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"Jedi survival" Genuine mobile games into the battlefield late Tencent can make you fun, "eat chicken"?

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Tencent cloud

A chicken two eat,TencentThe "little thought"

The game is fun, many people have their own evaluation criteria. However, according to China's super 6 million "Jedi survival" PC player's preferences, before each "eating chicken" hand tour experience may not be able to meet their expectations, otherwise there will be no two Tencent chicken eating tour booking All over ten million of the situation.

Picture from "Jedi survival: stimulate the battlefield"

After the official open download this morning, the two games immediately dominate the TapTap download the top two, although the iOS list did not rush to the top ten, respectively, ranked 16,28, but also shows that at least there are Netease in the market After Terminator 2, Wilderness Action and Xishanju Millet Shootout, people are still looking forward to more surprises with genuine authorized Tencent.

What is the difference between official and other games on the market? What is the difference between the two official genuine? We may wish from the game content, gameplay and other aspects to look at.

First of all, both the game screen or the overall content, both games try to be a "genuine restore." Of course, this is a lot of people expect to experience, you can see in the mobile games and PC version appears almost the same map / weapon / carrier settings, you can also see and PC version of the similar character models, costumes, It can be said for most of the players like the PC version of "Jedi survival" in the experience, "Jedi Survival: Stimulation of the battlefield" also appeared in the PC version of the underground ammunition library, the scene settings are in place. If you want to choose a 100% reduction of official mobile games, these two must be your first choice.

"Jedi survival: stimulate the battlefield" ammunition library

However, no matter how you restore it from the PC version to the mobile terminal, the game still needs some optimization, which is clearly reflected in the differences in the details of the two games. For example, the same skydiving parachute, "Jedi Survival: Stimulus Battlefield" to show the target distance, and "Jedi survive to you: the whole army attack," there is no such optimization.

The same is swimming, "Jedi survival: stimulation battlefield" can be like the PC version as diving, and "Jedi survival: the whole army attack," there is no way, there are differences in detail, but also the operation of the game on the different, and two games The gap in the size of the software is also great, the former iOS version has 1.3GB, which is 843MB.

In terms of gameplay, the two officially licensed mobile games made everyone wait for a long time, no matter whether they were running in the game, or carrying vehicles, or even jumping on the wall, more than any other game in the market Smooth. In the battle when the gun operation, and the sense of combat, both games have done a lot of optimization.

Both games map are restored PC version of "Jedi survival"

But may be due to the perspective of the game characters, "Jedi Survival: Stimulation of the battlefield" in some scenes there will be quasi-subject was blocked, "Jedi survival: the whole army attack," there is no such problem. And "Jedi Survival: Stimulation of the battlefield" There are pinch links at the beginning of the game, as well as the public screen in the game, the concept of war and other details, "Jedi survival: the military attack" is the lack of these.

At the same time, the two games also gain a lot of evaluation of the game player, for now, we are two for the official authorized games are given a more satisfactory evaluation, but everyone for the photon studio " Jedi Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield "rating is superior to this game" to restore the picture and gameplay of the tour ", and" the Jedi survival: the whole army attack "in the day beauty studio wins" the operation optimization from the terminal tour to the mobile game "on. Therefore, the former is the most concentrated opinion is that the game on mobile phone hardware requirements are too high, this difference also reflects the difference between the two studios.

When Tencent choose to launch two "Jedi survival" hand tour, we must take into account the different needs of different players, in the view of some players, the phone to play the genuine "eat chicken" hand tour, it must be completely original restore Game quality and game operations, while the other part of the game player, they may expect is a simplified version of "eating chicken" mobile games, mobile phones can be more smooth and simple operation, it is these differences, Tencent chose "a chicken Two to eat "from the current situation is a complementary choice.

Great Italian, "chicken" where?

In November 2017, "Eat chicken" hand-set off the first wave of heat, we mentioned that the "Battle Royale" game to be successful, in fact, relates to the game inside and outside the two parts.

In the game, in the game and its similarity, the operation is also similar to the case, how to make the game has both end-game entertainment, but also popular among mobile gamers. These problems together, so that many companies play their own "smart", but also to increase interest play, but also choose a different background story, is to be able to have their own unique players, after all, in similar situations Under these differences are in different groups to attract players to join.

But access to genuine license of two Tencent "eat chicken" hand tour to join, it is clear that no longer from these areas to maverick, on the one hand, from the official authorized game content to ensure the consistency of the game and PC version, which In some ways is to attract many players outside the house an important reason to choose. After a long time of "sanding", the game did perform well enough from the ground up. This is where other games start early, but hard to beat. In short, everyone is the same game, as a genuine "eat chicken" mobile games, the content has been able to attract the core users.

In addition to the game, the overdone Tencent genuine "eat chicken" mobile games, but also won the unique advantages from the social channels, as a suitable "open black" together with the game, there is no product on the market Like Tencent, feel free to team up with friends from your friends at any time, this advantage with the heat of the New Year this year, may be like the "king of honor," the same New Year burst models.

Now, "eating chicken" battlefield, giants players finally all debut, in the end who can eventually eat chicken, New Year may be able to see the outcome.

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