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Billions of Internet red envelopes are "murdering" our Spring Festival

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But this is not sensational.

Zhang told hydrogen media workshop, these two days he ran daily in various platforms set cards, chicken, do a variety of red envelopes task, at the same time, in order to grab a card to grab a red envelope, he also added several different platforms WeChat, QQ Groups, and even frequently search for various Raiders, wandering in the know, watercress, paste it on the red envelopes forum.

However, hydrogen media studio through its QQ photo wall found that the 24-year-old boy, the original hobby is the plane.

"Kill time," he said when asked why they are passionate about getting cards on every platform and grabbing red envelopes. "But I did not expect to actually spend so much time, the headlines nowadays a 'hair' missing, Alipay is also a difference of dedication." Xiao complained.

He told us that in addition to constantly watching each group pay attention to other people's cards issued by the Foca, Lunar New Year cards, he also exchanged cards in various groups, but still not cobble together.

"They deliberately, pit ah."

1, card success rate comparable lottery

Small mouth of the "them", including Alipay, today's headlines, Suning Tesco, Weibo, Taobao, QQ, WeChat, millet, CUP and other Internet platforms. Recently, these platforms have launched various types of Chinese New Year red envelopes and their prices are at the level of 100 million. The forms include, but are not limited to: pumping cards, collecting cards, keeping pets, collecting steps, answering questions, checking in, watching live broadcastsvideo, Pass the password card, shared router and so on.

Set card is the most well-known, but also the most "kill time", Alipay, microblogging, headlines today is the representative of such games. Alipay set of five Fu since Needless to say, Weibo this year, the main push Fortuna card, and today headlines launched this year is similar to set "12 Lunar New Year" + "Fortune" card.

Alipay, microblogging, today's top three, the head of the most "pit."

The rules of today's headline cards are simply: players who have 14 cards in them can split 200 million in cash.

This seemingly attractive, but in fact "pit people." Game rules, the user can only pumping three cards a day, to increase the number of pumping, you need to complete the attention of friends, invite new users to download, share duplicate cards and other tasks. However, even if the increase in the number of pumping, the card is still likely to be repeated. Repeat how to do? change.

I experienced a set of special cards for the collection of several headlines Zhaoxiao card swapping QQ group. However, even in a crazy swipe of the Hundreds of large groups, can grab or change the need for success Zodiac card is not easy.

What is more, the author found in various types of card group, almost all players complain that the 14 cards in the "fat" card is extremely rare.

To what extent? The well-known Alipay Foka has 44.47 million sets this year, which means that at least 40 million Cheung Fukkat cards have been issued. However, only 49 of the zodiac cards on the top of the list are currently in stock (the figures are as at 14:00 on February 9). Correct! Only 49 people! To know that these two games at the same time open, but a rough count Fouchu cobble together about the number of people a million times the card.

Is also a collection card, the same is a cent billion cash red envelopes. Today's headlines than Alipay's "pit" million times?

Various data show that at present there are at least 100 million daily livelihood users in 2018, and even if only 50 million of the daily live users participate in the collection, only about 0.0001% of them are collected. This data comparable lottery winning rate.

However, the human brain is extremely insensitive to probability, coupled with the temptation of 200 million bonuses, the user flocked to collect cards.

The WeChat Index shows that the index of Lunar New Year cards has skyrocketed recently, increasing 233.23% on a daily basis.

Hydrogen media workshop also found that QQ such as "Fuka swap group", "Set Card Group" and other types of card-for-card group countless, including a large number of hundred, thousands of large groups.

Set card "kill time" can be imagined.

Therefore, the play of such card dividend package is essentially a card game, and the card game (or the draw card play method) is just one of the commonly used commercial means of addicting in mobile games.

