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Internet traffic is being harvested by BAT, but the blockchain has to harvest giants?

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Recently, the friction between the "classic Internet" and "modern blockchain" continues.

In the past two years, "Internet +" was frequently shouting, as if it were a reverberation from a distant era.

What is the relationship between the Internet and the blockchain in the future?

Has the 20-year-old Internet world been completely changed by the blockchain and no longer exist?

Will the riches of the Internet's vested interests be plundered and redistributed?

Many doubts are pending, while both sides' controversy is filled with smoke.……

01 Monopoly Internet Age

What kind of world is the Internet now?

"In fact, we are extremely dissatisfied with this format. "The head of a financial technology company's CEO, Mu Yan is unconvinced that the Internet has been completely monopolized by giants."

BATJ, plus a new generation of giant TMD, each giant has almost monopolized all resources.


The current Internet world is the giant's "traffic pasture".

All the people and companies are cattle and sheep on the ranch and will be harvested by giants.

"You can think of it?" The annual flow of fees paid to the giants amounts to more than a billion, accounting for 80% of the company's total expenditure, and even higher. Proudly dissatisfied with this status quo.

The emergence of blockchains promotes the "distribution", "decentralization" concept, which is centered on the motto.

The Internet world has few opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The territory has been divided and there are few wrecks.

In fact, the nature of the Internet is a collection of networks connected by a series of protocols.

The bottom-most core TCP/IP protocol suite is not mysterious, but it is a long-term variety of protocols that compete with each other and eventually win.

Originally, this agreement was decentralized. Why did the Internet eventually lead to a monopoly?

"The history of the world can be described in two sentences. "The famous physicist and tenured professor Zhang Shouyi of Stanford University has studied the blockchain deeply."

After the advent of the Internet, information explosions made it difficult for people to find what they were looking for in a variety of information. Therefore, search applications such as Google and Baidu began to appear.

Websites for information structure and reorganization began to appear. In addition to search, portals and applications, traffic began to aggregate.

As a result, the fate of the Internet has inevitably moved toward "conformity."

Zhang Shouyi believes that it has reached a key node of "" sub-"".

02 Subversion?

What is the Internet world built by the TCP/IP protocol suite?


Now all content on the web is stored on the server based on the web address.

I send an address request to the server and the service will help me to import the content stored on this address.

This is the HTTP protocol and is the essence of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

It is this agreement that over the past decade or so has subverted the way and efficiency of information flow, brought about the Internet revolution, and at the same time brought about monopoly.

In the blockchain circle, an ambition player has emerged, trying to challenge the status of the centralized website.

This is IPFS.

This is a more amazing innovation, but also has a science fiction name —— InterPlanetary File System.

The founder Juan Benet took the name for the agreement. He hopes that in the future when humanity realizes interplanetary traversal, it can use this protocol to save and transmit information.

How does it subvert the traditional Internet?

The IPFS protocol generates a hash value based on the contents of a file. This hash value is the unique name of the file.

And the files will be broken and distributed on many nodes. When reading, all nodes can react at the same time, so the reading speed is extremely fast.

Such distributed storage is naturally safer.

Unless you erase the contents of all nodes, the files will exist permanently; and each node has fragments that cannot be swallowed or leaked.

From this point of view, IPFS really has many advantages over HTTP, ——faster and more secure.

The most sexy part is that this system has completely broken the center.

Information can be transmitted via peer-to-peer transmission.

“ Between people can return to a P2P (point-to-point) communication method through the blockchain. ” Zhang Shouyi said.

The interstellar file system, undoubtedly provides the prototype of this idea.

This system can also form a "self-ecological" system.

For example, each node can upload information. If the amount of information read and liked is higher, corresponding rewards can be obtained.

Therefore, everyone tries to provide more valuable and more flowable information for rewards.

This is undoubtedly a boon for writers.

We no longer need the alms of giants such as today’s headlines to recommend positions to the articles in order to obtain traffic.

Juan Benet’s ambition was too great. As soon as he came up, he did not want to integrate with the Internet, but completely subverted it.

The world does look a bit nice, but the road to the future is rugged and unimaginable.

The greatest resistance is undoubtedly from the supervision of countries.

For supervision, it is only necessary to control a centralized website and basically control public opinion and information dissemination.

The spread of P2P will be completely out of control.

Such a network will be difficult to promote globally.

