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Into the main blue cursor settled Lenovo A shares and then a City

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Since Tibet Yaowang is a grand company of Legend Holdings Co., Ltd., the completion of the equity transfer mentioned above also means that the blue cursor has officially been labeled as “Lenovo”.

However, the relevant person in charge of Legend Holdings stated that the blue cursor was more in the operation of its Lacalar Group and had little relationship with the holding company. However, Lakala refused to interview. The blue cursor responded by saying that we welcome Tibetan Yaowang as a long-term and stable strategic investor and become a shareholder of the company. At the same time, it has been promoting self-transformation in recent years.

Founder Baotuan retreat

Unlike the frequent external launches of mergers and acquisitions, the blue cursor, hailed as the largest advertising marketing company in China, has become the subject of acquisitions.

At the end of January this year, Xu Zhiping, Chen Lianghua, and Wu Tie, the three shareholders holding more than 5% of the blue cursor, chose to transfer to Yaowang at a price of RMB 7 per share, which accounted for 1.99 percent of the company’s total share capital at that time. % of the shares, so the shareholding ratio has dropped below 5%, becoming the company's "non-essential shareholder."

In the early January of this year, Tibet Yaowang, who took the lead, bought the blue cursor with 57.765 million shares through the way of buying in the secondary market at an average price of 5.836 yuan per share. Therefore, after the above-mentioned agreement was transferred on March 7th, the proportion of shares held by the blue cursor in Tibet Yaowang has reached 8.69%, which exceeds the 6.65% of Zhao Wenquan, the existing actual controller of the listed company, and becomes the largest shareholder.

According to the Tianma investigation information, Tibet Yaowang is 100% owned by Tibet Koala Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., while the latter is held by Legend Holdings holding 51%.

According to industry insiders, this is a transaction worthy of attention from the perspective of the relationship between the transfer of equity, the transfer of the identity of both parties and the blue cursor, and even the timing of the transfer.

Xu Zhiping, Chen Lianghua, Wu Tie, Zhao Wenquan, and Sun Chaoran, the founder of Lakara Group, were the founders of the blue cursor. They were founded in 1996. At that time, five people each held 20% shares. Since 1998, Lenovo has always had business contacts with the Blue Cursor. The relationship between the two is very close.

At the same time, although the above-mentioned five people once created a blue cursor, except for Zhao Wenquan, the remaining four people have withdrawn from the management of listed companies. The last to withdraw was Xu Zhiping and Wu Tie. The two resigned from the post of deputy general manager and director in the middle and late May of last year.

In the previous brief disclosure of equity changes, Tibet Yaowang stated that it does not rule out the possibility that the company will continue to increase its holding of blue cursors in the next year, and that the target of holdings will not exceed 5% of its total share capital. This means that the future shareholding ratio of Tibet Yaowang is likely to reach 13.57%, and together with the East Action Enterprise and other concerted actors, its share of voting rights will reach 14%.

This data is very close to the current Zhao Wenquan share of voting rights in the blue cursor. According to the “Voting Voting Agreement” signed by Zhao Wenquan and other five persons mentioned above in March 2016, and with reference to this equity transfer, the total amount of blue cursor voting rights held by Zhao Wenquan will be only 19.92%. However, because of this, although the first major shareholder of the blue cursor has changed, the actual controller is still Zhao Wenquan.

For this "sudden" entry into the main blue cursor, Tibet Yaowang said that it is optimistic about its potential for development. He hopes that through this strategic investment, he will hold his shares for a long period of time and share the benefits of equity appreciation.

On March 7, the relevant person in charge of the blue cursor responded to 21st Century Business Herald reporter. The company also welcomes Tibet Yaowang as a long-term and stable strategic investor to become a shareholder of the company, which is also conducive to the sustained and steady development of the company.

Lenovo system access disk

Although Tibet Yaowang did not disclose the "next step," the next plan, but because it is the "Lenovo Department" holding the Sun company, whether the blue cursor will be at its helm, the outside world still have many speculations.

In December 2016, the Jiawo Group, an agricultural and food platform under the “Lenovo Department”, became a major shareholder of Wanfushengke (currently known as Jiawo, 300268.SZ) for a consideration of RMB 1.1 billion. After entering the company, the Jiawo Group has successively completed the “transformation” of Wanfushengke through acquisitions and cooperation with external companies.

However, the person in charge of the “Lenovo Department” stated that the stake in the Blue Cursor was not operated by Legend Holdings but was operated by Sun Taoran and Lakara Group.

Business information shows that Tibet Yaowang, which has become the largest shareholder of the blue cursor, also includes Sun Taoran (33%) and Nashun Network Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership) (16 shares). %) The latter's shareholders are also closely related to the Lakara Group.

Currently, Sun Taoran still holds 80,663,300 shares in the blue cursor, which accounts for 3.64% of the total capital stock, of which 72.479 million shares have been delegated to Zhao Wenquan.

The Lakara Group did not respond to the issue of the blue cursor that was mentioned by 21st Century Business Herald reporters. However, Lacala Group, which has been split into Lacala's payment and the Koala Goldenwear Group, will not operate in the blue cursor. It is still difficult to assert.

Since the loss of Tibet Tourism (600749.SH), Lakara’s payment is currently still in the IPO queue (since September last year, due to the fact that the application documents were not ready and the audit procedure could not continue due to the suspension of the audit process, it has been resumed), but the regulatory policy is The attitude of financial companies is unclear, making Lacala’s path to listing unclear.

The blue cursor reverts to 21st Century Business Herald. According to the reporter, in the past three years, the company has been actively promoting self-transformation at the business level and has been working hard to transform from a public relations agency to a data technology company.

"In the future, the company will continue to build a service platform that empowers its customers in the era of big data and social media," said the blue cursor. However, the responsible person did not make any statement as to whether the change in the major shareholder would cause any adjustment in the business.

In fact, from the point of view of the frequent fluctuations of the blue cursor in recent years, the outside world is quite looking forward to the "association department".

According to the performance bulletin recently disclosed by the Blue Cursor, the company's revenue last year increased by more than 20% year-on-year to 15.252 billion yuan, but the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies fell by 62.2% year-on-year to only 242 million yuan. At the same time, from the first three quarters of 2009 to the third quarter of 2017, the gross profit rate of blue cursors continued to decline, from 55.74% to 19.59%.

After the "Lenovo Department" announced that it would take over, the blue cursor, which had continued to be low in stock prices, continued to rise 9.97%, 7.53% and 10% in the subsequent three trading days.

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