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IPhone explosion in the Apple store in Switzerland is still worth buying

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With the triumph of domestic mobile phone triumphant trend "the most Meng development poor", is Samsung, Apple as the representative of overseas mobile phone manufacturers in the past year's weakness. Data show that millet handset production in 2017 increased by 76% over 2016, while OPPO and vivo increased by 17.8% and 19.5% respectively.

At the same time, Samsung and Apple mobile phones grew by only 3%. More handy for overseas mobile phone manufacturers in addition to cell phone sales are not ideal, the frequent occurrence of various incidents caused a lot of trouble.

If the 2016 Note7 battery explosion pushed Samsung into the abyss of redemption, then by the end of 2017 iPhone's "frequency reduction gate" Apple let too much trouble. The original Apple rather bravely while apologizing cheap for the battery to make money, but did not expect but met in the year 2018 iphone battery explosion.

Perhaps, this incident will be the beginning of pushing everything down. As a result, many people also have questions: iPhone whether it is still worth buying?


Push to the beginning of the domino?

Local time on January 9 morning in an apple store in Zurich, Switzerland, Apple after-sales service personnel in the removal of an old cell phone battery overheating and smoking. Another source said that the after-sales service personnel to remove the battery from the iPhone, the battery exploded in his hand. Eventually led to after-sales service personnel were burned, seven were sent to hospital, 50 direct sales staff and customers were sparse. In the short news, there is an astonishing amount of information.

Explosion with other phones usually because users charge for a long time, using poor quality charger or data cable is different, the iPhone battery explosion destined to cause a sensation. Apple's official store, a professional Apple sales staff - these should have been the most secure, but also the most trusted locations and figures. What to do is based on Apple's latest preferential policies to the user for the battery. Many of the original most credible elements together, but there has been an iPhone battery explosion.

You know, then Note 7 Samsung did not care after the first explosion, just think the user misconduct. Even after the Bank of China version Note7 explosion, Samsung also considered it as a deliberate act by Chinese consumers and also discussed criminal proceedings against two Chinese consumers. The final thing intensified, Samsung mobile phone market share in China dropped from the peak of 20% to 2.2% now.

The iPhone battery explosion incident, both to make the battery quality highly questioned, but also on Apple's official reputation caused a heavy blow. I believe this may be the beginning of trouble for Apple - domino has been pushed down.


iPhone is still worth buying

So, the iPhone in the end is still worth buying it? Prior to the iPhone although in recent years upgrade is not significant, but people are still complaining while buying and buying. However, the introduction of iPhoneX looks more like a hurriedly launched "semi-finished products", not only failed to trigger a buying boom, and even suppressed the iPhone8 series sales.

And at the end of last year, even iPhoneX can not stand up - supply chain news shows iPhone X sales are not as good as expected, Apple's original order season 50 million greatly reduced 40% to 30 million.

And as the performance of Android phones is getting better and better, the iPhone is at an absolute leading level of hardware performance is no longer dominate. Apple's own brand aura is no longer so bright, lost the ability to drive consumer buying desires.

Apple's most proud iOS system is also Bug after another, highly criticized, resulting in iOS 11 update rate is far behind the previous system.

Coupled with the battery explosion that occurred now, if there is still "experts" think iPhone is the most worthwhile to buy smart phones, fear difficult to convince the public. In fact, whether the iPhone is worth buying, is still still a metaphysical problem - belief still will "chop hand", will naturally useless. However, for the moment, it seems that "people escaped from the iPhone ecosystem more and more people.


Apple or will drop the altar

When the vast majority of consumers consider whether the iPhone is worth buying, it turns out that the iPhone has lost the kind of light that blindly trusts. This is absolutely fatal to a cell phone that costs a lot of money. After stripping Apple's brand, the iPhone is also the kind of best smart phone emboldened? There are people who can not wait to renew power last year? If not, it shows that the iPhone is only "everything" Nothing more

From the current supply chain news, another eight months before Apple will launch a new iPhone, but the new iPhone is nothing but to upgrade the processor, enlarge the screen. It seems, iPhoneX will become the iPhone behind a few years template. But take a look at Android mobile phone hurricane sudden situation, Apple really dare to take it lightly? From the previous iPhone on Android mobile phone "abusive" to later evenly matched, the future may naturally come to the downside.

Hard battle is getting harder and harder, but Apple is not the first Apple to innovation. If Apple dropped a few years ago just a joke, then now, it seems not impossible.

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