforms, and gradually established the short video matrix of today’s main headline app video channel, watermelon video, vibrato, and volcanic small video. In addition to acquiring new users and ensuring the continued growth of users, the purpose is to extend the online time of platform users.

However, it is worth noting that, according to “Financial” reporters, more than half of the users on the video channel and watermelon video in the headline app today are using short video clips of long video content, such as “China's Hip Hop”. One minute content fragment etc. This means that today's headlines are very dependent on long video content, in addition to UGC (User Generated Content) content such as vibrato and volcanic small videos.

This is also the reason why today's headline is about to force long video content: Today's headlines need copyright content and clip content that they can control.

At present, the vast majority of video copyrights are held in the hands of Tencent Video, iQIYI, and Youku. Once they restrict the content of their copyrights, they require today's headlines to remove copyright-free short cuts. Today's headlines will be passive.

Policy risks will also affect short cut video content that is not copyrighted today. On March 22, 2018, the State Administration of Radio and TV issued the Notice on Further Regulating the Transmission Order of Network Audiovisual Programs. In fact, it has demanded that illegal behaviors such as retrieving audiovisual programs should be strictly prohibited, and strict management of similar audiovisual programs uploaded by netizens should be strictly prohibited. Channels for content distribution, copyright issues, and content issues should not be provided. .

From this we can see that today's headlines hold the copyright and initiative at the source of content as an inevitable strategic choice. According to the “Finance” reporter, today’s headline has already negotiated cooperation with a number of film and television companies, and set up a “commercialization of film and television entertainment” in the very early days.

In March 2018, Youku entered into a cooperation agreement with Youku to authorize short video content. Youku's thousands of films, televisions, animations, and variety shows will be broadcast on short videos in today's short video platform, “Watermelon Video”.

However, the current domestic long video platform is being controlled by Tencent (Tencent Video), Alibaba (Youku) and Baidu (Iqiyi). The three platforms have long-term copyright accumulation and user stickiness, and self-control capabilities Enhanced. Today's headline is very difficult if you want to bend overtaking.

Some analysts pointed out that today's headline will not begin with the traditional 45-minute duration video field, but will start from a short and medium-length film, drama, and variety of more than ten minutes. Earlier, today's headline and watermelon video launched the answer game "Millions of Heroes." With reference to this, today's headline is most likely to be tested in the form of short variety, which will facilitate the interaction with users and the brand's implantation. This is also a way to avoid the frontal battlefields of giants and cut them from the blank market.

In any case, the competition in the fields of graphic and textual information, short video and long video has already entered the meeting point. BAT and today’s headlines have also deepened each other in the hinterland of the content field, and the competition in the future will become increasingly fierce.

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