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Meizu's 15 years is Huang Zhang's "comeback" history

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The Meizu in 2017, just "Meizu" and "Charm Blue" separated, as if the whole world such as the observation of the entire mobile phone market.

Huang Zhang exposes Meizu new machine

Finally, at the end of 2017, J. Wong, long sought after by the mufflers, made a speech in the Meizu community - exposing the personally polished new flagship Meizu - 15 and 15Plus.

When Charm friend saw the yellow chapter "personally polished" these words, almost tears, have expressed their strong expectations of the 15 and 15Plus.

Huang who may actually have such a great magic? Huang Zhang Meizu is what?

According to rumors, Meizu 15 and 15Plus will be equipped with full screen design elements, side fingerprinting, dots and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, priced at around 3,000 yuan.

Starting point is not high tech bigwigs

Before that Meizu, let's take a look at the experience before the Huangzhang.

Huang Zhang early photos (Figure source: web114)

Huang Zhang, his real name Huang Xiu Zhang, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. High school was expelled, did not go to college, extremely obsessed with electronic products.

After dropping out of school, the 16-year-old Huang Zhang went to work alone in Shenzhen. During this period, Huang had worked in various kinds, such as Cantonese chef and porter. It is understood that his people revealed that Huang Zhang had painstakingly studied Cantonese cuisine. It can be seen from here that Huang Zhang's obsession with "technology" laid the foundation for the MP3 and mobile phones that polished the market in the future.

Later, Huang Zhang did not cultivate the field of chefs, but into the consumer electronics industry.

Huang Zhang work photo (source: iscps)

In 2002, Huang Zhang became the general manager of Aeolian joint venture in Singapore, embarking on his "science and technology bigwig" road.

At Aegean, Huang Zhang realized that now the company's main business, VCD, will become the dawn of yellow, leading the company in transition, focusing on audio, power amplifier and MP3 markets.

This is the first time Huang has a keen speculation on the market, of course, is not the last time.

In the "technical control" under the leadership of the yellow chapter, Aegean company shine in the MP3 industry - Aegean MP3 comparison was on the market silly big MP3 has some revolutionary features, such as Aegean MP3 battery life highest Can reach 20 hours, the fuselage has 128MB storage space, do not need to drive to connect the computer to easily manage songs and so on.

Just then, Aegean shareholders decided to chase the best of victories - advertise in all channels - use advertising to deepen consumer awareness of the brand while increasing product visibility.

However, it was firmly opposed by Huang Zhang. Huang Zhang believed that only the product is the only way to impress consumers. Only good products can win the reputation of consumers, and advertisements of madness are tantamount to "cheating." Therefore, Huang Zhang firmly opposed to advertising, only willing to love the official website feedback interface with the user to communicate, listen to different opinions.

A boss, a migrant workers, there are differences, the result can be imagined - Huang Zhang Aegean company left.

From this incident we can see the paranoia of Huang Zhang and the means of communication with users. Of course, there are shortcomings in marketing, which also laid the Meizu's future can not be ignored hidden dangers.

Meizu founded, repeatedly comeback

The end of 2002, imp3 Flash Forum on the name of "Almighty" ID published a post - introduced a forthcoming brand - Meizu.

Did not earthshaking release ceremony, there is no peace and prosperity of the push cup to change the light, so the Meizu was born calm, but after Meizu did not calm.

Meizu first MP3 (map source: bbs.meizu)

June 2003, Meizu released the first MP3. In the meantime, the form of communication with users through the website of Aegean Huangzhang has also been enlarged - Meizu Forum was formally established and Huang Zhang also registered his forum ID "J. Wong". Interestingly, Meizu 15 and 15Plus is exposed through this channel and this ID.

It is also from this moment onwards that Huang Zhang started to be active in forums, and even though the related products have been discontinued, Huang still patiently responded to consumers' questions about the products. In this way, do not rely on advertising, marketing, Meizu step by step captured many consumers "heart."

Meizu E2 (Source: bbs.meizu)

October 2004, Meizu E2 Walkman released, the introduction of the machine after the hot anomaly, because it is a support for DIY music player - self-replacement of colorful shell. At the same time, Meizu E2 also joined the TXT e-book function for the first time.

However, the product hot at the same time, Meizu E2 has burst out quality problems - the battery cover the end of the bayonet easily broken, after a long time can not bear to look straight.

Huang Zhang, aware of the problem, decided to replace parts free of charge for all battery-end bayonet-damaged customers. Huang Zhang's responsible attitude toward the product also extends to the subsequent mobile phone products.

miniPlayer (Source: bbs.meizu)

In 2006, Meizu released a comparable to AppleiPodMP3 player - miniPlayer, this MP3 uses the then extremely rare touch screen plus screw-free design.

In this way, Meizu is no exception to the throne of the top domestic MP3, annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan.

However, in a joyous and peaceful atmosphere, Huang Zhang also realized that danger is approaching himself step by step - MP3 will surely flourish. And Huang Zhang in Aegean decided to transition from VCD to MP3, Huang Zhang decided Meizu to transition from MP3 - to do the phone.

And at the same time, another genius across the ocean, Steve Jobs, released the revolutionary mobile phoneiPhone. Interestingly, Steve Jobs is also seen the potential danger of the MP3 industry, the power of the whole company to the mobile phone industry.

As the company is too small, from Meizu released the message in 2007 to do a full two years after the phone, February 18, 2009, Meizu M8 finally listed.

Meizu M8 delayed hair, not only Meizu anxious, charm friends are impatient. So Meizu M8 release, thousands emptying, Meizu store line.

