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Wang Xiaochuan: Sogou did not list in the domestic market is a regrettable return to A share trend

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When interviewed by reporter Hu Ling in the Phoenix National Network's “Two Congresses Mobile Parliamentary Hall” program, Wang Xiaochuan not only talked about the development of Sogou and his life, but also talked about monopoly, innovation and blockchain.

Talk about IPO: Sogou failed to be listed in the domestic market is a big pity

The CDR is one of the topics most concerned by the Internet giants during the two sessions this year. As a rookie in the capital market, Wang Xiaochuan is inevitably asked this topic. He said that if CDR can be used or other methods, Sogou is very willing to return to the domestic motherboard market.

“I feel sorry for Sogou’s failure to go public in China.” The result of the US IPO is that Sogou’s users and investors have split into two groups. Because users should be the most effective group to understand products and investment decisions, their concern for Sogou can also amplify the brand's capabilities. Conversely, Sogou’s shareholders will become Sogou’s users when new products are released. Such Internet companies can grow very quickly as long as they can succeed. At the same time, they can also bring about a positive cycle: investors can simultaneously share the company's growth benefits.

Now listed overseas, investors and users are separated, and products also have less channels for penetration into users.

“So I think it is a general trend to be able to return to A-shares. The state’s policy has solved our other mechanism problems. I think that for our company, for the entire Internet company, and even for the entire company that can serve the public, it is a very good one. Things," said Wang Xiaochuan.

As for how to return to the A-share market, he believes that it should still follow the direction encouraged by the government. He said, "The opening of the CDR is currently the smallest change, but the best way to solve the problem."

For the entire environment of the Internet company, Wang Xiaochuan believes that if companies can resonate with the state, the support they receive may be very large; there are many such resonances. For example, in the future, companies may require party committees, state-owned enterprises, mixed reforms, etc. . But if you want to antagonize what the country advocates, it will be more painful than it was originally.

When Hu Ling asked whether this kind of resonance was difficult or difficult, Wang Xiaochuan made a joke: “I and Zhang Chaoyang can live together in peace.”

Talk about giants: monopoly is not eternal, innovation will not stop

This is a giant era. BAT has been actively laying out in almost every field of innovation in recent years. Because Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, and Ma Dongmin are Alibaba, respectively.TencentThe chairman of the board and Baidu’s major shareholder, some people jokingly said that the Chinese Internet is not a surname horse.

Although the giants seem to control the fate of all companies, Wang Xiaochuan is still optimistic about the development of the Internet. He believes that if we look at the development of the technology industry in a longer time dimension, the pace of innovation will not stop. It's just likeMicrosoftThe birth of the company broke the monopoly of IBM, and Microsoft later saw Google's emergence. Google seems to dominate the world, and Facebook has killed it halfway.

Another reason for him is that the Internet may slowly infiltrate into many national economy and people's livelihoods in the future, and there will be no Internet company in the future. "In 2007 and 2008, Sohu would also set up a mobile division; but now if a company has a mobile division, it will be finished."

Even today's two "horses," they have not suppressed innovation. Innovation is still emerging. Just like the previous US corporations, now shared bicycles, these emerging companies are also willing to form alliances with giants to help them develop faster.

Therefore, Wang Xiaochuan’s point of view is: “In this era, if everybody really wants to use the word monopoly, monopoly is not eternal.”

In addition, monopoly does not necessarily cause global harm. Wang Xiaochuan explained the relationship between Tencent and Sogou as an example. Tencent finally realized that Tencent's search did not do a good job of searching for dogs. It would search the team and gave it to Sogou. Now Chengdu’s branch of Sogou is a branch of Tencent. .

Talking about Blockchain: Buying Bitcoins Must Have an Access Mechanism

Every stage of Internet development seems to be accompanied by a bubble. In the first two years, people were still worried about whether the bubble of artificial intelligence was too much. This year's blockbuster enthusiasm made more people stunned.

The bubble of artificial intelligence has been different. Before the arrival of the so-called artificial intelligence era, there was nothing after the ebb and flow. Now that artificial intelligence has reached a new stage, the current capital inflow belongs to “capital began to enter. Today’s investment is one hundred times the previous one thousand When we stabilized, you discovered that there was something to be gained, which changed the way you live."

But the bubble in the blockchain means cost to the people. "Bitcoin has a good access mechanism because the risk is higher." Wang Xiaochuan is worried about the blockchain, "so that we can encourage and protect more innovations."

The heat of the blockchain got up too fast and even Wang Xiaochuan had fears of falling behind. This kind of worry is still very strong. Some time ago, a friend of a creature asked him about the blockchain. As a result, this friend had studied deeper than his computer professional. Wang Xiaochuan said where it was, so he hurried himself to make up for it. From technology to business, to the political incidents inside, he finally figured out the blockchain.

"The blockchain is a kind of decentralized and highly anarchic thing. In the political practice itself has its problems, and if it is not centered, it will be inefficient. We are concerned about it. How it has established a certain central influence.” Now Wang Xiaochuan has been able to talk about this topic and completely find his own feelings.

Talk about yourself: Personal issues should be slowly put on the agenda

In order to stay away from the team, Wang Xiaochuan began to play "Glory to the King" in the past few days. Because he found that many of the articles mentioned in the article mentioned some of them, he couldn't read the articles without playing games. However, because there is no specific time to play, his level is really a dish.

Apart from worrying about falling behind, Wang Xiaochuan also has some other anxieties. For instance, he now wants to return to the company to reach a consensus on the business. This technical man has rarely revealed a bit of literary cells: “Year of the year is spring, and now spring is fast. After it is over."

Looking back over the past decade or so, there may be some things that could have been done better, but now it cannot go back to the past. Therefore, Wang Xiaochuan has nothing to regret. He can only say that he has experienced setbacks and failures and increased various experience. When the company is not listed, the only indicator that the outside world sees Sogou is the market share of search. Now that the CEO has really lost some of the burden, he began to talk about his future ambitions - to make something cool.

How to understand cool things? For instance, the translation machine launched by Sogou some time ago could solve the problem of information exchange. It seems cool to him. What Sogou needs to do is not another Google or Baidu. It is to do something in line with China's actual situation. Investment and strategy must be upgraded.

In addition to the Sogou CEO, Wang Xiaochuan has another famous title, namely the Diamond King of the Internet business community. In the interview with Hu Li, Wang Xiaochuan rarely responded to this topic.

He said that he is not looking for a girlfriend, and personal issues will slowly be on the agenda. However, when it comes to this relatively romantic matter, he still showed his own nerd thinking: “But there is a good thing. Today, due to the high degree of development of biotechnology, people’s life expectancy and breeding ability are good. In fact, they can have longer life. The protection of time is protected, so I have some comfort for myself."

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