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Ali Tencent billion-level investment map: Ali love to buy a supermarket, Tencent entertainment first

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This article from First Financial, Author: Wang Yuanli

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Edit: Wang Yuanli; Cartography: Wang Yuanli

In the past 2017, Tencent or Ali are behind these companies that are closely related to our daily life. They all say that technology has changed life. Tencent and Ali are ubiquitous in life. But who is the strongest king in the world?

As of the last trading day of 2017, the market cap of Alibaba listed in the United States and that of Hong Kong-listed Tencent reached 436.14 billion U.S. dollars and 493.79 billion U.S. dollars respectively, up 100.8% and 113.2% respectively as compared to the end of 2016. The market capitalization of Baidu in 2017 was only 81.32 billion U.S. dollars. In 2017, China's Internet has changed from BAT to Tencent and Ali.

According to the billion-tier investment profiles of Ali and Tencent in 2017, their tentacles have spread across a wide range of industries such as corporate services, automobile transportation, local life, e-commerce, finance, cultural entertainment, and healthcare. In terms of the number of companies it invested in, Ali prefers enterprise services and e-commerce businesses with 12 and 9 companies respectively, while Tencent is more keen on investing in entertainment and hardware-related companies. Whether it's new retail, entertainment or automotive transportation, Ali and Tencent have battled several times in 2017.

The new retail pattern in 2017 is accelerating. Among them, the layout of the fastest, the deepest, the most radical non Alimian. The rapid development of boxes of fresh horse, there are already more than 20 stores. In the end of 2016, after investing 2.15 billion yuan in Sanjiang shopping, Ali invested two other regional retail companies, Lianhua Supermarket and Xinhuadu, in 2017. In addition, it invested 22.4 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 19.02 billion yuan) directly and Indirect held a 36.16% stake in retail Xin Gao, won the Auchan and RT-Mart, speed up the pace of new retail landing.

Tencent in the new retail sector is not far behind, with 4,215,000,000 Yonghui Supermarket 5% shares, so that the super-species Yonghui became the benchmarking entity, competition between the two sides entered a white-hot stage, and gradually through the preemption of over-payment of imports, data Entrance, traffic entrance, expanding the new retail business territory.

In the field of entertainment layout, Tencent has been ahead of Ali, as early as 2011, Tencent put forward to create IP as the core of "pan-entertainment" concept, that is, around the game, animation, literature, film to build its pan-entertainment ecosystem. In 2017, the company continued to increase its code, investing 34 times in the field of culture and entertainment and 9 times in the game field. In addition to the recently listed Reading Group, Tencent also led the short video platform fast hand, and completed the investment in 10 animation comics company, including animation dreams, mystery technology, animation hall and so on. In addition, Tencent has also invested in logical thinking, knowing, new list.

Games as the most important mode of realization of IP, Tencent hatch the king of glory and Dragon Valley such IP, 2017 also invested in Xishanju, Palm Technology and other game companies. Ali, who had previously claimed not to play the game, also spent $ 1 billion in acquiring Jane Jr.'s technology in 2017 to formally set up a game business group, meaning Ali formally referred to the game as an unprecedented venue in big entertainment. "China Cultural Entertainment Industry Outlook" report shows that China's entertainment industry will reach nearly 1 trillion in 2020 by market size, the future pan-amusement will become the two giant new growth engine, competition around the entertainment has just begun.

Supported by an excellent policy background, the Internet auto companies represented by new energy vehicles have started to emerge. In 2017, the two major Internet giants Tencent Ali have taken the automobile industry. Alibaba invested in Xiaopeng Motor and Tencent invested in Wei Lai Motor Co. and held a 5% stake in Tesla. Prior to this, Alibaba's layout in the automotive sector already covered the in-car system AliOS, maps, etc., and some executives said in public "Alibaba will not make cars", but investing in Xiaopeng cars, or an indirect car. As for the investment Xiaopeng car, there will be no more extension, remains to be seen. Tencent also to be outdone, in November 2017 released the Tencent car "AI in Car" system, to create a car for the Internet car networking solutions.

In response to this multi-disciplinary competitive landscape, Ma attended the "Fortune" Global Forum 2017 in Guangzhou. He said that normal and reasonable competition can promote development and stimulate the morale and enterprise's potential. "I counted a bit, we may have competition in more than a dozen places. & rdquo;

2018 has come to a curtain, the two giants are trying to make up their own shortcomings and betting on the future of the outlet, what the stronger and weaker, we will wait and see.

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