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Micro-blog V big Baidu search fraud information why constantly

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Then I asked Apple's official service, 636 is it their number, and the apple said it had nothing to do with them. I really have a search on the Internet, on the. But the funny thing is, just hang up the fake Apple customer service received a call from Fujian to Putian, the opening is dialect, estimation is just to ask me the phone to note in the mobile phone, then forget a wrong. Remind you not to be up! Another scolding: (a sentence is omitted here). "

In fact, Baidu has officially declared "avoiding users to fall into the pit" for a long time.

In early May 2015, Baidu joint Department of justice, China Consumer Association jointly launched the "plan to protect the interests of users, Internet users use Baidu search promotion results announced, encounter fake phishing sites and losses, will receive gold Xianhengpeifu guarantee up to 5000 yuan. According to the "netizen rights and interests protection plan", when users search for commercial promotion information on Baidu and conduct online and offline transactions, if they find it cheated, they can provide relevant evidence to Baidu, and apply for rights and interests protection.

Zhu Guang, senior vice president of Baidu, said the first priority of the plan was "information authenticity protection." Users who encounter counterfeit brand enterprises, counterfeit products and service qualifications or suffer from loss of fishing and fraud sites may apply to Baidu for rights and interests. The second guarantee provides "the guarantee of fair trade" for the netizens.Even the fully qualified website, may also produce Internet users and promote enterprises disputes, Baidu will jointly co-ordination of the Ministry of justice, China consumer associations and other institutions to assist users rights disputes.

After many years, these plans obviously failed to achieve ideal results. Through Baidu search and search for false information, swindle information of the slots and reports from time to time to see the network. For this phenomenon, Lei Feng received feedback from two aspects:

An industry insider said that Baidu had internal audit process, but suppose that a company that had obtained legal licences, accounts and business qualifications through other channels came to discuss advertising cooperation, can not it give it?In the end, what is the supervision of the legitimacy of the advertiser's qualification? Who is the responsibility for the problem?

Second, Baidu has a strict KPI inside. A number of Baidu insiders also said that the search and information flow is still within Baidu's most profitable business, and therefore, Baidu search inside has not launched harsh policies, actively buy contain this kind of fraud information flow of advertising.

A security circle commented on Sina micro-blog: "similar to the apple official website counterfeit phone event, long time ago, as long as netizens complain, Baidu first will coordinate advertisers to compensate users, if advertisers do not pay, Baidu will pay. After the corresponding verification, if there is a fraud, violation of the facts, will be the first time to line the product. At the same time,Baidu has 1 billion pools of funds to deal with such problems. Baidu search annual reports will mention how many such problems have been dealt with, how many businesses have been laid off and how much money they have paid, which is just invisible.

Another safety circle insiders also said that there was a compensation plan inside Baidu, but the program itself had room for improvement. Baidu advertising department could search the advertiser's "public opinion" and "complain". Only when the anger is big, "immortal".

By the end of the report, Baidu search people said that they have been offline related goods, and a meeting to discuss specific plans. The main reason is that there are too many variant words in advertising copy, for example, App Store is written as app-store, aPp- store, ApP store, etc. in short, in strategy, it is necessary to consider all possibilities, so that it is possible to achieve full coverage.

However, the core issues related to the supervision of the specific advertising master, and other core issues, will not come out of the concrete conclusions, which will directly lead to such problems in the short term.

Next to Baidu search official response:

Thank you for your concern. About Baidu user feedback "Apple mobile phone repair" suspected of non formal official apple repair site, the first time we checked the emergency line to "app-Store" and "App Store", "Pingguo maintenance" variant of fake Apple official service illegal advertisement, and the more restrictive strategy.

At the same time, the market of mobile phone repair shop is a beneficial supplement to the official apple repair shops, users can freely choose quality cheap service, and promote the line in the Baidu repair shop to ensure that every one has a business license issued by the national government, to ensure that qualified.

But for the part of the site to the nominal form of fake Apple official repair site, Baidu resolutely banned, and will increase the part of the search results is not the official apple repair shop, reminder language recommendations to the official website of apple ", to facilitate users to choose the official Apple mobile phone repair service.

In addition, we have set up a netizen rights and interests guarantee plan, and we will fully protect the Internet users who suffer from fake, phishing and fraud websites and suffer economic losses.

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