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Milky cold on the A + H shares listed IPO green channel lit market imagination

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Against this background, millet with the capital market to further enhance the competitiveness of the company, successfully entered the 5G era, may have been within the radar within the scope of consideration, as for the end of its IPO who spend, I am afraid there is still time to give an answer.

In 360 (601360.SH) February 28 formally completed the A-share listing of the same time, as the Chinese Internet has not yet listed the largest "Unicorn" Lei Jun in charge of the millet company, also began to affect China's capital markets nerve.

March 1, there are market rumors that Xiaomi will choose A + H shares listed in the second half of this year, intends to raise funds or at 100 billion US dollars, but Xiaomi did not respond to that day.

A Shanghai-based insider told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald: "It is certain that the Hong Kong market is definitely going to be the meeting. A-share stocks are still in a situation of uncertainty. It has been said before that it is possible to try the CDRs." & rdquo;

Although it has not yet been determined, but after the news stimulus, coupled with the recent regulators' unusual support of biotech and other new economic sectors such as "Unicorn" IPO, the impact of the IPO rumor of Xiaomi was detonated instantaneously and its industry chain A-share concept stocks is a collective outbreak.

Including Cape Road, a total of power of sound, Zhuo wing technology have limit, the other stocks also across the board gains across the board.

A communications industry analyst in Beijing, the timing is now millet listed a good time: "The overall mobile phone market in 2017 are declining, and only millet in the adverse economic rise, but with the advent of 5G, the mobile phone industry May also face a new shuffle. & rdquo;

A stone aroused Melaleuca waves

For the above rumor, the Shanghai area insiders told reporters in the 21st Century Business Herald: "Hong Kong stocks certainly will be at the meeting, A shares are still in the uncertain situation, after that it is possible to try CDR. & rdquo;

CDR is China Depository Receipt, CDR refers to the foreign companies will be part of the listed foreign shares held in the local custodian bank, issued by China depositary bank depository securities and traded in the mainland stock market .

In the People's Bank of China 2015 Annual Report released in June 2016, the central bank once said it would allow qualified foreign-owned companies to issue shares in the territory and could consider launching convertible share certificates (CDRs). However, no precedents have been set since then.

Although the rumor has not been confirmed yet, it does not prevent the market from exercising its full imagination. By millet or the A-share market stimulus, millet chain concept stocks the first to start the carnival mode the same day.

Pratt & Whitney will be pulled up daily limit straight line, eventually closing at 16.92 yuan / share, or 10.01%. Behind the strong trend is the value of 33.6 billion yuan received by Putonghua for its handling of Millet, accounting for 88% of its annual business volume.

A total of up to the sound in the early pull-up pulled back in the midday once again pulled up to daily limit, to close at 9.83 yuan / share, or 9.96%, the company's millet headset suppliers.

Followed by until midday was pulled to the daily limit Zhuo wing technology, eventually reported at 8.59 yuan / share, or 9.99%, the company for the millet mobile power, millet bracelet manufacturers, while providing millet camera, television Bluetooth module and other components.

In addition, the establishment of joint venture with millet Shanghai and Shanghai Shuimo meters run the opening shares, once also touched the morning high limit, closing at 67.5 yuan / share, or 8.59%.

Other more gains also include Yan Wanda, Ai Shi Tak, LEYBOLD Transtech Services, Offei technology.

In the investor exchange platform, investors also have a number of listed companies inquiries and whether there is business dealings with Xiaomi, including Fen Da Technology, Desai battery, stone science and technology.

Among them, China Science and Technology is a clear response, as of September 30, 2017 disclosure of the prospectus, the company did not supply Xiaomi.

Lei Jun's new goal

For the prospect of millet landing A shares, a Beijing investment banker expressed his optimism about 21st Century Business Herald reporter: "If millet can be listed in the A-share market, it must be encouraging. Previously, Chinese Internet giants were all in the overseas market Or the Hong Kong stock market, Xinhua News Agency have issued a text that the Chinese capital market BATJ dream of the round, with the strongest Internet companies, but did not bring dividends to Chinese investors. & rdquo;

As reported by the official media, the regulators' attitude has also begun to change.

Including regulatory agencies before and after the Spring Festival in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places were investigated in the Internet, smart manufacturing, biomedicine, eco-environmental and many other unicorn companies, regulators and even to guide the securities firms, including biotechnology, cloud computing, etc. Unicorn four companies in the industry IPO, the issue can be immediately reported to the Department, in line with the relevant provisions can be "trial of the trial".

Under the policy baton, it is fair and reasonable to let the A-share market keep it in the domestic market with Xiaomi's influence in the country. The recent performance of millet in business makes this possibility even more appealing.

On February 7, the founder of Xiaomi Co., Lei Jun once said at the meeting of Xiaomi Co., Ltd. in 2018 that in October 2017, Xiaomi realized the goal of over 100 billion Yuan set in advance by the beginning of the year: "Starting from Q2 2017, our Shipments began a significant increase in market share returned to the top five in the world, creating a continuous high single-season shipments. IDC report shows that last year Q4 we have risen to fourth in the world. In the overall market decline of 6.3%, our sales growth contrarian 96.9%, the only brand is still growing. & rdquo;

In this annual meeting, Lei Jun also issued a rhetoric: "This year we have to set a new goal: 10 quarters, the domestic market back to first. & rdquo;

According to the fourth quarter 2017 report of China's smart phone market released by IDC, the overall handset market in China dropped 15.7% as a whole, while the millet buck-up rose 57.6%. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the market share was 13.9%, ranking fourth. Ranked first is Huawei, the market share of 21.3%.

However, with the advent of the 5G era, the mobile phone market will face another reshuffle. In the 3G replacement cycle, Nokia has dominated the market more than 10 years has become the biggest victims; to the 4G replacement cycle, Coolpad, Lenovo, Motorola and so out of the front line, and Huawei, millet, OPPO and other advantages of the rise.

Against this background, millet with the capital market to further enhance the competitiveness of the company, successfully entered the 5G era, may have been within the radar within the scope of consideration, as for the end of its IPO who spend, I am afraid there is still time to give an answer.

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