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Tencent AI Lab Liu Yongsheng: enterprises should have the ability to develop AI engineers

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腾讯Liu Yongsheng, general manager of Tencent AI Lab

March 5 afternoon news, recently CCTV financial channel "China Economic Life Survey" jointly organized by Tencent Social Research Center "AI make you happier" forum activities, Sina science and technology and other media interviewed Tencent AI Lab Manager Liu Yongsheng.

Liu Yongsheng said to Sina Technology, the advantages of Tencent's development of AI are very rich in application scenarios, such as social networking, games, content, etc. In addition, strategies such as Tencent Cloud and Internet + can link with different industries to benefit AI technology research and development Strategy combined with evolution.

As for the difference between the technical strength of Tencent in the field of AI and that of other giant companies and AI companies, Liu Yongsheng analyzed that technology itself is a very large category and not a specific technology. Different companies and teams, Too easy and direct comparison. No matter BAT, or between Chinese enterprises and American enterprises, it is more necessary to do it according to their own advantages or their own situation. "AI underlying technology, we are closer to strength, and made some progress. But it can really be applied on a large scale or very maturely and we think there is still a long way to go. & rdquo;

2018 will invest more resources in AI + medical treatment

According to CCTV financial channel "China's economic life survey" and Tencent's AI public awareness of the joint investigation report, artificial intelligence technology for the general public, is no longer a strange high cold noun, but in people's lives happen Really relevant.

Survey shows that nearly 80% of respondents think that the development of artificial intelligence has broad prospects and will permeate all walks of life. More than 90% of respondents think that artificial intelligence will have an impact on their work and life, and 30% of the respondents already feel To the threat that artificial intelligence brings to their work, nearly 80% of the respondents are concerned that the application of artificial intelligence in some fields will threaten their privacy. However, the vast majority of respondents indicated that they would take the initiative to understand and learn the knowledge of artificial intelligence Skills, most respondents are willing to try artificial intelligence technology applications.

Nowadays, various types of artificial intelligence technologies such as automatic driving, face recognition, speech recognition and intelligent medical treatment are more and more widely used in daily life. According to reports, Tencent has found the early screen of esophageal cancer using artificial intelligence image recognition technology check.

According to Liu Yongsheng introduction, Tencent AI's main strategy is AI + X, in the enterprise to share the research results of AI, technology platform in the industry to share, empower the traditional industries, and academia to share new research ideas. From the standpoint of the situation, now AI + medical aspects in 2017 there have been some achievements, in 2018 will invest more resources to influence bigger.

Four elements of the development of artificial intelligence

Asked about the development of artificial intelligence in China as compared to the technical strength of the United States, Liu Yongsheng analyzed that the development of artificial intelligence depends on four major elements, application scenarios, computing power, theoretical innovation, and talent pooling.

"In the application scenario, I think our country is very advantageous, first of all, we have a broader market, the larger the Internet users, and the popularity of the mobile Internet to create very good conditions for us; computing power, like Tencent The development of the cloud, Aliyun, etc. is narrowing the gap with the United States and may even surpass it afterwards, which can be predicted in the future. & rdquo;

However, Liu Yongsheng said that there is still a gap between China and the United States in terms of theoretical innovation and talent pool. However, the good development trend is that in recent years, the overseas talents flow backwards and the number of Chinese scientists who have published important papers and applications for patents in the more important conferences or periodicals are also on the rise. The gap with the United States is also Shrinking.

For Tencent AI talent reserves, Liu Yongsheng revealed that Tencent said that blood transfusion and hematopoietic co-exist. "We really need a lot of senior talent to join to help us to better open our horizons, but in the real project process, but also hope that Chinese companies have to develop AI engineers on a large scale. "Liu Yongsheng believes that these talents, after all, are extremely rare, followed by the promotion of the entire AI, iteration, the application of the promotion process needs to be applied to large-scale talent, the introduction alone is not enough.

In terms of hematopoiesis, Tencent, on the one hand, will work with many colleges and universities and set up a fund to help research institutes in schools carry out research and research. Some of them can also help the application through Tencent Cloud.

AI Lab's long-term goal

When asked about the AI ​​Lab's annual target, Liu Yongsheng told Sina Technology that the most important tenet of AI Lab was its long-term bias, no specific KPI pressure, and patient and long-term commitment.

"At present, more attention is focused on whether we can lead better in original and cutting-edge basic research, and in applications, we can serve more people." For us, more is to ask for their own, but also hope that the new year in the field of basic disciplines have more original things, rather than simply follow. "Liu Yongsheng said.

Referring to the progress and plans of this unique art team this year, Liu Yongsheng said that in addition to the chess game chess is a kind of culture, Go itself also poses two problems to the technical community, especially to the scientific and technological community. First, can artificial intelligence not Defeat professional chess player; Second, whether there is "God of Go" & rdquo ;.

AlphaGo has been a perfect solution to professional players, and now the AlphaGo project has stopped, but at the moment there is "chess God" how to play chess. At present, the technical solution is not particularly mature. Our team hopes to be helpful on this issue, so we follow up R & D and apply more in this area. & rdquo;

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