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vivo screen fingerprint interpretation: not on the full screen mobile phone

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Beijing January 10, the well-known interactive company Synaptics unite famous domestic mobile phone brand vivo together at the CES show in the United States released the world's first under-screen fingerprint recognition technology with vivo X20 Plus phone.

This is also the world's first full-screen mobile phone equipped with a fingerprint recognition chip under the production-volume version of the screen. It has emerged as an instant showcase for CES show this year with almost no highlight.

Since the mobile phone industry entered the era of full screen, the positive 18: 9 ratio screen and the relatively narrow upper and lower borders squeezed our already familiar fingerprinting capabilities onto the back of the phone as if overnight, returning to fingerprint recognition Early in the market, very poor experience.

Although manufacturers have introduced facial recognition and iris recognition and contour recognition, but no matter how users are still not as easy as fingerprint recognition.

However, if you want to achieve our ideal full-screen look, fingerprinting is doomed to not exist in the front of the phone. And in order to take care of the overall safety and ease of use, the concept of fingerprinting under the screen immediately appeared.


Throughout the market several recognition methods, facial recognition, although convenient and efficient, but the safety issues are indeed doubts; iris recognition although safe, but the overall trial experience is too cumbersome, almost impossible to use in the night; outline recognition as it is already on the market for sale The most convenient and safe model, R & D costs and technical costs are too great.

Therefore, under the screen as a fingerprint recognition that not only retains the security of fingerprinting independence, but also can be placed under the screen "invisible" recognition is naturally sought after by the industry.


However, the existing problem is that there are very few manufacturers in the industry that can make the fingerprint recognition chip on the screen. So far, only Synaptics officially announced the Clear ID FS9500 screen recognition chip.

Officially opened a new era of full-screen mobile phone fingerprint recognition, but also for the future of mobile phones can reach the true full screen in our mind played a good lead role.

According to official information, said: When the user presses the screen a little finger, the OLED screen RGB pixel emits light, penetrate the cover to the screen surface, the fingerprint texture illuminated.

Because different lines of fingers cause different reflected light rays, the light reaching the fingerprint reflects through the screen and reaches the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor forms a fingerprint image according to the reflected light.

It should be noted that, compared with the traditional push-type fingerprint recognition, the fingerprint recognition of the screen needs good contact between the finger and the screen when unlocking, therefore, it needs to be pressed with a little intensity.


We can also see some live video from the scene, the success rate of the screen fingerprinting under normal circumstances is still relatively high, although from identification to unlock the time and traditional physical fingerprint identification keys can not match, but it has come to a Can be used normally.

Screen fingerprinting, however, is also a job that requires scanning, so if there is a drop of water on the screen that affects recognition efficiency, it's the same as the previous physical fingerprinting keys.

It can be said that this joint Synaptics vivo screen fingerprint recognition technology introduced to a large extent, represents the future development of full screen mobile phones.

If the market is successful, we are likely to see a large number of new full screen mobile phones with this technology as the core market in 2019. At that time, the mobile phone industry will once again usher in new developments.

It can be seen that the users are still generally optimistic about the prospect of this technology. In particular, the scene requirements required by this screen recognition technology are more relaxed than the iris recognition and the contour recognition, and are basically similar to the previous physical fingerprint recognition. Users easier to use.

In addition, this technology is more in line with people's fingerprints for more traditional recognition of security, after all, outline recognition or "unlock the situation at a glance" and fingerprint recognition must be in contact before they can operate, from the individual meaning Increased safety.


According to vivo product manager, this one screen fingerprint recognition technology is not a concept version, but already in mass production. As for the domestic version of the X20 Plus screen recognition version, is expected to be launched by the end of this month.

Therefore, the future of this technology will not affect the full screen mobile phone trend, or to see the final mass production version, but I personally still very much looking forward, because as long as the fingerprint technology is mature, manufacturers have a greater Efforts to develop the ultimate industry expected full-screen mobile phone, the real change in the industry.

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