2, user addiction, time "murdered"

In fact, in order to allow players to rational game, to prevent indulgence, in December last year, the Ministry of Culture promulgated the "Ministry of Culture on regulating online game operations to strengthen things in the regulatory notice" mentioned that "online game operators should promptly in the game Official website or random page to announce the name, performance, content, quantity and probability of extraction or synthesis of all virtual props and value-added services that may be extracted or synthesized. "

Last April last year, a wave of games, including "Inversion", "Cross Fire", "Naruto", "League of Legends" have announced the probability of pumping.

It now appears that the jackpot has been no different from this addictive game. Is not this game a public poker card probability?

Someone or refute: technology innocence, technology like choppers without good or evil points, the key lies in the user. However, the loophole in this argument is: kitchen knives are not intentionally added in the design of "addictive mechanism" let alone.

The so-called "addictive mechanism", "addiction: allows users to develop habits of the four product logic," a book summarized in the book is the "trigger - action - changing compensation - investment."

Set into a collection card is a red envelope: hundreds of millions of bonus (trigger) - users download APP card (action) - pumping or changing cards (changing compensation) - pumping cards, changing cards, removed Within the group to grab a red card grab the card so consume time, energy (input) - closer to several hundred million bonus (trigger). This cycle.

"Addiction mechanism" is currently almost all addictive mobile games are intentional or unintentional use of the routine, this routine out, people are more likely to become addicted.

A similar "addictive mechanism" not only exists in the play card dividend package play, in pets, live answer questions, making video and other red envelopes also have varying degrees of expression. Such as Alipay chicken game 5 hours to feed a chicken set.

In a macro view, this year's red envelopes play a different role than previous WeChat and Alipay films. There are two major characteristics:

① platform and more: including Alipay, today's headlines, Suning Tesco, Weibo, Taobao, QQ, WeChat, millet, UnionPay;

② many forms: including pumping cards, set cards, pets, set the number of steps, answer, sign, watch live, shoot video, pass the password card, shared router.

When these two phenomena produce a "product effect," the user time killed may be astronomical.

Behind the user to grab a red envelope "kill time", most likely the time is "killed", and if the platform in the red envelope products take the initiative to join the "addiction mechanism", that is, "murder."

What is the motive behind this "murder?"

First, the platform side hopes to occupy the user as long as possible, is the daily live and other data, and ultimately settled advertising revenue.

Second, the platform to promote APP or payment platform, such as Suning Tesco red envelopes need to download its APP and tied the card, a similar, CUP push is cloud flash pay, the headlines of today's joint venture is the United pay.

Aurora Big Data released the "2017 mobile Internet industry inventory app list" shows: December 2017, China Mobile Internet users spend a total of 4.2 hours a day on all types of app, including social networking, online video, news information bit In the top three, mobile games only fifth.

Source: Aurora Big Data

When the social, video, information, when the three occupied the most time-consuming areas of the giant or unicorns, at the same time to open the red enveloped the war, to occupy the user time, the consequences far outweigh the addiction to mobile games. However, "the glory of the king" was severely criticized for rectification. "The 100-bag battle" failed to receive due attention.

3, written in the last

When you are excited about opening red envelopes one after another on different platforms, you certainly do not realize that you have become "victimized" of a long-awaited "murder." The indirect victims may be your family, as in 2015, Xinhua approved the red envelopes are ruining the Spring Festival when the words: Youzi thousands of miles home, still did not jump out of the screen, hold the phone grab all the enjoyment, full of Expect parents to be on the sidelines.

You know, 2015 or only Alipay, WeChat two players in the "red envelopes war." 2018 can be described as "a hundred packs of war", the severity of the situation can not be mentioned in the same breath.

Not to mention this time, the red envelope is no longer passively waiting for you to pass the blessing tool, but the use of your human weaknesses, so you take the initiative to invest time card game.

To some extent, Internet red envelopes today are no different in nature from the addictive hand-tour represented by the "King of Glory" and "Onmyouji".

The former "accompaniment" like Internet red envelope, is becoming more and more people's "theme song", billions of yuan will "murder" people's Spring Festival. (This article debut titanium media, author / hydrogen media workshop Leo Liu Zun)


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