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Does Lenovo's mobile phone touch the blockchain? Will the leek buy it?

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March 20 Lenovo Releases Its First Blockchain Mobile Phone


Lenovo's mobile phone is back. In its long-lost domestic mobile phone market, this action did not set off too much splash; the two days of releasing new products, OV, and the end of the new millet will appear to be the focus of attention.

Until the Lenovo S5“ the first blockchain mobile phone's posters spread out, the official language is still unknown, made people confused: this is to use mobile phone mining? What kind of decentralized technology is applied?

However, it seems that Lenovo has a strong hot spot. After all, in the past few months, the concept of "blockchain" has brought several old Internet companies to the forefront of mobile phone overlord Lenovo. Forgotten may be more terrible than being ridiculed. So, it fights. Now.

However, blockchain this giant oil may also have time to failure.

1, strength

One of the charms of blockchain is that everyone can use it as a gimmick. When people have not yet studied how to use it to achieve a technological revolution, listed companies have been able to use it skillfully to save lives.

The stock price of the blockchain must rise. This is not surprising.

For example, it was the Thunder that gave the blockchain Buff early to the stock market. In August of last year, Thunder launched the "Play Cloud" product. Based on the blockchain technology, the old company's stock price soared nearly 4 times in 28 trading days.

A number of listed companies have followed suit, and the blockchain concept has been tried repeatedly to increase the stock price. “Blockchain” and “bright stock market” has become a close brother on search engines.

On January 5th this year, Mito released a message of hiring a blockchain technical engineer. The capital market reacted immediately and the stock price of Mito rose 11.01%. It was not until one week later that Mito released the “White Line of Meitu Blockchains” and officially announced its entry into the blockchain.

Other small and mid-cap companies also have "All in the blockchain", cheetah, everyone wants to take the opportunity to take the opportunity to stand up and turn around, the effect is also immediate and “mdash;—In early January of this year, the network appeared on the cheetah News of the upcoming blockchain, before being verified, cheetah shares rose by 23%. At the same time, the new RRCoin white paper and the announcement of the launch of the blockchain project Renrenfang's Renren, the company's share price has skyrocketed, and the two-day cumulative increase of up to 76%.

In fact, compared to the high-profile entry of these companies, BATJ has been laid out in the low-key blockchain for a long time.

Taking Alibaba as an example, as early as 2015, Ant Financial Group had established an internal blockchain internal interest group and ranked 49 in total patent applications in the “2017 Global Blockchain Enterprise Patent Rankings”. In July 2016, Ant Financial landed the first blockchain project ——“Hearing Impaired Children Regained New Sound” charity donation tracking project, according to the official statement, the project won the initial test blockchain Succeeded by the end of the year, Ant Financial Group Blockchain was formally established.

Tencent and Baidu have also appeared in the financial, depository, logistics, and cyber security sectors. Even the new giant Jingdong has become a new player in the blockchain through the wave of new retail in mid-2017.

Undoubtedly, no one wants to miss this train with a name that may subvert the BAT. The blockchain has become a vanity field full of money and temptation. There are no lack of young people behind the Yangtze River, but also some unwilling former wavers.

So you will see that "the blockchain may break this rule of business history", the founder of "ONO" Xu Ke, puts social networking on top of the blockchain, and also depends on anti-counterfeiting technology to start a business. The 95 post-secondary college students rely on "white papers" to create alternative entrepreneurs.

And, the hot mobile phone companies.

2, low

Lenovo has had a good life.

In the era when the operator channel was king, Lenovo did not make less money from the cheap thousand machines placed in the business hall. It can be said that operators have provided Lenovo with a good day for food and clothing and waiting for the harvest. It also made it completely disoriented in the future transformation of smart machines and the impact of the Internet.

