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No need to line up for Amazon Go, the biggest problem with opening the first day is to line up too long

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Source: Qubits (ID: QbitAI)

51 seconds.

Amazon unmanned stores Amazon Go open first day, the first customer to go from the shop to the store to leave, with a total of less than a minute. It was Seattle Monday morning at 7 o'clock, the sky is not bright.

And faster.

A guy wearing a down jacket and a wool hat went into Amazon Go and then carried a half-dozen beers and a commemorative cup. After shopping, he walked out of the store for a total of 30 seconds.


Someone asked him what feeling, guy pops out all is: incredible, amazing, awesome, dramatic, revolutionize such adjectives.

This is indeed a revolutionary day, a disruptive shop.

Amazon Go is Amazon's one-year test polished unmanned shop, behind the assembly of computer vision, machine learning, black technology "Just Walk Out Technology".

This store represents the future direction of offline retail. In the past, Amazon Go has long been known in various promotions as saying goodbye to checkout and no longer in line.


The above 51 seconds, 30 seconds shopping experience, that Amazon did not brag.

However, it quickly embarrassed.

The store is not queuing checkout, but want to enter Amazon Go, but have to wait in line & hellip; & hellip;

Not long after opening a shop, it has started to limit the passenger flow. Some customers who arrived at Amazon Go in the morning waited for the open air to stand in the street waiting for less than 10 ° C.

Why line up? Because this total area of ​​167 square meters of unmanned shops, at the same time can receive a maximum of 97 customers. Once this limit is exceeded, Amazon employees standing at the entrance can only take current-limit measures.

How long to line up? Less than 10 people began to line up, and then gradually increased. In the morning someone went to Amazon Go & ldquo; worship & rdquo ;, and while in line, Amazon employees said they needed to wait a few minutes, but in the end it took 15 minutes.

If you think this is a long time, you can only say that you have not seen the peak of lunch.

The team at noon outside Amazon Go stores is like this, and you feel:

This is the entrance.


This is the middle of the team.


Turn corner there.


Scene comparable to the new generation iPhone for sale, but not so high Chinese.

Why morning, noon what are queuing? Because Amazon Go is essentially a "consumer" store, the target customer is "a hungry consumer of time," which mainly serves a variety of foods.

In the process of queuing, through the transparent glass, you can see Amazon Go in the chef's busy figure. Although unmanned stores, there are still a large number of human employees involved in operations.

Those who worry about the loss of work temporarily need not worry too much.

When you finally reach the door, you can take another orange shopping bag from Amazon employees, and then open the phone, call the two-dimensional code, you can scan the code to enter the Amazon Go shop shopping.

If you bring a friend, you can also sweep your code into, but what your friends buy, and finally will be credited to your account.


There are a lot of positive gentlemen, arrived today Amazon Go important task is to test there is no way in this uninhabited restaurant, "out" of some things. Obligation to be enthusiastic testers.

Normally, it's hard to fool the Amazon system.


Supermarket monitoring above the ceiling

First of all Amazon Go on the roof, hundreds of cameras have been watching the audience, your every move panoramic view. Second, when you pick up anything from the shelf, the built-in pressure sensor instantly senses it.

There are some not very well-resolved products, such as the American people's favorite healthy eating salad, Amazon also printed on the box with a large two-dimensional code-like identification of similar patterns and numbers.


In addition, if the drink to buy is wine. Amazon Go store there is a special small human sister, you need to check your ID card, make sure you are 21 years old, will sell wine to you.

Believe me, in this unmanned store, "something" is hard.

The highest realm may be "natural". For example, a girl on Twitter said she bought a lot of stuff at Amazon Go, but with a box of yogurt, Amazon's system did not count the money!


System error, equivalent to a small welfare.

Regardless of unsuccessful, in short, all volunteers testers.

Amazon should not be for this debt collection. In fact, there are more "simple" way, you bought something, minute points can be returned on the App, the money will be returned to you soon. And you have to buy the goods, only need to be returned to any one staff in the store can be. Of course, do not change as if the problem is not big & hellip; & hellip;

This is Amazon. A lot of American friends say that if you do not buy the parcel or the parcel is stolen, you are shopping on the Amazon. It's easy to get a full Amazon refund.

This thing, a little like.


When you buy or test finished, you can walk out of the Amazon. Do not hesitate, do not look back. Keep walking, walking down the street, back to your car.

During the period also do not have too much attention to the masses protest roadside.

During this process, Amazon Go will automatically settle the goods and send the bill to your phone in 15 minutes.

It's that simple.

YouTube user Giz took him and his friends to the Amazon Go shopping process, quantum bits intercepted the main passage, sent as follows, we can feel the off road viewing Amazon Go.

The past few years, there is always the name of the artificial intelligence brought Go surprise and shock.

Such as AlphaGo, and Amazon Go today.

Although Amazon Go is just a small convenience store, it is undoubtedly Amazon pioneer in the future. You know, Amazon also bought the Whole Foods Market last year.

After going to Seattle to play, remember the way to stroll this store.

Or from the Google Street View on the distant look & hellip; & hellip;


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