Just two months, Meizu M8 sales have reached 100,000, just 5 months, Meizu M8 sales have exceeded 500 million yuan.

Not enough due to small mistakes in the production process, some users use Meizu M8 for some time, the phone appeared partial touch screen failure.

In the face of aggressive consumers, Huang once again took the responsibility - promised as long as consumers own Meizu M8 local touch screen failure can be unconditional free replacement.

After that, Meizu also launched the same successful Meizu M9.

In this way, in 2010, "fame" yellow chapter out of Meizu's day-to-day management.

Something happened in or about 2010, resulting in the "frequent" comeback of Huang Zhang.

Huang Zhang and Lei Jun (Source: sina)

Around 2010, Huang Zhang and Lei Jun private very well, often sit together and talk about the two, talking about mobile phones and other technology products. Because there is no conflict of interest, Huang Zhang also revealed to the Lei Jun a lot of mobile phone experience, such as custom UI is a key element impressing consumers, fans sometimes better than advertising and so on.

Look at the mobile phone market LeiWei very want to invest in Meizu, but the control of the Yellow Chapter desire - Meizu Huang Zhang is a fully controlled, even his own right-hand man has no shares, how could make an "outsider" holdings of it.

Lei Jun founded millet company (Source: tmtpost)

However, Lei Jun did not give up the mobile phone business, since they can not agree, then engage in their own bar. In this way, Lei Jun, who came from the Huangzhang Department, founded Xiaomi in April 2010.

Lei Jun founded millet company whether the tone of the company or product strategy imitation Meizu, however, there is a place where millet did not stand still toward Meizu - that is marketing.

With millet unique marketing tools coupled with martial arts at Kung Fu Office, millet out of blue and outweigh the blue - Beyond the "teacher" Meizu.

Huang Zhang came back in the company talk about future plans (Photo: vgooo)

Finally, the Lunar New Year in 2014 has just passed. On February 10, Meizu announced the re-appointment of Chairman Huang to the post of CEO.

Huang Zhang back out again.

After Lei Bei's betrayal and Xiaomi's crazy suppression, the Huang chapter finally resuscitated - announced the company will introduce external investment, employee stock and option incentives to retain talent and attract talent.

July 22, 2014, Meizu completed A round of financing, financing at least 2 billion yuan. At this point, Meizu transition from a private enterprise into a mature commercial company.

Not only changes in investment, Meizu's product line has changed dramatically.

Meizu MX4 (Source: Android Nigeria)

In the second half of 2014, Meizu successively released MX4, MX4 Pro, Charm Blue, Charm Blue Note four positioning different products. You know, since 2007, announced the entry into the mobile phone industry until 2013 (that is, before the financing), Meizu launched a total of 5 mobile phones.

Meizu changed.

Whether it is product line or marketing, Meizu began to re-take millet old road. This time, the teacher became a student, and the student became a teacher.

"Fast-paced" achieved remarkable results. According to Meizu's official data, Meizu handsets sold 20 million units in 2015, up 350% year-on-year. Among them, Charm blue series total sales of mobile phones more than 10 million units.

The Meizu "up" Huang Zhang once again out of our sight.

In 2016, Meizu continuous conference will overcharge Meizu's energy and financial resources.

From the total sales, Meizu appeared "water inverse" - the overall total sales of 22 million units, compared with 2015, almost timestamps.

Charm friends look forward to Huang Zhang Meizu back to retrieve the craftsmanship.


Huang Zhang Meizu community sound (Photo: sohu)

Finally, February 10, 2017, Huang Zhang in the Meizu community voice "Thank you, I will be back from the mountains to create my dream machine to meet the Meizu 15 anniversary."

Huang Zhang comeback again.

Looking back on the year 2017, Meizu are not high profile, just released 6 cell phones.


Meizu PRO 7

The main difference Meizu PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus because of the advanced design and did not release the maximum extent.

Faced with the hot 2017 "full screen" design elements, Meizu did not blindly catch up with the trend, but unusually calm, ready to do before the outbreak.

Finally, at the end of 2017, Huang Zhang, who polished the year's product, utters his "Dream Machine" 15 and 15Plus in 2018.

"Dream machine in the heart" can turn the tide

According to rumors, Meizu 15 and 15Plus will be equipped with full screen design elements, side fingerprinting, dots and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, priced at around 3,000 yuan.


Meizu 15Plus (Figure source: Sina microblogging)

Can see that Huang Zhang this 15 and 15Plus can be described as afraid to make every effort, in addition to spend the heat in recent years, a full screen design elements, but also on the screen era of imperfect way to unlock an innovation - using Side fingerprint recognition.

At the same time Meizu once the iconic dots will return, carefully think it is also very interesting, once Google pushed the virtual navigation keys after experiencing the physical keys, to a full screen era have resorted to the virtual keys. The meizu once the dots after experiencing mBack physical fingerprint button coincides with the full comprehensive screen opportunity back to the dots.

Processor 15 and 15Plus also bid farewell to the stale years of the old stem "years MediaTek", using a more robust Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

At the same time, according to past experience, each time after the Huangzhangshan, will make the martial arts to the turmoil, whether it is force or public opinion to do MP3 or keen aware of market trends to abandon the MP3 mobile phone, and even in the face of surprise attack Xiaomi, Huang Zhang can be saved.

So, 15 and 15Plus after the year of Revival Wong Huang Shui, patiently polished, reason to believe that it will be saving the Meizu in crisis "dream machine."

Because this is Meizu 15 years of science and technology, Huang Zhang's 15Plus.

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