Yang Yuanqing once sighed at the interview:

"At that time, sales through the channels of operators were very good, and we were also comfortable. We didn't feel that we needed to worry about users and products. This was completely wrong." Now that we have come back to learn from our experience, we feel that we must use our ingenuity to do a good job. ”

However, millet, OV, and Huawei who were busy killing did not leave any opportunity for the sluggish old company. By the third quarter of 2014, Lenovo’s market share in China was only 12.8%, which was reduced to 9.5% in the fourth quarter and to 8.1% in 2015.

Greeting the United States big girl Motorola's generous, but also failed to stop Lenovo in the mobile phone business decline. In addition to bringing in the dazzling net loss of US$128 million in the financial report for the year, “Motorola”, a Chinese brand that had a lot of affection in its early years, did not really recover in the domestic market.

Lenovo also walked Huawei's path. With reference to Huawei's glory series, Lenovo launched the Internet brand ZUK in 2014 and released the new Z1 in 2015. But the fate of ZUK once again proves that the self-revolution of big companies is often the most difficult, and the constraints and hindrance that innovators are subjected to in a large company system will become a natural obstacle to their advancement.


Lenovo Group Vice President Chang Cheng

The ZUK brand was eventually abandoned in 2017. In the past, leading ZUK's journey, this week led the new release of Lenovo mobile phones. This diligent old Lenovo man once expressed his disdain: "Give me 2-3 years to give Lenovo Mobile another revival!" ”

The personnel changes in the downturn have also become more meaningful.

Liu Jun, who is in charge of the mobile business, has left and returned, leaving Yang Yuanqing's phrase “hiccups with gimmicks”, as well as all sorts of conjectures about association personnel and infighting.

When Lenovo relied on music phones to fight the story of the iPhone has become history, Lenovo Mobile has not made a best-selling product for a long time. In an era when the bonus period of smartphones is dying out, this is clearly an extremely dangerous situation.

3, 尴尬

But obviously everyone didn't think that Lenovo would pick up the hot concept of blockchain.

After all, Xiaomi’s story is offline store and ecological chain. OV learns “Apple” while continuing to practice the old and effective concepts of TV show titles and celebrity endorsements. As for Huawei, a large number of civil servants and private business owners. The team is its most loyal user.

Lenovo does need its own new story.

Just looking at the S5 configuration of the first "blockchain phone", it's hard for you to feel Lenovo's sincerity: with the Snapdragon 625 processor (launched 2 years ago), resolution of 2160 and time; 1080 5.7-inch screen, front camera 16 million pixels, and the main camera double 13 million pixels.

In short, in addition to the concept of "blockchain", this thousand yuan machine itself does not have any exciting points.

As for how it plays blockchain? The interpretation of Chang Cheng at the scene is: S5 uses the “blockchain” technology at the bottom of the encrypted payment space ——Z space payment system, which can make payment more secure. He did not give further details, and one reporter who participated in the on-site release stated: The feeling is limited by the policy and cannot be said more.

In a poll initiated by Sina Mobile, 67.8% of netizens support the view that Lenovo's blockchain mobile phone is a hot topic.

However, from another point of view, Lenovo is on this headline. This is much better than its blockchain "predecessors" effect of Changhong.

In fact, just before March 13th, Changhong released the R8 Unicorn, which claimed to be the world's first blockchain mobile phone. However, people can be more low-key: the release was selected at the opening ceremony of Zhejiang Jiangjiang Blockchain Institute of Technology, the new machine is mysteriously not boarded Changhong wait and see, only in the designated WeChat public number sold, the first limited 10,000 station.

In January of this year, SUGAR Candy Mobile launched the concept of "The world's first blockchain mobile phone", a candy block creation blockchain phone, and a blockchain purse and mining concept.

However, compared to the price of RMB 2,999 for Changhong R8 Kirin and 3999 yuan for Candy Creations, as the "first blockchain mobile phone" association of juniors, the S5 starts at RMB 999. Naively thought that picking up the blockchain would be able to harvest leeks.

Thank you Lenovo for holding this bottom line.

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