The first step in promoting survival is quite difficult, and even if it is successful and runs smoothly, it is not optimistic.

The disorder of information is likely to overwhelm the network environment.

The content that gets the highest clicks and spreads will definitely focus on pornography. This is because of human nature.

Of course, I am afraid that there will be some new network consensus and a certain punishment mechanism for the post-production period to enable this "ecology" system to be implemented.

Obviously, under the current circumstances, it will be difficult to get through if it is upended.

03 Fusion?

"The blockchain and the Internet are unlikely to be subversive but based on the overlay and upgrade of the Internet." “Bo Chen’s founder, CEO and Zhang Jian, author of “Clockchain: Defining Future Financial and Economic New Patterns,” told a blockchain.


The so-called overlay is to add a layer of blockchain protocol over the Internet TCP/IP protocol to form a completely new network.

The biggest change this brings to the Internet is mainly two aspects.

First of all, it ensures that the information cannot be modified or owned.

For example, when an article is generated, it is signed with a unique signature, and no one can copy or steal it.

In the field of information transmission, this may be one of the biggest problems that blockchain can solve.

Second, a set of "value" transmission systems began to appear.

"The core of value is to reach a consensus. ” Zhang Shouyi said.

The most attractive part of the blockchain, through economics, cryptography, and mathematics, has built a sophisticated "consensus system."

For example, the emergence of Bitcoin means that all computers are calculating a mathematical problem. This is equivalent to solving equations and finding an answer. The answer is a hash value.

Whoever calculates the fastest can earn Bitcoin rewards.

"Although this seems to be a waste of some of the world's energy, it has actually gained a more valuable wealth, that is, a consensus. "Zhang Shouyi believes that it is a relatively low-cost solution to reach consensus and order disorder.

Blockchain and Token (password, China likes to translate into tokens. For the pass, you can refer to the previous report in the blockchain, "Token, is a Greater Invention Than Blockchain?"). Will produce more sexy force.

All things, all electronic, and in the blockchain transactions, cutting, value and wealth, will be greatly enriched.

Therefore, Zhang Jian once said that jumping out of our era of survival, from the perspective of greater development of human history, the birth of the Internet and blockchain, only a short time span of only a few decades.

"In the future, archaeologists can not say that humans have also invented an efficient information transmission network and information transmission network. "Zhang Jian said.

This means that the blockchain and internet overlay will solve two problems, the transmission of information ownership and value.

04 Monopoly breaks

After returning to the topic of giant monopoly in the Internet world, can the issue be resolved after the two parties merge?


The answer is yes.

Essentially, the difference in the underlying logic of the two sets of agreements will result in radically different eras.

The current Internet is actually a free system.

The TCP/IP protocol built a highway but no toll station.

For example, Tim · Berners · Sir Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, laid the foundation stone for the distribution of Internet content. However, he himself was honored to wait, but he could not earn a lot of money from his invention.

Look at the rise of the giants, such as the ant gold suit empire, is built on Ma's big data framework.

However, notice that the giants used the data we produced to establish their own empire, but have we, as a data provider, enjoyed our return on value?

not at all.

Giants quickly emerged and even ruled our lives.

This is the cruel reality of the Internet age. Paving people did not earn money. People who provided numbers did not enjoy welfare. The above applications became giants.

The blockchain protocol is very different.

The various blockchain underlying protocols and public chains have great discourse power. Instead of providing free roads, they have built "toll stations."

The most obvious example is Ethereum.

A variety of projects based on the Ethereum protocol, as long as the use of the Ethernet's "highway", you need to pay it to the "toll station" payment.

The market value of Ethereum's infrastructure will rise due to increased traffic.

Second, the application layer projects of the future blockchain cannot have ownership of user data.

The user is required to "pay" for each call of the user's data.

In other words, the underlying protocol paving the way through the "toll station" charges will become giants; data providers, will also be rewarded, and the development of applications, will not dominate, I am afraid only to become a highway On the refueling service station.

At this point, the monopoly of the Internet era will be broken.

In the future, blockchain "protocol" itself, can hold up 100 billion market value.

Of course, in the field of blockchain, there will not be only one "protocol", and corresponding agreements will appear in various sub-sectors and fields.

We call it "public chain".

The debate between the classical Internet and the modern blockchain is fierce. In fact, the relationship between the two is not one of the other.

Not to replace and subvert, but to integrate and enhance.

The future has come, but the road to the future is probably very rugged.

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